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1810 W Northern Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85021

(602) 861-8977

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User:Leslie C.

This is my favorite gyro place of all time! I've been going here for about 4 years now whenever I need my gyro fix. I usually get the #12 - gyro dinner. It comes with a small greek salad (with bell pepper, red onion, greek olives, cucumber, and feta cheese with lettuce), strips of gyro meat (and plenty of it), and rice (plenty of that too). Seriously two people could probably eat this meal together if you purchased an appetizer as well.

User:Rudy L.

My wife picked up a couple of Gyro salads to go. This is one of the best salads I have ever eaten! Serious! The lamb meat was as fresh and tasty as the rest of the salad! My wife said the service was friendly and the restaurant was very clean! So glad we found this place and we will definitely be back! Thank you! :-)

User:Howie C.

This place is my number two gyro spot for lunch near work. The pita can be dry, but it's never bad. Although it tends to fall apart. Their gyro is good, middle of the road, reliable. It's tasty and cut well. They've had a problem or two getting little intricacies of orders down, but that's usually when we're ordering for the office, and I give them some wiggle room because of that. The staff is cool and friendly. The restaurant itself is clean and has decent style. There are tvs and nice private areas to eat, so it's definitely worth more to eat in. This is probably a three star review if I eat there once. But we order here often and their consistency and willingness to put up with an office worth of orders gives them a big bump. Again, not a must have, but definitely comes up regularly in lunch conversations.

User:Ron P.

Small, clean, restaurant, and great staff. Love the food, bit of a wait, but worth it. Will have to update post when I try their gyro's.

User:Jon B.

Good gyro...decent restaurant. ... enjoyed my lunch...don't let the construction Turn you away from this spot

User:Sage D.

Very nice find, I'm a big fan of Gyros, restaurant was clean, staff friendly and helpful. Generous portion of gyro meat and side of rice, everything was fresh and delicious. Location is nice, full windows all around the restaurant, and two big screen TVs. Soda pop is served in cans, I would prefer a soda fountain. I will visit this restaurant again.

User:Eric L.

The gyro has large strips of soft meat that kind of melts in your mouth. Great lunch value overall with a salad and drink.

User:Slade W.

I give this place a two star because I never got to eat the food I had to go back to work was there about 30min and there were two people ahead of me and they haven't got there food yet so I left I lost my money and was still hungry the two stars was for the women taking the order she was very nice but you could tell that she was get frustrated maybe I'll try it again

User:Sunny B.

Try the fire fighter gyros if you're not afraid of spice, it was delicious!

User:Veronica V.

I am giving only 3 stars because of a rude customer service experience. We work near by and we had a party of 5 go to pick up orders we called in. Altogether we had about 8 orders to pay for separately, lots of business, right. I guess to the cooks in the back who seemed to be management as well acted as if we were a nuisance rather than paying customers. As the cashier was trying to ring each of us up one at a time he started to take orders from people who just walked in by passing all of our party. He even had us wait so the cashier could ring them up! I couldn't understand it. Nonetheless, would not go back after that. I do have to say the gyros are tasty but not the best I've had.

User:Drea L.

I used to live pretty close to this place and would come here every so often for lunch or dinner. I was always very happy with my food. I can't think of a single complaint I have about this place so that's definitely a good sign. The service is always friendly, the food is as good as any greek food I've tried and the prices are pretty decent.

User:maryann k.

Sorry not impressed at all with your location at 19th ave and Northern. It's a fast food setting and items that are being advertised are not available like tabouli. The two girls working acted like it wasn't even part of the menu. The young girl cook was asking what was in the plate that I ordered. I ordered the steak kabob plate and the steak was super tough. Not going back sorry.

User:Angelo B.

Do unbelievably slow. 30 minutes for 2 gyros to go and place only had 4 people in it. Humid inside. Soda fountains half broke.

User:Linda W.

I'm a sucker of a good lunch deal. They have signs all around the plaza for $5.99 gyro combo (gyro+drink+fries or Greek Salad). The gyro was decent but nothing special. I actually enjoyed the Greek salad more. It was fresh with the basic cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. The dressing was drench yummy goodness. They have TV's mounted on a few walls. There are plenty of tables for large groups. Just a note, at times the service can be slow since they have one person entering the order, cashier, and serving. The light rail project on 19th Ave is really hurting many small businesses. I like to support neighborhood business. I will definitely return to try the other menu items.

User:John M.

First thing is the actual name is "GYROS HOUSE" (no apostrophe). It does not belong to some guy named "Gyro". Gyro stuffed to overflowing and happy to not be overwhelmed with an overabundance of onions. Generous portion of salad too: $6.99 with soft drink. Decent, filling; Won't leave here hungry or broke. Clean, if rather dated, bland interior, probably left over from multiple prior food establishments at that location. Decent first experience, a filling meal at bargain price. Extensive Greek-Med menu, low prices will bring me back to try more, but not feeling the fanboy/missionary zeal I'd like to for this family-run establishment located in the shopping center at NE corner of 19th Ave & Northern, which along with other shops, is suffering greatly already at the onset of a predicted THREE YEARS of light rail construction. So go support your locally owned, family run restaurant. You may not be overwhelmed with its greatness but you'll get good, filling meal at great price - if you can just get in there. Probably easiest to enter from west-bound Northern Ave or north-bound 19th Ave.

User:Sajesh E.

I recently started at this place. Regularly pick chicken shawrma wraps. Its just jucy n delicious. Regret having not checked out this place earlier being so close to my place :)

User:Alicia V.

This place has bomb gyros. There's a good amount of food for the price. The service is good, as well. I go here often and have never had a problem.

User:Ernesto L.

I was on my way to a different joint but I've been curios about this place for a while. I won't lie, what made me walk in was the beautiful girl who was behind the counter who is super nice and efficient (the phone was ringing constantly and she was taking orders on site and over the phone). That being said, I wasn't sure what to order but the guy in front of me ordered the gyro salad and since that sounded kind of healthy I ordered the same. I was really pleased with the flavor, the presentation, the quality and the price. I'll go back for sure! Cheers

User:Danielle B.

Tried the plate. The rice is bland and oily, the Greek salad was ok, gyro meet was dry and beef meat was chewy, and calamari comes from a frozen package and was chewy and awful. Much better Greek places out there.

User:Mackenzie F.

4.99 Gyro deal with fries and drink. Yum! I am all over this place like nobody's business. I love me a great gyro. But to get it at a great price with a clean restaurant and REALLY nice people behind the counter. I'm all for it. : ) Great job Gyro's House!

User:Shawna B.

Love this place! The customer service is great! I am slightly addicted to their Chicken Salad and will definitely never go anywhere else to have one. Oh and their Hummus is delish!

User:Karim M.

Good food for a decent price. Nice friendly folks. I eat there regularly and have not had one bad experience.

User:Kenny K.

As a first timer looking for a local "something different" the meat wast very tasty, no problem from the staff getting it as a special order, I ordered a traditional gyro plate, it came with a simple, fresh, awesome simple Greek salad, just greens, olives and feta with the cucumbers for this guy. Fresh pita, and great texture to the rice! New favorite spot, close to home and cost effective! I recommend giving it a try. I don't post often, but when I do, it's with enthusiasm and well worth it!

User:Brittanie M.

All of the food seemed out of a bag from the grocery store. The fries were unseasoned and crinkle-cut, the meat was very dry, and the pita bread seemed very generic and also a bit stale. The customer service was pretty bad - she had her kid playing on the counter and then started talking on the phone when she handed me her food so it was rude of ME to ask for extra tzatziki sauce for my fries (which was chunky and odd anyway). Not sure how they're staying in business though there was one other customer in there - it seems they might have wifi for paying customers or he was just killing time on his laptop. Overall, would not recommend - there are better places just down northern if you're craving Greek.

User:Ryan B.

As you may have noticed if you have read my reviews, I love me some gyro. The meat, sauce, and bread are just usually a great combo, and it's even better with some feta on top (I was going to go with a "betta with feta" joke there, but it felt too forced). I think about half of my reviews are based on Greek restaurants, so I certainly had to check out this joint that was within a few miles of my place. I picked a good time to show up; walking in at 3pm, it was completely empty. That's usually not a great sign, but it made it easy for me to order the gyro special (gryo, fries, soda for $7.30). The wait was short, so I was out the door I have to say the food itself was just ok. Unrolling the gyro, it really is huge. The bread seems pretty big, but the gryo meat still was overflowing. I don't know how they add onions and tomatoes to this, but good for those people who like them. I dug in, and it was pretty solid. The meat was cooked a little more than I usually like (I'm a "run it through a warm room" guy for most meats), but the flavor was still good. The sauce was a little light, and probably could have used another scoop to add to the sandwich. The fries were good; I am not sure what they were cooked in, but they seemed to have a thicker skin, which was good. Overall, it was a solid meal. I wouldn't say it was my favorite gyro, but for the price, it is worth what you get. If you are around Gyro's House and don't feel like driving north to Chicago Gyro's on Union Hills (definitely a better gyro), I would suggest checking it out.

User:Ryan M.

Solid gyro for the money. Haven't had anything else on the menu. Place is always empty so I'd expect things to move a little quicker and the fries to be not over done. This is the best gyro place in the area however so I'll keep coming back

User:Bridget D.

It used to be my favorite teenie, tiny little falafel place... now they've moved down a couple of doors and turned themselves into the substantially larger, but still really good falafel place. The veggies are always crisp and the onions are sharp. Wrapped in a soft pita and smothered in sauce you can't go wrong with lunch at this (not so little) place.

User:Rebecca A.

I love this place! I have worked in the area for 5 years,and these folks are probably the best quality lunch you can find around here. Fresh ingredients, friendly staff, rather quick service. The Greek salad with gyro meat (#41) is so delicious, I haven't swayed from it in three years. The dining room is always clean. I highly suggest lunch here!

User:Ldyinluv M.

I have been comming to this place for 6 months now. Food and resturant seemed great until my last visit when there was a beetle in my salad, saw it when i was about to take last bite of my plate! I am pregnant and have a toddler who was eating it too. The owner was just blaming it on the lettus supplier. He didn't give me my money back, just said he will take care of me next time, well there wont be a next time!!!

User:Craig W.

feeling the need to eat really poorly, I opted for a gyros sandwich instead of a crap Wendy's or Burger King - I wasn't disappointed. $ 6.95 for gyros and choice of french fries or greek salad. Naturally, I was going disgusting. Gyros was bulging huge, tummy very, very full, life is very good. by the way, I think the owner is from Iraq, not that it matters. Also they just moved next door into the corner slot which gives them a lot more seating space (I hope that this matters) and it also gives them much better visibility (probably does matter). oh - just realized that no Greek high caloric pig out would be complete without baklava...I would bet this baklava would have been great 2 days ago.

User:Georgia R.

Pretty good Greek food in a spot you'd never expect. Gryro's House is super tiny. And it's filled with only a few tables. The two guys at the counter had to of been brothers, as they seemed to be bickering in another language (Greek?) but in a good natured way. It somehow added to the experience and enabled me to pretend I wasn't living in Arizona through a sweltering 115 degree summer- instead, I was dining in a little restaurant in Greece. That fantasy lasted until a lady busted through the door with visible sweat stains under her arms and on her stomach, demanding that her lamb gyro be covered in ranch sauce. Ahhh Arizona.

User:Lavon G.

Absolutely love this place. Service is amazing, food is fantastic! Pita bread is so soft and tasty! Well worth the traffic hassle to get some yummy food!

User:Ashley J.

Excellent, authentic food. Great service. A new favorite for me! I definitely recommend just a regular gyro with basmati rice on the side.

User:Alexander S.

If anyone understands what a gyro is suppose to taste like then do not come here. Instead of thinly sliced meat like they're suppose to come with, they throw in fat chunks of meat that is barely edible! It's sad to say but I honestly feel like just wasted my money for no reason.

User:Chris H.

I'm a sucker for a good Gyro so I decided to stop in and give this place a try. I skipped the lunch special and went right for the #1 with salad. The pita bread was light and fluffy with a bit of a toasted snap to it, the gyro meat was tender and cut into good sized chunks. Service was fast and staff was friendly, all-in-all a good experience.

User:Kalyan R.

Fast service, great food for reasonable price. I visit this place often. I definitely recommend this place.

User:Beth L.

Ok.... I'm always looking for great Greek food, I was in the area thought I'd give this place a try. Figured a simple gyro was like trying the chips & salsa at a Mexican restaurant. The meat was flavorless and really dry, the sauce just ok. Since that is the majority of a gyro it was really disappointing. The price is not worth me trying this place again. :(

User:J M.

I had the #6 Chicken Pita Shawiri today for lunch with a Salad. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the flavor combination with the sauce was excellent! Very pleased with the food, the service, and the price.

User:Bob C.

Ugh!!!!! What is wrong with this place? Under new ownership I have tried to go there 5 times during times they are scheduled to be open and only twice have they been open. One time I had 14 people ready to eat at 5pm but, bam, closed early! Their food may be good, but I have tried to throw money at this place and have run into their "closed early" sign too many times. I've run into that sign at 12 noon!! From now on, when I'm hungry, I'll be going somewhere I know will be open if they say they are. Great food Terribly's literally a roll of the dice if they're open.

User:L L.

I keep trying this restaurant hoping they will get it right soon...I always go at lunch time, they have a great $5 gyro lunch special....gyros are yummy...I keep attempting to get pita and hummus and a Greek salad for the side...but everytime I get the salad they make it point they stopped putting feta on it, then no red onions, now it's white onions, feta, big half cuts of red tomato, a couple olives and lettuce....for a small salad it's pretty pricey considering its not the traditional Greek salad...just an American version...hummus only comes with one pita as well....great atmosphere, friendly Greek staff....just fix the Greek salad!

User:John A.

I work close by and decided I give this place a try, I was very happy with my decision. It's clean it's friendly and the food is phenomenal. You get what you pay for here and it's well worth it. Affordable and such a friendly staff.

User:Samantha L.

Delicious & inexpensive. Gyro meal 5.99 right now. I've never had to wait long for my food. Seems to be very clean. The dessert they had on the counter...I forget the name, however very good & sweet. I've been there 3 times in the past 2 weeks They are open till 8.

User:CJ C.

Best Gyro's in town! Awesome customer service! The Gyros are huge and so filling. We'll be back!

User:Jonathan J.

I'm from San Diego, and it's so hard to find a great middle eastern restaurant around here! I was driving around and found this place, and man finalllly something that taste like my moms cooking! Everyone that has had middle eastern food need to check this place out! Great staff, clean, and service was pretty quick! Prices are amazing by the way!

User:Rebecca R.

Went in here yesterday to check it out because of the "People Love Us On Yelp" sticker in the window. That sticker has never led me astray before this experience! Yes, the menu was extensive, the staff was friendly, and the place was clean, but I was completely underwhelmed. I had a gyro and it was decent, but could have used more veggies on it! Although the restaurant was clean, it was not very inviting, maybe it was the lighting or 90s decor? Not sure, but it was odd to be eating in a place that was completely empty. Overall it just could have been a better experience. Also- humorous sighting of the day- "fish and chips" is listed under the vegetarian part of the menu :)

User:Gage G.

Everything about this place is pretty dam good. I haven't one thing that didn't impress me. Also you can't beat $5.99 for a Gyros, frys, and a drink. Also had their hummus is really really good, Highly recommend this place.

User:Adrian B.

$5.99 gyro meal is amazing. The gyros are stuffed with delicious meat. I would prefer a little more tzatziki sauce, but thats just personal preference.

User:Breanna D.

Place is delicious. Meat is flavorful and moist. Sauce is very fresh and tasty. Had the lunch special offers great deal, gyro fries and a drink for 5.99! Great place! The hot guys in the back can definitely cook! Lol good job. Very friendly service!

User:Amy R.

I love this place! Tucked back away for the street in the Albertsons shopping center, you'll find one of the fattest Gyro sandwiches you've ever had! And the customer service is superior! Last time is was in, my side of tzatziki sauce was left out! Bummer! I called and they said that I can come back or next time they would make sure it was replaced at no charge! Sweet! I went in today, two weeks or more later and my tzatziki was there AND a piece of yummy baklava on the house for my trouble! So unexpected but will ensure that I keep on going back for the great food and the great service! So next time you ha e a taste for a gyro or any other Mediterranean food, and quick, try this place!!

User:Chaille K.

The service and food here is amazing!!!! Falafel is on point!!!!!! I think I found my new lunch spot

User:Mike S.

Mobile Yelp app, how I love thee. On a super busy Wednesday I had about 20 minutes to scarf something down before a meeting. Using Mobile Yelp I perused the local flavor. Thinking Greek I chose Gyro's. Chicken gyro and a large drink: $7.50. Not a bad price. The sandwich was well made and tasty. The pita was perfectly toasty and light and there was just enough tzatziki sauce. The chicken was well seasoned and cooked well. I will definitely return to Gyro's when I need a quick lunch.

User:Eric H.

Good portion of food for the price. However, their salad lacks substance and dressing blend. Their meat is cooked well (a bit dry) but lack any kind of flavor. It doesn't seem like they marinate their meat. Even rice lack flavor. I have had better...much better Greek food for that price. Not going back.

User:Wes N.

Cool spot. They tell me the following is vegan: Rice (it's made with oil, not butter nor chicken stock like many other places) Hummus Pitas Fattoush salad Falafel Dolmas Their spaghetti noodles We'll be visiting periodically when we're looking for a Mediterranean/Arabic food kick.

User:Missy F.

Delicious and great value! I get the gyro combo with the salad every time and you should too!

User:Bradford J.

My suggestion: spend 3 or 4 quiet minutes looking around before you order. You can stand in one place. Notice the floor, the decorations, the fake plants, the ceiling. Take it all in. THEN decide if this is a place you want to eat food from. I should have taken the hint when I walked in and there were no other customers there on a Saturday during the noon hour. Unfortunately I was dead set on supporting a local rather than chain establishment that day. And with no one to slow me down, I ordered right away. Only after ordering did I take in the grimy scene. The place is disturbingly unclean looking. The gyro was large but plain and average in flavor - a bit too greasy. Fries were overcooked, hardly any salt, and old tasting. The service was uninspired and actually slow despite no other customers being there. It seemed like we were a bother. My two boys were okay later, but I had some intestinal distress during the window of time that would point to this meal. I won't be back.

User:Dan W.

Not much to look at, poorly decorated and the place is usually empty. However, if you are looking for a fantastic gyro, this is the place - my favorite gyro place. (five star is for gyro only, nothing else)

User:Ryan W.

To be fair, we didn't eat there. We went in and the place reeked of that orange spray. We still tried to man through it and preceded through the cracked walls, dirty floor, and blinding flourescent lights. When we got up to the counter, the worker said, "Everything is to go." it was 30 minutes til close. More concerning... the counter smelled like sewage. so we turned around and got out of there.

User:Scott P.

Stopped by for a late lunch and had just the gyro sandwich. Really good...the pita was stuffed with flavorful meat, nice and moist. I'll be by again, have to try some other items on the menu.



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Takes Reservations : No
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Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Lunch
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : No
Outdoor Seating : No
Wi-Fi : Free
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Waiter Service : No
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