Oatman Hotel

181 Main St
Oatman, 86433
Love the Floozy Burger and Burro Ears
A GHOST STORY The windy road through the desert that used to be route 66 was dark and dusty as I pulled into Oatman, which could only be described as a ghost town with occupants. It was too dark to go on. I could either go back to Kingman, forward through hundreds of miles of desert, or stay here. There was only one hotel, and the rates looked good, so I decided to stop. I walked into the lobby. It really looked like a piece of the Old West. Everyone was apparently in the bar, and nobody in the lobby. I walked into the bar. "Can I help you?", said the bartender - a lively young lady. "I'd like to get a room", I said. "Go upstairs and pick one out and then tell me the number". I went up the staircase which entered the second floor through the middle, a balcony hall with rooms circling the staircase. I had just spent a couple of weeks in the solitude of a monastery, and I was feeling a bit more sensitive to certain spiritual phenomena than usual. As I ascended the staircase, the hair on the back of my neck started to stand. I walked into a room, which looked pleasant enough. Ugh. I felt as if I had just walked into a dark cloud...a really icky presence that made my skin crawl. I went into another room....the same icky cloud....and another. I found one room that felt OK. The bed was unmade, and there was a rag in the sink, but I didn't care. I went back down and repeated the number. "Can't have it", the bartender said, "housecleaning didn't show up today, and it isn't made up. Go pick another one." I went back up and repeated the search. The front corner felt icky, but there was a cross on the wall, which I decided would serve for making my choice. This turned out to be the room next to "Oatie" the ghost. I went back downstairs and gave her the number and asked "how many of your rooms are haunted?" "All of em" she said. I hadn't eaten, and nothing else in town seemed to be open, so I hauled my bag upstairs and then went back down to the bar, where I ordered a drink and some nachos. The TV was playing country music videos, and I got to set and chat with the bartender, the manager and a local that frequently stayed overnight, so he could enjoy the bar worry free. I learned from the conversation that the hotel was haunted, primarily by Oatie, associated with an old guy who had died in the Hotel, but that there was also a woman who was much darker and more horrifying. The local said that he had also seen a few children, who he thought might have been some of the "tommyknockers" that had gotten buried alive in the mines. At one point, these children had tried to lead him down a hallway that he had never seen before, and he felt that had the manager not woken him at that moment, that he would have died. He also thought that the woman in question was Carole Lombard, who had been there for her honeymoon with Clark Gable, and had died in the plane crash while Gable was at the hotel. The manager, an older lady started crying at this point, and also related that she had seen the piano downstairs playing by itself, which she identified as her boyfriend who had also died at the hotel. Apparently the hotel is a major site for ghost hunters of all kinds, who have even produced photographs of the "ghosts". The local ended the chat, by saying that he didn't think the ghosts were anything to worry about, and I wasn't going to be one of those wimps who run out of the hotel in the middle of the night screaming, was I? The bar closed, and I went upstairs to my room. After settling in, I lay back and tried to sleep. The wind blew out in the street, and the big wooden sign which was right outside my window rocked back and forth with a "creak...creak". Air currents, it would seem, moved in strange ways. The door to the room shook all night, occasionally with a big BANG, as if someone were pounding it from the other side. I turned the light back on and read. I turned it off and attempted to sleep again. At one point, under the moonlight, it appeared as if the door handle were turning on its own. I was on edge for most of the night, finally falling asleep. I had to get up and walk down the darkened hall twice during the night to use the restroom. That event was made for a horror movie! When I woke up, at about 8:30AM the next morning, sunlight was streaming in the window, and yet it felt and seemed as if the light were darkened somehow. I decided that I would not luxuriate by sleeping in, but would get out of there. I packed up and felt a sense of relief going down the stairs. I stopped in to the restaurant (part of the hotel), and had a breakfast of Navajo fry bread with maple syrup and jam. I saw the piano that had played by itself, filling the manger with sorrow instead of fear. As I turned to load the car and head across the desert, I felt a presence looking at me through the window of the room I had stayed in. "Well, at least the humans were friendly". A great place if you don't mind spooks.
The people are very friendly around town, and not to mention there were many adorable donkeys walking around the streets.

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Olive Oatman Restaurant & Saloon

PO Box 886
Oatman, 86433
Sunday drive to Oatman was well worth the time and effort! We never expected great food and tried the restaurant for the novelty of it all, but alas...breakfast burrito with chili on top was delicious and my husband says he will crave the polish sausage that came with his meal. Our server (actually THE server) was efficient and super sweet. A little spring cleaning plus a tastier gravy and they would have knocked it out of the park! Tip: a local shop owner says the restaurant for breakfast and the hotel for lunch is the way to go.
One of two choices, made the right choice. I see a lot of people complaining about styrofoam plates and plastic silverware, did you expect fine China? It's a neat little rustic cafe where the polish sausage and fried eggs with hashbrowns and toast was very good. Side of gravy was a little weak, seemed watery but I will crave the polish on sourdough. Waitress was friendly and did a good job tending to entire place herself.
Stopped by Oatman and decided to check out the food. The saloon was a tight squeeze but welcoming. I think there was only one server on duty but she was moving as fast as she could and was polite. Food came out on disposable styrofoam plates and cups with plastic utensils which I found odd at first but meh no biggie, I'm assuming because of it remote location it's easier. The food itself was good. I had blt n egg sandwich, pretty good. Bf had chorizo n eggs, I sampled that of course also good. Baby sis had pancakes which are standard pancakes but not bad at all. Oj was ice cold ad tasty. Price was ok. Decor all over the place along with a 1980's sexy lady poster staring at me the whole time lol fun spot, we will return.

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