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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jeremy P.

    I'm gonna say what we're all thinking - anybody who goes to an Indian restaurant expecting good service is an idiot. Docking an Indian restaurant for having poor service is like giving an India Pale Ale poor reviews because it doesn't have a very strong malt profile. With that said, Chennai Chettinaad is the second best Indian buffet I have found in Phoenix. The food is flavorful and spicy, they have plenty of options both for the omnivores and vegetarians, and they have those nice crispy things whose name I'm sure my Indian colleagues told me but I forgot. Also, their gulab jaman is fantastic. I love finishing off a meal with a pair of warm, moist balls. Notice it's the pampered white people giving them poor reviews, and slagging them off for their poor service? I'm here to tell you that this place has all the aromatic dishes and the poor service you should expect from a good Indian buffet.

  • Abilash P.

    This place is the best Indian buffet in Phoenix. The food is reasonably authentic, there is a good balance of vegetarian/non-vegetarian options, and its offerings are generally fresh. Both North Indian and South Indian cuisines are reasonably well represented, and the the place is packed with other Indians every time I go, which is generally a good indicator of food quality. On the flip side however, the restaurant is poorly managed, and customer service is pretty much nonexistent. Getting seated, asking for refills, and even paying for your meal are far more difficult experiences than they should be, making any experience here at least slightly unpleasant. Furthermore, the seats in the booths are comically bumpy and poorly upholstered, the restaurant is overly noisy, and the waitstaff seem consistently confused or apathetic about their duties. In short, the food is the only good thing about this place. That said, I suppose any restaurant that can keep me coming back despite its sub-par atmosphere and service deserves some sort of recognition in the end.

  • Harley Q.

    Food was great. Atmosphere was alright. Service was lacking, but it was a buffet so it did not bother me. They should have just had self service drink stations. I was in a group of 10 during a work lunch. We all paid separately. Even though it was a buffet, we were still charged an 18% gratuity. This is just price gouging with a hidden surcharge, as it was no extra difficulty to seat or accommodate us. In fact it allowed for a greater accommodation density within the restaurant. If the cost had been 18% higher up front and not hidden, I would have complained that the price was a bit high but still a 5 star experience. For poor judgement in trying to cheat their customers, I would suggest complaining to the restaurant about this. Or not going.

  • Gstr 4.

    Best buffet..nice ambiance and tasty food.. Definitely i'm a fan.. I strongly recommend this to friends

  • Kim A.

    Food 5* - the food served here is the best in the valley, atleast comes close to what is prepared back home. The naan, butter chicken, goat biryani, veg manchurian dry, dosa, chicken curry is what i wud suggest that u order here as they do a very good job with it. Moving onto service 1*- it sucks- well, u've got 2 ask for menu's more then once, they forget to get straws or cutlery to ur table most often, there is a tall Indian guy who is the server, whom u wished, u did not meet. Ambience 4*, it's not the greatest or best compared to other restaurants but compared to most Indian restaurants- it's good. .. Cleanliness 4* again, it's very good n the restrooms are clean 2. So if u don't mind compromising on service but would like to enjoy a good Indian meal or miss food served back home- you should try this place

  • Pepper T.

    I fear giving any buffet four stars because we all know that any buffet can differ by the hour with food drying up or pans staying empty for long periods of time and God only knows what else. This place smells very fragrant when you walk in but I found it a little strange but ok. We were seated and we waited for someone to greet us and after a while the gentleman that sat us just tells us to go help ourselves at the buffet because it's a buffet. Most of the food I tried was tasty. Nothing was too salty or too oily. All the chicken I tried was moist and tasty and even the fish was fresh enough so I could eat it. Currently a grade "A" Maricopa inspection is posted. The buffet line started with a savory donut that seemed fresh made and wasn't oily at all. Next came a few vegetable soups. I thought the rasam (tamarind based) one had much more flavor than the sambar but both soups were very light with vegetables. The rice dishes were made from long grain rice and were very fluffy. They had dum aloo (baby potato curry), channa palgk (spinach & chickpeas), Fresh plain naan bread, They offered 5 meat dishes and one egg dish and offered three desserts and some beverages. I found that many of the vegetable dishes ran spicier than the meat dishes. Most tasted good to me. I didn't care for two dishes that I tried due to they were just too foreign to me and they might not really be bad but dhal tadka looked fun but lentil dumplings in yogurt I couldn't get down and the upma vegetarian dish looked like potatoes to me but it was porridge with vegetables that I also couldn't get down. 2 of the three desserts were interesting. The gulab jamun was like tiny donuts that were soaked in something fragrant and sweet and the halwa was a vegetable packed carrot pudding. Compared to other buffets I've been this one is a smaller buffet but it seemed well taken care of on my visit and plates were cleared quickly. It was almost like a trip to India but with much better traffic and it only cost $13.99 for the Sunday Buffet.

  • Subbu R.

    Exceptional South Indian food. We have been here twice and have tried a variety of dishes. Egg Kothu Paratha was heavenly. The ghee roast dosa was a delight too. 5 stars.

  • Harmoni P.

    I've been here many times and the food it always great, with exception of the buffet but that's my own personal issue; I hate buffets. I always start with samosas and pani poori! I looooove pani poori I'm so happy they have this dish and the chutney with is is awesome! The samosas are huge here and veeeeery crispy filled with lots of deliciousness! (I also recommend the samosa chaat and bhel poori - the flavored are all blended together for you). As far as entrees- I've had the chicken tikka masala, all I can say is yum! The malai kofta here is the best I've ever had, but it's pretty rich and very difficult to finish! The lamb kurma is tender and always has great flavor. Chicken saag was pretty good but not as much flavor as many of the other dishes. If you have friends that want more of a Chinese dish try the manchurian dishes; I've had chicken and gobi (cauliflower) both are good. Oh and I can't forget the dosai. Dosai is hard to find and it's always wonderful here! The food does run a little spicy, even if you enjoy the spicier dishes like me, but can ask for light spice. The only reason they got a 4 is because service can be less than good. Hopefully it will improve.

  • Mukesh S.

    Average food.. Too much crowd... Long queue for the buffet...They can separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian.. You should go before 11:30 AM to avoid the rush... Hope they bring quality to food...

  • Chris Z.

    I give up on Phx indian restaurant hunting. Will try again another day. Thankful for the wonderful meal, but this is not as good as they can get. I taste a hint of spend thrift on this buffet. No pickle. No masala dosa. No spicy food.

  • Ganesh S.

    This is authentic south Indian food. The best I have had in the valley so far. Please dont let your chef go anywhere:)

  • Ritesh M.

    This place has improved since my first review. The dosas are real good and food tastes better.

  • Debashri S.

    The food is good. But like a lot of Indian restaurants, this place suffers massively from a lack of good service. They used to have a 'Thali' that often came with a couple of dishes missing. Buffets start 30 minutes later than the advertised time. One evening, we were seated immediately. The restaurant was a little more than half-full. But no one came our way for at least 20 minutes. Then, someone brought us some water and disappeared. Then, another person brought us the menu and disappeared. After waiting for an hour, they came to us and said, "You can order now, but the food will take another hour or hour and a half to get ready. We are very busy" . Really??

  • Donna M.

    Went there last week for the first time, I am fairly new to Indian cuisine, so have been trying new places. The lunch buffet here was really nice with a plentiful selection of varied dishes. The selections were well stocked and looked and tasted very fresh. The only thing I was disappointed with was our server did not bring us any Dosas, although we did see others bringing them out to other tables. The place was quite packed, mid day on a Friday lunch rush, and our server did refill our beverages often, so overall it was a very good experience and I would visit again.

  • Ravi R.

    A decent place to eat good Indian food. They are consistent with their menu and taste and I found at least 60% of the menu appeasing at any given day and I was never disappointed. Noise levels can get high during weekends and it can be hard to hear your friend sitting 2 feet away from you lol. Not a great fan of their dessert menu. Don't even think of trying their kulfi!!! Just don't mess with it!

  • Piyush S.

    Awesome Indian lunch buffet! If quality of food is important to you , you will love this place. Even, for a change, I liked the dessert options.

  • W T.

    Food was pretty good. Chicken tikka masala was extra good. However, service was not that great. Not bad, but it could be better. A little slow.

  • Amit T.

    I went there for dinner. The food was ok, nothing spectacular. The food was neither fresh not authentic. There are places serving much better Indian food in the city.

  • Pranav D.

    I was recently here twice in a span of three days. Simply, food is fantastic. Service is abysmal. It was a weekday night with a sparse occupancy. The ladies taking our orders had no clue what our orders were. We ordered for starters, Chilly Paneer. They brought the wrong dish to our table twice, and once they brought the wrong dish they had no clue what to do. The server actually went around to all other tables, asking if they'd ordered that dish. This happened many times. My friends were about to finish their main course until when the starter had not yet arrived and there was no sign if my main course dosa I'd ordered over 40 minutes ago. When questioned multiple times. The starter Chilly Paneer finally came to the table for almost dessert. And my main course still not yet arrived. After finally an hour since the initial order I am told that, my dosa actually cannot be prepared. My friend ordered some bread (kulcha) for his dish, by the time the kulcha arrived, his dish was cold and dry. This was a scene around all tables that night many of them angry and frustrated. The whole night left us in a disappointed and unsatisfied. I was tempted to leave the place without paying. Upon calling the manager up and explaining to him what was happening, he was surprisingly candid about the matter. His excuse that the serving ladies were new. He offered no apology or remedy to our complaints. Finally to tip it all off when the bill arrived we were charged for stuff we didn't order. The painful part I will admit is that the food was delicious.

  • Asha K.

    I tried gobi Manchurian it was crispy n very tasty!!! Pepper chicken n chicken biryani were good too..

  • Rajni P.

    2 stars for the awesome food. All that we ordered tasted good. But the service was below par. Especially this one server, Arshad. He threw too much attitude! Customer service is a very basic necessity when you decide to run a restaurant. The minimum one can do is be polite while taking orders, you needn't smile, needn't go out of the way to help customers. But you CANNOT be rude and outright snappy! We were there for a family get together and he began by not helping to seat us, not getting silverware, and when we tried to place orders for some bottled beverages, he refused to get them saying "kitchen is closed"! Couple of other families had bad experiences with the service too. But 2 other servers were the saving grace of our evening. Overall, good food, bad service.

  • Priya R.

    I like the lunch buffet. The naan and paneer butter curry is delicious so are the biryani and chicken curry.Appetizers are good too. The lunch buffet is worth every penny specially for good eaters . They have stopped dosa as part of the buffet which is sad cuz it was one of my husbands favorites. Nonetheless the buffet is delicious and I am definitely going back again!

  • Dev G.

    I'm happy, the food is amazing! I'm a big fan of dosas. Pro: Food! dosa are awesome. Con: Service could be better, but what restaurant really has waiters that care about their job. They didn't refill my drink quickly enough. big whop. Conclusion: For the food and price I'm happy.

  • Aaska K.

    poor service, but good food. wont come here again.

  • Irshad H.

    The 3 stars are for the food only! The quality and taste of the food is phenomenal, the best I have had in the valley so far. However, the service is horrible. Actually horrible is an understatement. If you make the mistake of going on a Friday or Saturday evening be prepared to wait and wait long to be seated, asked for your order and served. I hope they put some serious thought in improving the service because the food is boss!

  • Atul T.

    Being a vegetarian, this my favorite restaurant. Their workers are extremely friendly. Environment is clean and relaxing. Above all, food is well balanced and extremely tasty !! Being an Indian, I can tell that the spices are very well balanced and used with caution. Certainly one of the best Indian restaurants in this state. I specifically liked their noon/afternoon buffet as one can try many dishes at less cost. Highly recommended.

  • Remeesh K.

    I have been there a few times, buffet is good, comes around $14 per head and worth it. Good options for non veg Indian food.

  • Naveen S.

    The lunch buffet on the Saturday was simply superb. I went with low expectations because I am from NoVA, DC metro where there are tons of Indian restaurants but Chennai Chettinad really surprised me. Food was pretty authentic and had tons of Veg options. Dosa was missing in the buffet but 4 desserts was a surprise. Fish curry, palak-paneer, goat curry & chicken biryaani were the best. Everything was tasty and would definitely come back here if I visit Phoenix! Keep it up guys!!

  • Priyanka R.

    More towards the Indian side. I like the food. Pav bhaji was good. Triple schezwan noodles are also good. Also the vada pav. I can come again

  • Albert H.

    Buffet was ok, with some items not very hot. I noticed other tables had received dosas on their table, but we were never asked nor brought any. Near the end of the meal I finally flagged a server and asked, and only then was it brought. This restaurant is not a typical, pure Indian fare because they do have some "fusion" or whatever you call it with other dishes from other countries.

  • Savio A.

    It is a little noisy at times but when you cook so good, you are bound to attract the people in. Great appetizers, chicken pepper dry and all the chaat stuff is mouth watering... and one of the most authentic Indian food you could ever find. Just remember if you are not used to Indian spice,request for mild spice levels, and just sit back and enjoy the great food!

  • Sasidhar K.

    In Short : Tasty, Spicy South Indian Food, but the quality lacks consistency. Nice Ambiance. Service was bad before, but it has improved a lot now. Details : Lunch Buffets: Been a patron at this restaurant during my year's stay in Glendale. (2013) Lunch Buffets on Weekdays has a small but nice menu.I wold recommend their Biryani. Lunch Buffets on Weekends has lot many options, but Vegetarians may not find the taste so exciting. I would recommend their fish on Weekend buffets. Dinner (A la Carte) : All curries are prepared with Southern Spice levels...which means you will sweat if you order moderate or high spice levels. :) Uttappam and Dosas are well prepared and are served with good cutneys. Mini Idli's do not come soaked in Sambar. ;) Biryani(s) are tasty but not as good as Bawarchi. (Near Scottsdale). My Favorite of all is "Schezwan fried rice" with 'Chicken 65'. I would recommend it for all those who crave Ultra Spicy Food. Cons : Many times, the same dish did not taste the same when ordered on different days. (Which means I cannot have a favorite). The service at the beginning of 2013 was too bad. (I agree with some other yelpers). At times they even forgot some of my orders. But they have improved towards the end of 2013.

  • Nicole P.

    OUTSTANDING LUNCH BUFFET!!! I am giving this restaurant 5 stars based on the lunch buffet and cleanliness. I come here often, about 5 times a month, with family or friends for the amazing selection at their lunch buffet. Friday through Sunday is my favorite time to come because the food is much spicier. Beware, this place is PACKED on those days. If you prefer it on the mild side then stick with the Monday - Thursday buffet or come during dinner hours when you can order it however you prefer. I have noticed that the people in my party are usually the only non-Indian people dining here, which is an excellent sign that the food is authentic. I've never been to India, so unfortunately I cannot say for certain. This restaurant is always very clean. The service can be hit or miss; sometimes we get fantastic service and other times not so much, but that may be due to a communication barrier that the food more than makes up for. Tips: Great place for vegetarians who like it spicy. (Yes, they do also serve meat.) Be sure and try Rasam & Sambar soups, they are both delicious!

  • Chris B.

    The lunch buffet is superb. Great selection, great flavors and full of Indian people eating there, which speaks volumes.

  • Nathan O.

    I don't know what to say, I love the food but as everyone says the service is terrible. Part of the reason is that the owners steal all of the tips from the waitresses. They make minimum wage, and all the tips go to the owners. I am torn. It is without question my favorite food, but the owners steal from the servers. So I don't think I should eat here.... Really disappointing... What does one do in this case?.... The other Indian restaurants around here are terrible. So I can drive to Tempe to support better practices for servers, or I can eat here and support thieves with delicious food.

  • Nitika K.

    Worst service ever. I asked for beer and idli. Beer never came( even after multiple requests) and idli went to some other table and i was suggested to adjust with some one else's order as they had too many guests :/ when i complained to the manager i got a straight face sorry..this is definetly not the place where i will go again.

  • Arvind M.

    Great authentic South Indian food. There is a great variety of choices and the lunch buffets are awesome!

  • Brian T.

    Best Indian Buffet in town! The restaurant was extremely clean. Service has been hit or miss, but the food makes up for it.

  • Rand H.

    = = = = = = WEEKDAY LUNCH BUFFET! = = = = = = Stopped in here today to try the Buffet, joined by Arlin B., Norm R. & Mike C. This place is really nice inside, especially the bathroom! No, really! I started off with "Appetizer". It was a stuffed orange thi

  • Norm R.

    I guess it was a good thing that it was rather cold and rainy when I came here for a little buffet lunch UYE with Rand H, Mike C and Arlin B. I enjoyed the food but be aware that heat level of the most of the food was medium to medium hot - which I like, but might be a bit daunting for some people. I particularly enjoyed the chicken curry, the egg masala and the lentil dish, and found the other dishes to be quite good. The server was very attentive, and the crispy dosas she brought to our table was a nice addition to our meal. At about 10 bucks, the price of the lunch buffet is about the same as most other Indian buffets in the city, but the spacious, sparkly clean setting brings this place a tad above the rest for me.

  • Soney L.

    Came in for the lunch buffet at 2pm and was seated with no wait. Selection was pretty good, and décor was nice and modern. But if not for the TV, some dimly lit ceiling lights and the neon from the bar, it would have been literal darkness. The female host was nice, and it was apparent off the bat that she was at least the front end lead. She sat tables, setup placemats, phone orders, etc. The other guy in black shirt and gray slacks only made sure the Bollywood was playing on screen at all times. He bussed a few tables and made himself lunch between dance sequences. I finally got his attention for a soda, which was brought out quickly, but never refilled in the 45 minutes I was there. He was certainly around my table as my plates and neighboring tables' plates were cleared, but my empty glass remained. 1 adult buffet and soda came out to a little over $15. Not unreasonable, but there are equally good and lower priced Indian lunch buffets out there. Unfortunately, the food and décor was not so fantastic enough to warrant overlooking the service. 2.5 stars

  • Lola M.

    Appears they fixed the service problem. We saw 2 servers this night and both were on the ball and very knowledgable. Phew! The food was delish! best Butter Chicken I have ever had and was just the right heat. My husband got a lamb Masala extra hot and he built up quite a sweat. My sons tandoori chicken came out of the kitchen literally steaming hot. It was a little spicier than most tandoori chicken we have had but it was moist and flavorful. LOTS of vegetarian choices on the menu and the server suggested coming for the lunch buffet because there are lots of options The atmosphere is very nice and Bollywood videos are always fun to watch.

  • Nadia G.

    I went here for the lunch buffet and was disappointed with the selection of food, the taste of food, and the service. The selection was lacking, especially for a vegetarian customer, which is surprising for an Indian restaurant. Not all of the food appeared fresh and not all was stocked well or labeled. The taste was okay but nothing to write home about. No drinks, aside from water, were offered with the lunch buffet. My service was abissmal, the only time someone cane to the table was to drop off the check and then ask if I already paid a minute later. No one asked how I was doing, took any dirty plates from the table, refilled water, gave me a napkin, etc. All the tables had prefilled glasses of water on them. Rather than removing three glasses from my table, they cubed them with coaster napkins and slid then to the side of the table so they could be used for the next guests. Gross! I will never return to this pretentious, low quality restaurant.

  • Connie K.

    Beautiful restaurant.. Poor service.. We waited our entire meal to get a glass of water.. And I feel like I must have gotten the bottom of the barrel chicken because it was fatty and very chewy. In short, I just told my fiancé that this place has ruined the thought of eating chicken for a while.. High hopes.. Sad face.. We won't be coming back.. I don't want to risk another terrible meal!

  • Chris E.

    My gratitude to Sarabear B. The Hopi have blue corn piki, the Southwest giant flour tortillas, Chenai Chettinad Palace has masala dosai. For me, that giant roll of ultra-thin giant masala crepe/piki/tortilla with a dab of potato dosai was worth the visit. This is a pleasant, visually inviting place. The booth for our business conversation tall, quiet and comfortable. As others mention, service was attentive. The food was decent. I cannot name all the dishes in the weekday lunch buffet. We all ate veggie, finished the meal with the dosai, and were quite satisfied.

  • Faith T.

    This place is somewhere that I will not return. After seeing reviews here, I thought that going to this restaurant for the lunch buffet was a good idea. However, a good portion of the food was not palatable. Dishes that were okay: - the rice - chicken biryani (cold but flavorful) - chicken tikka masala (some of this chicken was very overcooked, but at least palatable) - naan - gulab jabun (like a donut hole - delicious) Dishes that were not decent: - appetizer (some donut looking thing) - paneer mutter masala (this is usually one of my favorite dishes, but was disgusting!) - fish (I don't know why I tried fish at a buffet, but not impressed) - curry chicken I thought just the service would be bad, and it was. I was expecting that. Did not get a refill. This was somewhat expected with the comments on here that I read before choosing this restaurant. I can totally accept poor service if the food tastes good. Overall, I paid 14.09 for this meal, and did not even eat a full plate because unfortunately on the two plates I did have, not everything was worthy of being put into my body as it would taste so bad going down. I have been eating Indian food for over 10 years. I love it and this was such a sad food experience. After spending the past summer in Berkeley and thoroughly enjoying all of the fabulous Indian restaurants there, it is so disappointing that it so extremely difficult to find a decent Indian restaurant in the north Valley. The last time I enjoyed Indian food in Phoenix area was when I went to Tempe but that is too long of a journey from where I live now. The struggle to find decent Indian food in the North Valley continues, but I know that I will definitely not be going back to this place.

  • Patricia B.

    -Delicious Chicken Tikka Masala -Nice decor -Lots of vegetarian options -Spicy (if you request it) Went there for the first time with my boss and a group of coworkers from India. We had the lunch buffet and the food was very good. Sadly they didn't have G

  • Minh C.

    If I could give negative stars then I would! The food is horribly nasty and the service is extremely bad! The drinking water on the tables has been poured, who knows when, but all the glasses were already filled when we walked in. The water was room temperature and had the taste and smell of really bad stilled water. The restaurant looked deserted. The waitress didn't write down our orders, even though there was a note pad in her pocket. She kept on asking again and again and again the few dishes that we have ordered. I asked for black pepper, she walked in/out of the kitchen 3and1/2 rounds before she remembered and told me that she had forgotten. By that time my soup was cold; I only tasted it and it was so salty that my throat felt raw. They forgot one of the dish that we had ordered. We reminded them. They brought it out when we were packing up our food that we had gotten the containers ourselves. I took the food home, recooked and fed it to our dogs and the neighbor's dogs. I felt really bad feeding the dogs this food but I couldn't throw food away. Save yourself and your $, and your dogs too, please don't eat here.

  • Maseera H.

    Fave South Indian place to dine! I love it!

  • Ron S.

    I took my spouse out for Indian food this evening. Rather than our usual we wanted to try a new location and Chennai Chettinaad did not disappoint. We tried a variety meat and vegetarian dishes. The chicken tikka masala was flavorful and mildly spicy. My go to "heat" dish, lamb vindaloo, was flavorful with tender chunks of lamb. While I had ordered the maximum spice level what I received was a medium. We also ordered a vegetarian dosa which was done with the same level of care as the other dishes. The last dish ordered was biryani. The biryani was a solid good. I look forward to seeing what it is like with added "heat". The service at the restaurant was good to very good. All in all a very charming restaurant whose attention to detail showed in everything from the excellence of the dishes to the decor.

  • Laxmi J.

    Tasty, spicy food. We love this place for its Indo- Chinese and South Indian dishes. Rest of the stuff is very inconsistent but is good most of the times. The service was extremely bad when it comes to the waiters, it has improved a bit now.. but I would at least expect my server to say a 'Hi' .. which youll never get here. Most of the servers are rude and they will find a way to mess up your order each time. Food arrives very slowly on busy days. 1 * LESS FOR THESE THINGS N I REALLY FEEL THE MANAGEMENT SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT EM.

  • Laura G.

    Due to the service, I will NEVER go back. I love Indian food and have been to quite a few places in the valley. Chennai's food was average... when we actually received what we ordered (dinner service). Pros: -Relatively fast turn around following ordering. -Food was pretty good, if nothing to write home about. Cons: -Servers had no idea what was on the menu. They came back twice to ask if "that 'chinna' thing" was a soup and then seemed to point at the menu at random, asking "is that it?" Channa masala. It's a pretty ubiquitous dish. And I can show it to you on the menu if you hand it to me. -Of the 6 dishes we ordered, 2 came accurately, 3 were entirely inaccurate (e.g. chaat when we'd ordered a curry dish), and 1 never showed up at all. -They tried to charge us for dishes we didn't order in addition to those we did. -We had to ask the waitress for water 3x before she brought it. If you're going to go there, go for the lunch buffet. The less you have to interact with the servers, the better.

  • Rajat B.

    This place is ok ok, the food is 4/5 but the service is pathetic. I have been here 4 times and everytime the service is equally bad If the owner is listening via yelp, please you have a good thing going on but the service is ruining your restaurant. Please please improve on the service factor.

  • Cadence C.

    Went to Sunday lunch buffet. Buffet opened at noon. 13 USD per person. The chicken tikka masala and paneer butter masala were flavorful. The potato was nice too. The naan was perfectly textured. Their atmosphere is classy. Service is pleasant. The water does not taste like tap water and is actually tastes like soft mineral water (not iced). I think my boo and I were the only non-Indian/Pakistani there lol. Clean. Fresh. 13 USD for weekend lunch buffet. I would def go again. I think I found myself a new fav place.

  • Howard F.

    OK, The reviews were rather depressing and we decided on Indian buffet for lunch. We decided on Chennai Chettinaad Palace and was not disappointed in the least. Atmosphere was charming, unlike it predecessor Tokyo Express. Service was wonderful and the food very flavorful and exciting. My only agreement with other reviewers is that most of the dishes, of which there is a great selection, would be that it is just a touch beyond "comfortable spicy". When we left, our table was the only empty table there. It was packed with folks waiting both inside and out. We were the only non-indian patrons. I would love to review all the different foods, like chili fish and chicken, goat and more. Please accept my apology as I hardly know what they were or their ingredients. But the food is wonderful. Try it. Its worth it.

  • Brian G.

    Chennai Chettinaad Palace is my new favorite Indian restaurant. The lunch buffet is changed up every day. They always have so many delicious dishes to choose from. Be sure to have the dosa. The food here is just like the food I had when I was in south India. Great place to try things you have never tried before.

  • Yamini S.

    Horrible food. This food is nowhere close to the North Indian food you get in India. The severs were snobbish and rude. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

  • Parani G.

    Very clean, very nicely kept Indian restaurant. I tried the buffet, and did not like the food. I am a vegan, wife tried the chicken and mentioned that she did not like the food either. They have a very large selection in their buffet, Chettinad cusine from South India is known for lighter food, but strong flavors, not sure if they did not want patrons to stuff up their buffet, the flavor was not to be found on any of the items I tasted. Rating on food alone, i would not give it even the one star. Service was great. So they got two stars. I will still go once more and try their Dinner or a weekday buffet. Will update soon.

  • Vineeth P.

    This place has decent decor for a valley Indian restaurant and very average food. The dosas at Ananda Bhavan or even Karaikudi are way better! The service is quite inadequate and even rude at times. Quite frustrating.

  • Jes A.

    While visiting Scottsdale we realized we needed to get away from there asap. Discovered this place when traveling west. Awesome joint! I thoroughly enjoyed their Gobi Chettinaad Masala & Aloo Mutter. Their Mango Lassi was yummy. Wish I was able to eat more but I was so full! The waiter who I believe was the owner was super friendly.

  • Judgmental B.

    This place is really going downhill. The Dosas they serve in buffet, are now plain dosas instead of masala dosa, Really !! how many potatoes is it that go in one dosa. This is really bad. Now the drinks, no drinks at all, in every buffett, there has to be a chai (i'm sorry if i'm repeating myself). The sweets earlier used to be 4, now its down to 2.. why is that so ?? these are clear signs that they are just going down on their quality. Sambar today tasted kind of sweet. . Vada tray was empty for i dont know how long, nobody was looking around to make sure it is filled up.. For someone who is coming for the first time or probably second time, the place might appeal to them, but not to us now. also you have to go to the counter and line up to pay the bill, now they are not coming to your table with the check. There is absolutely no service they are doing except filling water glasses.

  • Ren N.

    They have improved a lot compared to opening week/month. The Dosas are good compared to other Indian Restaurants near by. Now they have Kothu Paratha !! Service is good and improving a lot.

  • Carmelo W.

    A lot nicer than we thought it would be since the location was a Kyoto Bowl before. The food was great. It was a little too quiet, they didn't have any music playing. Service was nice and the food was tasty and decently priced.

  • Shyam V.

    By and far the most authentic and tasty Indian food I have tasted so far in the US. I had come all the way from Albuquerque to try their food and every dish we ordered was very well prepared that I felt that I was back in India. Even though there are some delays in service at peak hours, it is obvious largely owing to their awesome food. I will come back again to Phoenix just to try the food here. Hats off to the team there!!

  • Ben G.

    Every table was occupied by Indian families so this gave me the impression it must be authentic. I had the lunch buffet and was disappointed. The food was so incredibly over spiced that it was difficult to taste the main ingredient. Steam table management is lacking as temperatures of each dish ranged from ice cold to simmering. Then came the bill. There could not be a greater gap between the quality and price. It was twice what it was worth. While I've had excellent Indian food before, judging by the patrons (all Indian) perhaps this was too authentic for my taste.

  • Gary D.

    Had a very nice dinner here last night, with great service and lots of delicious food. We had a couple of dosai, a veggie curry and Lamb Vindaloo which was delicious. Good prices. It was very quiet there so I hope they survive as they are very close and we will be back.

  • Hector C.

    Tried this restaurant on a Wednesday night. We didn't encounter any of the issues the other reviewers had. Service was fine. Our waitress was attentive, friendly and prompt. There were only a few other diners present (many Indian, so that's a good sign!) Decor is OK. Felt a little 80's to me, but the restaurant is spacious and the backs of the booths are high enough that you can't see over them (a plus.) Bollywood music videos show on a couple of TVs. Food was a couple dollars more than we're used to spending, but I had the chicken tikka (dry) off the appetizer menu - which was entree sized and my friend had a cauliflower curry (gobi). The vegetable samosas were good and they offered us a variety of chutneys, which were more like sauces than a traditional "chunky" chutney - tomato, mint and coconut (all good). Garlic naan was good, too. Biggest complaint is the use of plastic dishes. And why there are Chinese food options on the menu is beyond me. Stick to one cuisine. We both agreed the food we had was good and we'd consider returning here.

  • Sean S.

    Worse Indian food in Phoenix. Waste of money. Food and service are horrible. Went for the lunch buffet with my family, food was cold and never topped up. Answer I got from the manager is that they can't provide hot food, it is what it is. I spent my money for the trash food, would not recommend anyone to waste money here.

  • John S.

    Dined here last night. The food was very good indeed (lamb kurma, chicken saag, and a few other dishes), well presented and quite flavorful without being overwhelming....five stars! The servers were not up to that standard, sadly...they were certainly inexpert and seemed inexperienced. I'll be back though. The annoyance of bumbling service was far outweighed by the quality of the delicious food.

  • Ranga V.

    We used to be regular customers of this place. The service has been lousy lately and we some attitude. After today's experience, we are not coming here anymore. They made us sit for 25-30 min and said it would be a bit late. There was another table with 15-20 persons. After all we were two persons and ordered just a soup, a dosa and Pongal. Can't you at least get the soup? We were then told that would be a 45min wait. There was certainly an attitude. This never happens in a non-Indian restaurant (just because there is a party of 20, a party of 2 should wait for ever). This is sucks.

  • Sandra K.

    Food is good. But hate sometimes when they say no more service at lunch times. Timings should be extended especially on week ends!

  • Prashant B.

    Went for buffet - long lines, food very greasy, not good. Frequently ran out of food. No more visits here.

  • Prasad V.

    Tried this restaurant 3-4 times for buffet, luckily all times food was too good. Specially spicy chicken tandoori and dry black paper chicken. Just make sure you go there before 2 PM for lunch buffet else most of the item would have already finished...

  • Fulla A.

    Finally got around to trying their lunch buffet earlier this month, and our experience was completely different than our first evening dinner. What a shame. Honestly, I think the worst aspect of the buffet was what can only be described as a lack of proper waitress training. We were greeted at the door, allowed to sit anywhere, but then our waitress disappeared. (Actually she just floated back-and-forth between other tables while ignoring us completely.) One waitress filled our water 20 minutes into lunch, and the other -- who presumably was our real waitress because she seated us -- didn't really do anything. All the waitresses were more preoccupied with clearing and resetting tables than checking drink orders or refilling water glasses, despite many open tables unfilled for lunch. Other patrons were equally confused. The waitresses looked lost, like they didn't know what to do, or who was responsible for what. Near the end of our meal, I flagged our waitress over as she had a pitcher of water in her hand and we wanted more to drink. But when she approached, and we asked for water, she said "ok" and then TURNED AROUND AND LEFT! My girlfriend and I just looked at each other in disbelief. She returned to the waitress station, set down the pitcher of water, quickly mentioned something to the second waitress, then went to clear a table WHICH WAS NOT OCCUPIED. Another minute or so and she brings over a pitcher of ice water, but it had no ice except for half a dozen cubes near their death. The buffet was expensive -- $13.99 -- and service was confusing at best or absent at worst. Some of the buffet items lacked being refreshed in a timely manner, too. This place is great for dinner, but in my opinion it's best to pass over the lunch buffet unless the manager and head chef can whip their staff into shape, and quickly. P.S. - If they need help on how waitstaff should function, I'm open to offering my consulting services. Even the best food in the world will not keep people coming back if the service putting it out sucks ass.

  • Vishal M.

    Went for lunch on a Monday with very low expectations but was wowed by the ambience and good food. Fantastic.

  • Harshad A.

    Horrible service - I went there for a pickup after a very poor experience with the buffet. I was hoping the evenings would be better - but to my dismay they made me wait for a very long time after I reached there... I had ordered on the phone before hand and reached there after the alloyed time ... After being made to wait I again went and enquired and I think then they started on my order- again a wait at the counter for 15 mins with me checking with every of the several there on the status.. And after all these once they give the order they dont even care to apologize Food was ok but I think it was the built up of the hunger which made it taste better Very unhappy with the service!! By the way just to add there was hardly any rush which would explain the delay

  • Mark A.

    Stunningly good and authentic Indian food. Just the right spices, well prepared and reasonably priced.

  • Jay A.

    This place isn't bad. I've never dined in, only ordered take-out. The staff is nice, and the interior is pretty attractive with beautiful flooring and a soothing atmosphere (minus the tv). Their garlic naan is usually excellent, but the other dishes I've tried (baingan bartha and chole palak) are generally a bit too salty for my tastes. I've eaten here a handful of times, and the saltiness is consistent. I might stop here again sometime, but I'll be checking out the other nearby Indian options first.

  • Nima R.

    Try Chinese food here. Very good

  • Laks K.

    They really have good south Indian dishes especially Kotthu paratto, spciy chicken garvy. But I would rate the buffet as average in terms if taste and variety. And I love their Biryani. Staffs are really nice.

  • C R.

    We went here last night for the first time and had a fantastic dinner. My husband ordered a spicy vegetable soup and we got two orders of chicken tikka masala. He didn't like his soup and said it tasted like spicy water with some spices, so we will try something different next time. The chicken tikka masala was AWESOME, but the rice it came with was pretty bland. Although I felt it was fine when paired with the masala. The garlic butter naan we ordered was seriously amazing! And dipping it in the tikka masala sauce was the best part of the meal. Our server was very sweet and very efficient, however they were definitely understaffed for the amount of people dining. I think she may have been serving most of the tables in the place. So it took a little longer to get everything than it probably should have but it was never so long that it was ridiculous. The restaurant itself is beautiful, very clean and well designed. You would never be able to know such a nice place is hidden in the shopping mall. There was plenty of open parking and it seemed like the place didn't get busy until 8:30ish; definitely a later crowd. Our price for the soup, two dinners, naan and 20% tip was $45; which was very reasonable. We will absolutely be back soon!

  • Resh R.

    The food is good. However, the service is becoming terrible. I used to go to this place very often because of their food. However, have started trying other Indian restaurants around as their service has come down so bad. Once it was crowded and as and when we entered the restaurant, the waitress was so rude and said beforehand that it'll take some time to come to you for the order. Going to this place once in a while is worth, but otherwise it's really waste of time. If the management is following the reviews, I'd advise them to let their folks know that being polite and good customer service is equally important as quality of food.

  • Dan M.

    Friendly service, spotless establishment, incredible buffet. This is southern Indian food and is on the spicy side. Those with bland palates have thousands of restaurants serving boring food from which to pick and should go one of them. This place is for me. My experience is limited to lunch buffet and not dinner service. I have been twice and have sampled most things on the buffet and have found everything to be absolutely delicious and fresh. Yes, plastic plates and cold nan bread but really, dudes, it's a buffet. While the service was not mind-blowing, it was adequate and friendly. Reference above comment about buffets. The place is clean as a whistle. The decor is a bit boring, but the booths are deep and private. The good food and interesting conversations with a friend takes care of the decor problem. The Bollywood videos playing above the bar are amusing and add ambiance. If I knew what they were saying perhaps they'd be annoying. On both visits the place was very busy and every other patron appeared to be ethnic indian. In this case racial profiling works for me as an endorsement. Nuff said.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


India is the birth place of Chicken Tikka Masala and Curries. Indian foods are prepared with a blend of finely mixed spices quite popular across the region. The spices develop the rich taste in Indian food enough to boggle your mind. The ever-increasing fan base of Indian food around the New York city is steadily increasing because of the large number of Indians who traveled to the land of dreams. The Indians also brought their very own vibrant, colorful, and aromatic authentic dishes for the people in the West. While most of the Indian population is Vegetarian, Indian food is great for people who are looking for vegan or vegetarian food option. If you are a Meat lover, don't get disappointed yet. Indian food also boasts of some popular non-vegetarian dishes too. Few examples are the famous Butter Chicken, Mutton Biryani and Tandoori Chicken are enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Indian food has gained reputation all over the world especially in the United States. You can find many places serving the appetizing Indian food across all major cities in the US. India is a diverse country with different food culture originated from different parts of the country. While the Northern region boasts tandoori dishes and korma offering royal taste, the Western Ghats offers sea foods that is made in naturally sweet tender coconut milk. The South Indian food servers a quality of different dishes made from rice accompanied with spicy chutneys, curries and famous sambhar. Also, the Indian sweets are a delight to relish. If you ever want to have a burst of sugar syrup in mouth, don't forget to try few Bengali Sweets. Be it spicy, tangy, or sweet flavor, you can find everything in the Indian cuisine. Be assured that the melody of spices will surely bring delight to you.

Chennai Chettinaad Palace

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