Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

20753 N Pima Rd,DC Ranch
North Scottsdale, 85255
Good, but far from great. I don't know who was cooking that night, but everything was poorly seasoned! It was like they completely ran out of salt. Not like it was light on the salt, everything tasted as if salt was banished from the kitchen. We had the prime rib special and I have to admit I was disappointed. I ordered rare + (just a tad over rare) but I experienced several places in my healthy 12oz portion that were raw. The other guests I were with experienced the same. I would still rate it good, but lacking a nice mellow beef flavor. With the prime rib came 3 delicious sauces: spicy asian mustard, horseradish, and au jus. Not being a fan of horseradish, it was pleasantly surprised to find it light on the horseradish and more to the mayonnaise taste. Very well done, congrats! For sides the four of us split the Fleming's potatoes, chipotle mac-n-cheese, asparagus, and spinach. The Fleming's potatoes were good, but a bit dry and very little of the creamy sauce they so tout. The vegetables were severely under seasoned to the point of tastelessness. Again, out with the salt. The only star was the chipotle mac-n-cheese, but it still need salt to bring out the flavor. For desert we ordered the chocolate lava cake. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of chocolate, but throughly enjoyed the lava case with pistachio ice cream and crisp cookies. Bravo. Service was good. Our waiter donned a particularly humorous fake Martha's Vineyard accent. It was funny how the accent suddenly dropped when conversing with the other staff. Come on, the snooty Snottsdale attitude when out with the 90's. While we enjoyed the atmosphere and overall experience, I can't say we will be back anytime soon. Fleming's is becoming left in the mire of the downfall of DC Ranch. Most shops and restaurants have packed up and moved. A bit depressing.
Avoid Flemings at Pima for happy hour. Lots of tables vacant, lots of staff hanging around, but no one to get tables ready. Restaurant needs management.
Great food and service. It will only be for special occasion for us because its pricey, but it is worth it. They made us feel special.

(480) 538-8000

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