Mrs Fields Cookies

7700 W Arrowhead Towne Ctr
Glendale, 85308
I have 2 words for you: COOKIE CAKE They are probably really bad for you, lol, but they are super moist & SOO delicious! I've tried some of the competitors cookie cakes, but they get hard & stale quickly, unlike these big morsels of goodness. For a special occasion, that's my go to gift. Instead of a cup cake or sometimes a card, I get them a personalized cookie cake :) I like the chocolate chip. Simple perfection.

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Barro’s Pizza

20165 N 67th Ave
Glendale, 85308
Their cheese breads are awesome! Wings, Salads, and great pizza. Always a fun time.

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Lito’s Fine Mexican Food

4720 W Olive Ave
Glendale, 85302
The food here was very good. I have been wanting to try it for years but have not until tonight. Both service and we're very good will be back to try something new
The hole-in-the-wall restaurants that I frequent would think this place is small and dirty. That being said, their enchilada sauce has a nuttiness that takes work. And it must have been a labor of love cause the green burro enchilada style is definitely made with love. They aren't set up for a lot of people so if your party is more than 4 people, you don't like weird smells, or don't enjoy Mexican television then plan on taking it to go.
I've been coming here since I was 16 and it had a different name and owner. The food is not amazing it's unbelievable. You really do get the family vibe here. The food is authentic and the owner and her family are authentic. The owner is a wonderful person and very welcoming. My favorite is the green chimichanga. Hmmmmmm. If you can't handle spice don't get it but if you don't get it you're missing out. Everything is good and will beat out any of those large restaurants by far.

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Rainbow Donuts

4729 W Olive Ave
Glendale, 85302
My family has been stopping by this place since the opening last year. We were so excited to see the offering of boba on the menu, so we waited patiently. Thankfully, it did not disappoint! The staff are friendly, and definitely like joke with the regulars that come in. I'm in love with their red velvet doughnuts, the only shop I've seen that carries them. Everything is made fresh, including the iced coffees. Because of this, do be prepared to wait. It's never an issue for me, but can be a deterrent to some. They are also not packed behind the counter, I've seen maybe three people staffed at once, usually it's one or two. Again, not an issue for me, but something to keep in mind. Oh, about the powdered creamer only for the coffee? They do carry the liquid creamers, but you have to ask for it.
Almost went to a chain nearby and decided to try something new. I'm really glad that I did. The service was excellent and friendly and the doughnuts were unique without being obnoxious. Little touches like bits of cereal sprinkled onto the pastry instead of just sprinkles really sets the flavor apart. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee. It's every bit as good as what you'd get at a similar shop, but the price is outstanding. This is definitely a new go-to. Great diner vibe, awesome prices and a welcoming atmosphere. Oh, and the doughnuts are outstanding as well.
New owners since April 1st 2015

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Chicago Gyros

5932 W Bell Rd,Ste D-109
Glendale, 85308
Honestly the best gyros in Arizona! I'm from Chicago and this is the closest I've had to Chicago style gyros! The prices are reasonable... especially for the amount of food you get. I keep coming back to this place no matter how many other gyros places I've tried in AZ.
The Gyros are so good! I'm from Baltimore and this gyro is as good as any I could get in my home town. With homemade tzatziki and the perfect crispy French fries...I will definitely be back.
Gyros are great hot wing have way too much sauce and it is runny more like soup. To messy to eat

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Mediterranean, Greek

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Panini Bread and Grill

3510 W Bell Rd
Glendale, 85308
I went here for the first time today on the recommendation of a friend. I usually am not a fan of toasted sandwiches or paninis mainly because I don't like bread toasted. I am a convert now. I got the chicken avocado panini with the potato salad. It was made fresh and took a few minutes to get out to me but I really appreciate that. It wasn't sloppy and thrown together but was perfectly stacked and neatly presented. I loved that it was fresh avocado and not just some sloppy guacamole spread. You could taste freshness which really makes or break a sandwich. It had a pepperjack cheese I believe and a spicy aioli of some sort. Not overly spicy but it definitely let you know it was there after a few bites and was phenomenal. The potato salad is the best I have ever had. I don't know what they add to it but it has a nice little sweetness to it. I only wish there was more than the little side cup I had. Not overly expensive by any means. My combo was under $10 for a good size sandwich, 20 oz drink, and choice of side. I can't wait to go back and try more of the menu. I live super close by so I expect to be a frequent visitor now.
i really really enjoyed my gyro panini, that was great, my salad was huge too! I must come here more often!
Awesome little sandwich shop, brand new location at 35th and Bell. Owner was so friendly and welcoming. We had the chicken avocado panini and my husband had the chipotle chicken panini with homemade kettle chips! Outstanding! If your looking for something new and different, this is the place!

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Rayner’s Chocolate & Coffee Shop

14021 N 51st Ave,Ste 106
Glendale, 85306
Just wow! Stopped in this morning with my wife for breakfast on a whim and we will be back. Wife had the breakfast tart and i had "The Emily". Both were fantastic! Service was great too. We were greeted and served by a very friendly and professional young woman whose name i regret not getting. Since it was our first time in we got a free chocolate. The chocolates were perfectly balanced in flavor and artfully presented. Of course we bought more. As an added bonus, everything was very reasonably priced. I would recommend this little gem to anyone without reservation.
From the moment we walked in, I felt so warmly welcomed to this fantastic little place. The little market was a little piece of nostalgia for me and brought up many great memories from childhood. Definitely a splurge breakfast that was completely worth it. Now, on to my breakfast review: 1) Cinnamon bun latte, cappuccino style: the first words out of my mouth were "this is the best cappuccino I've ever had" 2) Crème brulé bread pudding: not typically a fan of bread pudding, this was the best. Eat the middle for that typical "gooey bread pudding" consistency. It's fantastic 3) Porky's Panini: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! If you're not scared to get a little messy and a lot of gravy everywhere, this sandwich is for you! I asked Pat if next time I could just have a loaf of sourdough and a bowl of gravy because that would just make my world complete. 4) Monte Cristo: your typical delicious Monte on sourdough. Really classic, really delicious. Overall, wonderful place to sit and enjoy a quiet and quite fantastic meal in a place that feels like home. Plus the free truffle for first-timers will convince you that you should try them all.
If you like Belgium Style Chocolates, Fresh Baked Pastries, coffees, teas, smoothies breakfast or lunch this place might be for you! This friendly but very small place also sells some hard to find British dry goods. Some of the breakfast and lunch specialties are, English Style breakfast, Cornish Pasty and Cotswold Pie. We shared two of the lunches. The pasty had a very tender crust and was filled with tasty ground beef and vegetables. This meal came with a very large fresh regular salad. The sandwich named, "Best Grilled Cheese Ever" Turned out to be the best tasting Vegetable with cheese sandwich I ever had! This sandwich was more vegetables than cheese but was on tasty, nicely toasted white rye bread. This sandwich also was made with tasty sauces that just made it delicious. Had to share a dessert so I picked the double baked almond croissant because I never seen a dessert like that before. It was made of many light layers of pastry, stuffed with an almond cream and topped with more decadence, It was a very rich dessert but was masterfully made. As we were leaving the server INSISTED we try a chocolate since we never were here before. I picked the milk chocolate with macadamia nuts. The chocolate was very creamy and delicious and so smooth. I won't be able to eat store bought chocolates now after Rayner's Chocolate. What a Treat! You should Check Rayner's out if you can!

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Beyond Donuts & Cafe

8110 W Union Hills Dr,Ste 208
Glendale, 85308
Reviews: did I miss a doughnut shop in my area. They've been open since December. Yummy doughnuts. Reminds me of Rainbow doughnuts. They serve breakfast sandwiches and lunch too. I'm not a Duncan or LaMar fan. These taste much better. The place is clean and neat and staff is friendly. Definitely try them!
Nice small shop with delicious, fresh donuts. Even when I show up in the afternoon (between 1-2p), they still have a good selection left. Their glazed buttermilk bars are fabulous! A must-get item whenever I see them in the case. The people are very nice and shop is always clean. They do have tables if you want to eat in. They also offer some breakfast items and sandwiches, but I haven't tried them so can't comment on those. So glad to see great donut shops popping up on the west side. We'll definitely be back.
This place has beyond amazing donuts! Best in the valley that I have ever had. Beats out the Boss and the Rainbow even. Had the sprinkle chocolate and cinnamon bun glazed. Both very gooey, soft and full of wonderful flavor. I am glad I found a new donut shop for my every once in a while treat for the family.

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Cafes, Donuts, Sandwiches

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Rita’s Italian Ice

5940 C W Union Hills Dr
Glendale, 85308
Finally got a chance to check this place out and was pleasantly surprised! My initial thought was that it was odd to open an ice cream shop in the same location as the last one (which closed up), but this is actually a much different concept than the store it replaced. The biggest difference, which you'll notice as soon as you walk up, is that it's window service only. A tad overwhelming for the uninitiated, but I have to give them props for having such a verbose breakout of the options. Layout could probably be a bit more intuitive and easier to decipher, but the information is all there once you get your bearings. Normally it wouldn't be an issue, but when there's a crowd of people and probably a line in most cases, the last thing you want to do as a new customer is embarrass yourself by getting lost in all the options and needing help to decrypt the menu of their offerings, all the while having people behind you rolling their eyes at the fledgling holding up the line. To that end, if you're not sure what you want to get or want some time to get educated by the super friendly staff, my suggest is to go off peak when you can take your time and/or try some samples without anyone else in line getting butt-hurt over the holdup. So on to the food, what's the verdict? I have to admit that I am impressed. I had gotten a flyer that extolled the virtues of the Misto shakes and, while intrigued by Italian ice coupled with frozen custard, part of me also thought it sounded odd. Still, as the old adage goes, no risk and no reward, so I took a chance on the vanilla custard and watermelon ice combination and had my first Misto. In a word: "Wow!" Definitely not something you can compare to either plain frozen custard or shaved ice type drinks, this is definitely a different experience. You get the cool, brain-freeze inducing, shaved-ice, but coupled with the creaminess and richness of the custard. The texture is somewhere between a milkshake and the frosty drinks you can get at most convenience stores, but much more appealing than either one. It's not as thick or difficult to drink as a milkshake, but not as liquid-sugar/super sweet as the frosty gas station drinks. Just a quick note on service, as I must call attention to how patient and friendly both staffers were with us during our visit. It was nearly closing time (by about 10 minutes) and we were literally the last customers of the night, but they treated us fantastic. All smiles, super helpful and courteous and made it a great first experience. If you're feeling adventurous and enjoy both frozen custard and frosty / shaved ice / Italian ice types of drinks, I highly recommend you give this place a try and take the Misto plunge. They are ridiculously good, and the service at this location is top notch.
Nice summer spot on the arrowhead side of town. Their italian ice offerings change daily, the gelati is so good. Ice cream (no custard right now due to egg shortage) and their italian ice...YUMMO! I hope their custard comes back soon, it is so darn good!
Really small location that only has outdoor seating, so be forewarned. The woman working was so nice and offered samples of the ice. I fell in love with the Pumpkin Cheesecake, plus it's fitting for the season! Pumpkin flavor with slight spice and refreshing! Always smooth, good tasting ice at Rita's without the overly artificial flavor of shaved ice. Lovely service from the woman and great ice/custard!

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts, Shaved Ice

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A Touch of European Cafe

7146 N 57th Dr
Glendale, 85301
Amazing food!!! I had the goulash and my husband had the kielbasa. The sausages were so tender and delicious. I am going to have to come back soon because I am regretting not ordering the sampler. I want my own sausage and I am dying to try the cabbage roll and pierogi. I'm staring at other customer's plates longingly. The carrot cake was also amazing. The owners are super nice. Really a great meal experience in every way.
Great sandwiches. Original bread wonderful flavor. Unique place a must stop destination for downtown Glendale. The owner offer me to sample the whole made soups today . They sound wonderful. Fresh food creative menu. Nice people.
Excellent! I came here for lunch while visiting friends in Phoenix, and this lunch was delicious. I had the hunter's stew with kielbasa, and the kielbasa was one of the best I've ever had. Very tender, flavorful, and as the name suggests, the dish was very generously portioned. Served with stewed pickled cabbage over noodles, this is a very hearty, filling dish. We ordered some potato pierogi's as an appetizer-- if I had known how delicious these were, I might have ordered a bunch just to have as my meal. Fantastic pierogis, delicious sauce. We dipped bread into the leftover sauce on the plate when we were finished. My friend ordered the stuffed cabbage-- this was also a delicious dish, very flavorful, and not quite so heavy as the hunter's stew. I would easily come back here for another meal if I find myself in Phoenix again.

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