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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Erin R.

    Food was good. We order Italian subs and fries. Ingredients were fresh! The person working was very friendly, BUT it absolutely took forever to get our food. After a long morning of hiking we may have been a little famished, so I tried not to exaggerate, but after waiting over 40 minutes for a sandwich we were justified in feeling a bit frustrated. We were the only people there and there were three people working. Overall I saw one or two people stopping for pizza pick-up so maybe that's the way to go?

  • Joe E.

    Not really that impressed with this place. I ordered a large pizza and some cherry chipotle BBQ wings. The wings were disappointing - the sauce, which I was hoping would at least be interesting, was pretty bland, and the meat didn't have much flavor. They forgot to cut the pizza, which was kind of annoying. I tried a few toppings, half sausage and roasted red peppers, and half ham and olives. The sausage was pretty much just sliced hot dogs, and the rest of the toppings were not noteworthy. The rest of the pizza was equally not noteworthy. Overall, just overpriced and not that great.

  • Ashley T.

    Bottom line: best pizza at the best price. My boyfriend and I stop in and get their lunch special (2 pieces of pizza w/ a drink for $3.99). I like that the slices for the lunch special are larger than the slices you get if you just order a whole pizza from them (although their whole pizzas are a great deal too). So basically you're getting 4 slices when you get 2 for the lunch special. All for $8 for the two of us. As far as dining-in, I don't usually like to. The place is run-down and not so cute. But I love supporting local businesses and this is a great one. Beats Domino's or the recently stingy Papa John's any day.

  • Matthew L.

    The pizza has really never been any good but at one time it was a pizza and wings combo at a decent price. At this point, it's just overpriced greasy food. Bummer.

  • Jke B.

    I got the 2 slice medium drink combo. The flavor of the pizza was good but very thin. I put the slices on each other and it barely made the thickness of a normal slice. But for 4 dollars its def worth it.

  • Benjamin G.

    Delivery was quick. However the pizza was like cardboard with burned cheese, and bland. I ordered a 2 liter soda pop online, and was told by the delivery driver that they were out and would give me a credit for next time i ordered from them. That was unacceptable, as i am never ordering from them again. The delivery driver did not understand my frustration with that and was rude and condescending when i complained.

  • Douglas W.

    Went back tonight and had a great sub, along with another excellent pie. An especially good deal as well. I do have to add that Jackie is a great girl to have working there. She was great on the phone and better in person! She, alone, is reason to go back. So, Frank, KEEP HER! I will gladly bump this to 5 stars when I can get a slice after 5pm.

  • Shanlee C.

    Bomb sauce!!! Haha literally! This is my first time ordering from here. I will be back for sure.. i ordered the garlic cheese bread..... so good, a nice blend of flavors and not to garlicky like some... i also got the ravioli in marinara sauce, its amazing! It even came with a piece of bread lol. The turkey club for 6.99 i figured i would get a sandwich on regular bread, you know nothing special. .. its a 12in sub!!!! For wat i paid i got my money's worth!!!!

  • Katie O.

    This place ROCKS!!! I can't say enough good things! The people are so sweet and wonderful :)

  • Ryan D.

    The pizza was ok but the service was terrible. I stopped in for a quick lunch and got the slice special but it ended up taking an hour after waiting several minutes for someone at the front counter and then again for the slices. The place was empty other than myself, yet I couldn't get any help/service.

  • Destiny R.

    A friend and I decided we'd stop in for a quick bite one day after I bought my very first type writer from the place next door. Actually we got their cookies and cream Thrifty's ice cream that day and decided we must come back for a slice of pizza another. So the day finally arrived and I was enamored with the black and white tile inside; always gives me that happy feeling. Anywho onto the product. The slice of pizza was made in a timely manner and was also huge and delishious and totally worth the couple of bucks with the drink that came along. I really cannot wait to go back and try their fish and chips.

  • Amber P.

    Tried this place out recently for dinner and was not very impressed. Delivery, however, was very quick and they were very friendly on the phone. Prices are decent, but the pizza was extremely bland. The wings weren't very tasty either and the fried zucchini/mozzarella was equally as bland. I would not go so far as to say I would recommend them to a friend.

  • David B.

    Let me first say, I like Frank's food. They have a wide selection of food and everything at least USED TO BE great. Seems to be a few months ago something changed... Delivery now takes forever, orders are wrong, customer service is nonexistent, the wings contain little meat now, and no managers to be found. The way they've changed their business makes me regret that I had my whole office ordering from them. Granted if you order a cheese steak sandwich, it could be confused with cheese sticks. That's why an order taker should repeat your order back to you. Last time I had a problem with them was the first time I've ever had a problem. I was hoping it was a one time thing. The manager at the time rectified it with fixing my order and offering me 20% off my next order. Good deal. Even though I had to wait 2+ hours to receive the wrong order, I try to be understanding. This time there was no rectification, not even a call returned. I had to wait over an hour for my food when I was quoted 30 minutes. When I called to find out where it was, I was told they were busy. When the delivery driver had to inform me they were out of something (the reason I ordered from them in the first place) AND the order was wrong, I was hungry and cranky to say the least. I called back in to speak to the manager because they gave me an appetizer instead of a sandwich, he was conveniently not there. The order-taker offered to make me a sandwich and deliver it to me personally. I was satisfied with that. To my dissatisfaction, he called me five minutes later with another excuse that it was the end of the night and they had turned off the machines. It's obvious lack of management when a business is open for 15 more minutes and should be taking orders in that time to maintain profitability. So lazy employees decide to take off early. Hopefully they will change back to the way things used to be and I can order in confidence once more. Until then, if you order from them - pick it up so you know if it's wrong right away and you don't have to wait at least twice of the quoted time. If you order delivery, I suggest ordering the exact opposite of what you want. This way, they might get something right. Why, Frank's? Why did you have to break my pizza loving heart?

  • Alonzo L.

    The food at franks is terrible the worst value for the dollar I wouldnt feed their food to my dog... franks sucks hands down terrible

  • Ashley B.

    Pizza is awesome! Thanks really needed it while I was studying. Lol

  • Matthew P.

    Family owned business. Good pizza, good specials, decent menu. I personally like the pizza and wing special.

  • Bryan B.

    I have to admit, I was a little nervous going to this place. I've driven by the center literally hundreds of times over the years, and have never noticed the pizza shop. It was only just recently that I noticed them, based on their sign on the street advertising the lunch special of two slices and a soda for $3.99. Fast forward to a few weeks later when I was sitting at my desk pondering where to go, but being unable to decide. My memory bank finally remembered Frank's and away I went. I gotta admit, I was extremely nervous going in. Here it was, right in prime lunch hour and there was nary a soul to be seen, other than the guy working there who was in the back (maybe it was Frank!). Anywho, takes me order, and goes back to make the pie and I sat down and waited. And waited a little bit more. Then a guy came in and 'Frank' came out and chatted with him as they appeared to know each other. Then a little more waiting happened. I thought it was taking way too long as this point, seems at any other 'slice' joint I go to (Ray's/NYPD/etc.), it's just a few minutes. Finally, 'Frank' brings my slices out and apologies to me that they were in the oven too long and would I like him to make new ones. Well...I looked at that pizza, and all I saw was golden brown delicious cheese staring at me. Which to me, is great when you have nice golden brown cheese. So I told him no need, it looked great to me, and I started to chow down. While the temperature was hot, and I kind of burned my mouth a bit (stupid lack of self control to wait for it to cool), the pizza was terrific. I mentioned the cheese before, but the crust was also very good, being nice and crispy on the bottom. And then, when I got to the thick part, not only was the crust nice and chewy, the bottom was still crispy. Overall, a good couple slices of pie. I'm likely to go back!

  • Quinn Q.

    Worst customer service ever. The address to the complex where I'm at also starts with the building number I am in 1228. After arguing for 5 minutes to try and explain how the building number IS 1228 they just hung up on me in mid-sentence. I had to call back and AGAIN after arguing with the person they finally conceded to me being right. They were trying to tell me I don't know what my own building number is that I live in. Did not appreciate the tone or being hung up on and it was an hour and 15 minutes just to get the food.

  • Brian W.

    Let me tell you about Frank's Pizza on Indian School. I placed my order today 3/18/2012 online at 3:15 for pick up. When I arrived 40 minutes later I was informed that their system was down so they never got the order. Got my money but not my order. I figured ok, things happen, I reordered in person this time and requested they deliver, and was told I would have to wait another 40 minutes. 60 minutes later I called and was placed on hold for 5 minutes. I hung up, called back and was told the driver had the order. 20 minutes later (i live 5 min away), I go to Frank's pizza and demand my money back. I witnessed the delivery guy return and noted he was not carrying my order. Hmmm. So on top of really poor service I had been lied to as well. While I was waiting there (both times) i watched a really incompetent staff handling the food with bare hands, the place seems also to be in the midst of remodeling (no longer carrying the ice cream). Poor service. Lied to, incompetent staff, mishandling of the food. I'm calling Mamma Mia's from now on, a little longer wait but worth the wait without the aggravation.

  • bennett h.

    the chicken wings gave me food poisoning. will avoid in the future.

  • Robyn H.

    We were stuck for something to grab to eat. Nothing marks this place out: yet another pizza place in yet another strip mall. But the pizza was actually quite good.

  • Jackson C.

    lets just say i lost sleep thinking about eating my leftover slice from here.. but i maintained and was resilient in making myself wait for morning, rather than giving in to the inner glutton and going on an all night binge snack bender. im glad i waited, though. i appreciated it a little more the second time around. ill be going back to frank's. the slices, they haunt me

  • Danielle R.

    I hope I happened to stop by on an "off" day.... Ordered a meat lovers pizza over the phone and was quoted a 20min wait. I showed up after only 15 because I was near by, but then had to wait another 25 min before my pizza was ready. When I got home with my pizza, the crust was so thick and the whole thing was under cooked (I'm not sure what was cooking for the 40min I waited for this thing!) Even after throwing slices into my own oven to try to crisp them up, they were still mush. The flavor wasn't anything to write home about.... It was just "eh".

  • Michael S.

    I ordered pizza to be sent to my wife for her birthday and asked for it to be delivered at a specific time, they were right on the dot! I cannot thank them enough for making my wife's birthday memorable!!!! She said the pizza was fantastic!!

  • Mike S.

    4 stars bc it's excellent value pizza. Getting pizza by the slice is the best way to order here. Great place for a 6-7 dollar lunch. It's not a high end fancy place, just a great quick pizza place. Service is great!

  • Tiffany L.

    Definitely adding this to my lunch rotation! The pizza was fresh and hot and delicious! The service was outstanding and the place was clean. My only complaint is that I can't get the 2 slices and a soda special delivered.

  • Michael C.

    We were in town to take my daughter to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Instead of ordering from the nearest corporate chain I decided to try one of the local pizza places. We ordered an extra large with pepperoni, mushrooms and black olive. We placed the order through Yelp/Eat24 and paid by cash. The pizza came early to our hotel, 2 miles away, and was delicious. They are a good, basic pizza place. They have a tasty, salty mozzarella they use. My wife liked it too. We will order from here again when we are in town.

  • James B.

    The pizza is pretty good and so were the wings but without good ranch, it just kills the entire meal. I'll never understand how pizza and wing places can have basic ranch that tastes out of a packet.

  • Jose S.

    I ordered a pizza for delivery. Was quoted 45-60 minutes. Pizza showed up at the 75 minute marker. No apology, and pizza was rubbery from sitting in the warmer too long. What a waste of time and money. There are MANY better options out there for pizza than Frank's.

  • Roxanne G.

    Good pizza for sure. Slice and a drink for lunch won't break your pocket. Just a divey, neighborhood pizza spot but worth a try. They have more than just pizza but I've yet try anything...

  • Lynn B.

    I was pleasantly surprised how good this pizza was, I will definitely order from them again.

  • Nair S.

    This is the best pizza and wing joint around Phoenix. Place has been renovated and has new owners managers and employees. Ordered pizza and wings it was delicious.

  • Rachel M.

    Awesome! Kind of a divey place and not good for eat in but this is your neighborhood take-out pizza joint! Some reviews complain about bland crust, I disagree (most because I always get enough ranch and wing sauce to dip my crust in anyway). Have also had the wings (delicious, and sauce is so good) and the chicken strip salad which is also great! The guys who work here are really busting their butts on Friday nights too, they do a great job making sure your order is ready on time (you can order on their website, grubhub or yelp). Currently they are running a special on their website for 10% off your order, not sure for how much longer but it is awesome!

  • Donnie C.

    I've been eating here at Franks for over 7 years. Pizza is always good, and service is just as good. Delivery is never cold (and the guy who looks like he's from Son's of Anarchy delivering is a super nice guy)!

  • K Q.

    I've never been to the actual restaurant, but this is my #1 pizza delivery joint! We probably get Frank's close to once a week. Delicious pizza and wings every time!

  • Jill C.

    Stopped into Franks for lunch Saturday after I had dropped off some items for consignment next door. Couldnt decide what to get, either the 2 slice special or the gyro combo. So I asked the guy at the register taking my order to choose for me. What I got was a gyro with fries combo. The fries were nice and crispy. And well the gyro was not terrible, but I could tell the meat was probably something you could purchase from a store and then reheat. It was not from sliced fresh from a gyro loaf like I've gotten from other places. The slices were too uniform. Don't get me wrong, it was not all that bad though. However, to the guy that makes the food....go a little lighter handed with the tzatziki sauce. Next time I'm at the store next door around lunchtime, I'll give the Frank's Pizza a go.

  • Connie K.

    Awesome thin crust pizza! I had 2 slices and a pop for $3.99 and they weren't just huge they were so good best pizza I've had so far!

  • cheryl g.

    If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I have never had a worse experience in my life. Absolutely horrible service. My recommendation is to never go here.

  • Jacob S.

    5 Star wings! Absolutely delicious hot wings. But only 3 Star pizza... Not the best crust, but it's still good for the price. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone in the neighborhood.

  • Jason B.

    Great pizza and wings...ok price


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No



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Frank’s Pizza & Wings

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