Cleator Bar

Cleator, 86333
This place has character x 100000. I'm from the east coast originally and lived in Phoenix for a few years, and I'm pretty sure I've told every single person I know about Cleator. This bar is a straight-up oasis, watering the weary traveler with cheap beer. If some event happens to take you near this area, you MUST go and experience the gem that is the Cleator Bar.
If this place did not exist someone would have to invent it!! If you stop by and don't have a ball check your pulse... Anybody who visits us will be taken here... this is what Arizona is about... father time was the decorator and he did one hell of a job. Just pack water in the jeep for your trip out to be safe... They have plenty of beer!
Fun bar to have a nice cold beer after being on the dirt road. I've seen some "things" changing there as of late, THE YACHT CLUB. Not sure of details but it "looks" like it's going to be a hit.. A lot of AZ history in this joint.

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