Purple Sage

1824 Arizona Hwy 260
Heber, 85928
Best pancakes and French Toast I've ever had!
Its pretty cute. I like the decor. Its very clean. I like the tables and the people are super nice. They have homemade jams and jewelry as well as other things. There weren't any other customers there when we arrived at about 7:45 AM but by the time we left about an hour later it was pretty full. They have interesting stuff on the menu like Eggs Benedict and Monte Cristo sandwiches. I just had the special, they have off menu stuff sometimes and I had the ham steak instead of the sausage or bacon. It was good, my eggs were done the way I like them, ONLY thing I didn't like was the toast (personal preference), it was soggy, do they use margarine instead of butter? So I just didn't eat them, but they have hash brown casserole, it was AWESOME! its like a cheesey latke. We ate with our neighbors up there and everyone enjoyed the food. Its interesting have breakfast with those who live up in Heber full time because they know everyone, so we got to meet more of the locals than we'd previously known. The service was good, attentive and friendly. Its a lot bigger than June's so even if we went later I hear the wait for a table isn't so bad. We will for sure go back!
My boyfriend and I stopped in this morning. We both had the special. Eggs were great. Hash brown casserole was AMAZING!! He ordered the original short stack and loved it. His coffee never got under half a cup. Kim was very attentive and polite. We were able to sit right away. Service was great. Cute decor, clean bathrooms. I highly recommend this to anyone passing thru the area.

(928) 535-3500

Coffee & Tea

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Aliberto’s Mexican Food

1835 Hwy 260
Heber, 85928
Damn ate here again last night, got the carne asada fries burrito, some rolled tacos, it was the bomb! Here's the thing, had my midget with me, she hates Mexican food so she ordered a cheeseburger and French fries. Man this burger was good, she said it tasted better than the burger next to our old house in Mexico at JJ's Cantina. That's a tough one to beat. I'm sure many of you have been to Choya Bay in Peñasco and gotton drunk at JJs. One of the best burgers I've ever had was down there, my kid used to eat one daily and I was totally surprised she said this one was better. Oh and once again the people that work here were awesome as always. Man I hate coming up to heber to see my parents, gain 5 pounds every time I'm here.
Had dinner tonight next the Best Western...not the best I've ever had nor the worse, but definitely in the middle. It was a clean, friendly, well lit and happy joint with a fun vibe but what made the entire experience the best was the cashier, Miguel Angelo!!! He was a short, super friendly, amazing breath of fresh air in a taco shop situated in the middle of nowhere....literally! They have a nice salsa bar, lots of drink selections and plenty of places to sit. Take care of your cashier, he is worth his wait in gold....and then some!!!!
Just like all the other Bertos that I am used to in the valley, so I was pleased. I have been here a few times when I am spending time at the family cabin. Always greeted by friendly staff. I am never disappointed when I eat here and always leave full. They have free wifi, a drive thru and take phone orders!

(928) 535-4007


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Casa Ramos

1855 Hwy 260
Heber, 85928
The places I give four stars to in Heber-Overgaard, are deserving based on their remote location and an adherence to the restaurant idiom; the customer is always right. Casa Ramos isn't the best Mexican food I've hard, but it's the best overall in the Rim Country area! They have great dishes, great flavor, competitive prices, and great service. I go by every visit to Heber!
My husband and I stopped in on a long road trip to place an order to go, but unfortunately the staff was so incredibly rude that we left before we even ordered. After walking in we were greeted by a woman who, after we told her we wanted to place an order to go, proceeded to disappear. The second gentleman strolling by mildly acknowledged us, and then also disappeared, and the third woman who approached us didn't even look at us until she barked, "So, umm, are you ready yet?" "Oh yes are you?" "Umm yeeaaah..." Rolling her eyes was a nice touch. After that we left.
I guess my friends and I hit it here on a bad night. My hosts who live here said that this is the best restaurant around town---I ordered the beef tostado. It came WITHOUT BEEF! I had to send it back and wait for another to be made with beef. My friend always gets the pork carnitas. He could not eat it. It was totally inedible. We told our server how terrible it was but she couldn't take it off our check because the manager wasn't there. She also said that the cooks were new and didn't understand our order or language. My other friend had a combination dish that was okay. I don't live here but I guess they will be back and just order something else. The decor was very bright and colorful. That's the best I can say about it.

(928) 535-4448

Mexican, Spanish

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Al & Diane’s Red Onion Lounge

1931 Arizona Hwy 260
Heber, 85928
Big portions. Friendly servers and kitchen staff. Not a lot of vegetarian options but I enjoyed the experience.
This roadside saloon and cafe brings all of Heber-Overgaards\'s quiet mountain funk to the table. We were lucky to be after rush diners on a sleepy Tuesday night and had attentive, earnest, friendly service from whomever happened to be available. No *not my station* junk happening here. And it is always refreshing to see cooking and not just finishing. The Sysco truck did not just back up to their door. I had a plain BLT with generous amounts of thick, curly, smoked bacon done *just sandwich right* a couple of romaine leaves and tomatoes that actually tasted like something on lightly turned texas toast.One has to assemble one's own sandwich because fresh homemade condiments are delivered to your table in a bright red bucket. This is truly "have it your way." My wife had the most tender, hand battered fried shrimp...to die for. Who knew? They were light, fluffy and juicy, with a batter that was near tempura in nature and not greasy at all. So the walls are festooned with animal parts. If this offends, why did you stop in Heber? We'll be back again for another dose of Red Onions. Feed the mountain lion. He looks kinda lean.
Funky old bar and restaurant. But, if you want good food, great meats, then there is nowhere else to go than the Red Onion. I love the place, even with its quirky dated look. A must stop by and eat place when in Heber-Overgaard!

(928) 535-4433

American (Traditional), Mexican

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Dairy Queen

1977 Arizona Hwy 260
Heber, 85928
People may be shocked to see a 5-star review for a Dairy Queen, but I honestly have to say that our recent stop on the way home from a weekend visit to the in-laws in Pinetop deserves the 5-star rating. I can't speak for other days, but the day we stopped, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm a fan of Dairy Queen, especially those found in small towns. I rarely, if ever, eat fast food, and usually am very dissatisfied. As a Texan, I always hold DQ's in high esteem, probably from nostaglia more than anything else. This DQ was as good as ones I remember from days gone by. I got the cheeseburger, onion rings and Dr Pepper off the value menu. Those 3 items were just a tick over $4. We waited in the drive thru for a few minutes, and I commented to my husband "They must be making it fresh". They were. The cheeseburger came with mustard, ketchup and pickles on a soft, warm and fresh sesame seed bun. The cheese was all melty and dripping off the burger. The onion rings were some of the best I've ever eaten. I could have easily made a meal out of just a couple orders of those. Like the burger, they too were hot and fresh. The breading was crunchy, crisp and not at all greasy. Most importantly, these onion rings held together, so that with each bite you got a good portion of both onion and breading. It's always a disappointment to bite in to an onion ring and pull all the onion out, leaving just empty breading. That did not happen here. Also, the Dr Pepper was nicely carbonated and tasted fresh. I've paid 3 times as much for a burger and onion rings and been 3 times more disappointed. The Heber DQ was a great stop!
2015: Went to Heber/Overgaard DQ last night (06-24) at 7:30 pm with friends. We arrived to find out that this DQ suddenly changed their hours and now closes at 7:00 during the week. OMG, this is totally unacceptable. There was four other vehicles pulling up at the same time, along with several kids trying to get ice cream., DQ kept their doors locked. We are locals but never saw any hours changing.
Horrible. Rude and unprofessional. Taylor was talking to us like we were trash and was very rude. Advertisement of blizzard of month was everywhere. Yet they didn't have it. Not good

(928) 535-5859

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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