Domino’s Pizza

1850 Mcculloch Blvd N,Ste B5
Lk Havasu Cty, 86403
Was super hungry for pizza after a long hot day on the water. My hotel suggested Dominoes pizza. I called, asked for specials, ordered two pizzas 19.99. Gave them my credit card, and all seemed well. My two pizzas arrived. First I was told that they overcharged my credit card. Instead of 19.99 plus tax, they charged my credit card 36 bucks!!!? WTF? The delivery guy then gives me 14 cash and said this is the difference. OK OK.. Then....I open my pizza box and I have the wrong FN pizza inside... Now I'm mad. I call and complain. At this point I don't want another pizza... I just want to complain. The guy on the phone tells me that we are all human and we make mistakes they can have another pizza made and delivered to me.... You think I'm stupid enough to complain, then have you make me a special pizza to eat? No Way. I'm right across from In n out and I ended up going there. Should've just went there in the first place. Will not order from Dominoes, here at Lake Havasu or back home ever again. The pizza sucks, and we have many other great pizza options to choose from. Pizza Pizza...
Ordered pizza late night. Cane really fast and was excellent even for a 1:30am pizza!!
When you call in the service is great. but when you wait for the pizza come what they tell you is not what you get. Don't count on it being there when they say it is more like 45 min. Later...

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Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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