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  • Clover E.

    This is my go to spot when I am missing home (midwest) I am also a huge fan because the kids menu is for "kids of all ages". So when I just want a small meal and no left overs, this place is just right. Not only do I love to eat here I also shop in the store. I find the best Halloween and Christmas items that are quality and really make an impression. When I close a home (being a REALTOR with Realty ONE Group) A Cracker Barrel gift is always loved!

  • Nancy S.

    Love this place. Husband and I stop by everytime we are in town. Food is always delicious, service is outstanding, and we never wait more than 5 minutes to be seated.

  • Tex N.

    This a safe bet when looking for a quiet, comfortable place to eat. Home style, comfort food in a hurry. This location doesnt get as busy as the Litchfield location and it is conveniently located near a Lowes and Wal-Mart.

  • Amy H.

    I love the country feel of this restaurant. The staff is always so nice and friendly. When we go here the kids always order the same meal Grandpa's country fried breakfast. I love the apple Cobb salad.

  • Stephen S.

    When our small group of Anaheim Ducks fans drove over to Arizona to watch our team take on the Arizona Coyotes, we stopped at this Cracker Barrel in Buckeye to have a late lunch before heading to our hotel. This was only the second Cracker Barrel I'd ever been to--the first was in Fishkill, New York--so when I walked in I wasn't prepared for the sense of déjà vu I felt. I had no idea that every Cracker Barrel is a cookie-cutter version of every other. The layout of the country store was exactly the same, with even the same candies and sodas sitting on the same shelves. If I hadn't known how I got there, I would've thought I was back in Fishkill. The restaurant was pretty much the same, too. Our waitress, Paige, tried seating us near the hostess station, but my girlfriend asked for another table and the six of us were seated in a quieter area of the restaurant. I ordered an iced tea and the grilled haddock dinner with cheese grits, coleslaw, and fried apples. The buttermilk biscuits that arrived at our table first were wonderful with a bit of butter. I tried a corn muffin, too, and although it was good, I preferred the biscuit. The grilled haddock was excellent. I was honestly impressed. I hadn't tried the cheese grits and coleslaw on my previous visit to Cracker Barrel, and found them to be very good. I had eaten the fried apples before, and the dish was as delicious as I remembered. Although I had no complaints at all about the food, the service wasn't as good as it could have been. Our waitress didn't know what the soup of the day was, and wasn't able to answer other questions about what's on the menu. She also had to be asked repeatedly for drink refills and to bring butter to our table.

  • Michelle R.

    When we head toward Phoenix, I typically stop at the Buckeye location because its the first one we bump into after crossing the AZ / CA border. By the time we get here, its usually lunchtime and we're starving. Its a Cracker Barrel. You see one, you've basically seen them all. However, for some of us who don't have a Cracker Barrel in our state (ie: California), we relish the chance to come here. Upon walking in, you're greeted by the general store, full of merchandise. Head toward the back and find the Hostess podium to check in and place your name. On this particular Saturday afternoon, there was no wait for our group of 6. At first the hostess tried to seat us next to the hostess station. I'm not fond of getting a continuous stream of foot traffic while eating, so we asked for a different table. We were seated in the back. Fortunately one of my friends looked at her seat. There was water all over the seat, probably from the bus tray they used to clean the table. We had to swap out our chair, and report it. Our server Paige was friendly but not the brightest. We asked her for the Soup of the Day, and she actually told us "I don't know". She thought it was vegetable. We asked her to go find out. She finally came back and told us the soup of the day, and we each placed our order for food. We also asked her another question about the menu, which she didn't know. The food came out fine, but she was terrible about refilling drinks, especially my friend's cup of coffee, which we had to ask twice. She also forgot to give him butter, but lucky there was plenty of butter with the biscuits. Three stars for the service. It was average. The food at Cracker Barrel is always the same. Its American comfort food, where the portions are decent, its tasty and the prices are very reasonable.

  • Kathe K.

    I was thrilled to see a Cracker Barrel on my way from San Diego to Phoenix! I usually only get to eat there when I visit Florida. Our server, Angela, was very accommodating. I was on a very restrictive diet and she helped me pick what to eat. The restaurant itself is very accommodating. While we were eating, the manager unlocked and opened the back door so an elderly blind gentleman could more easily enter the restaurant. The steak I had was surprisingly flavorful considering I asked them to cook it plain with no seasoning or butter (damned diet!) I only wish it weren't so far from home.

  • Nick H.

    This restaurant was HORRIBLE. My husband & I went there Dec 31, 2014-we were driving from CA. to visit family in Phoenix The waitress seemed angry that I didn't order a beverage and only had water, she was rude to me and didn't look at me only at my husband. The food was literally slopped on my plate and dripping over the edge of the plate...the chicken and dumplings were TOTALLY flavorless and had only TWO pieces of meat. The waitress never came to check on us until the end of the meal. We needed extra napkins and refills on iced tea and had to track down someone else towards the end of our meal to get the napkins and tea for us. This place was expensive and horrible. We will never go there again.

  • Adilene L.

    This place is close to home& my boyfriend and i dine there every time we can they have fast service and amazing food, chicken fried steak is my favorite!

  • Peeps E.

    Love this place wish they had on in California. The breakfast is off the hook. Make sure to try the camp fire chicken.

  • Michael S.

    I am not a huge fan of CB.....The food is mediocre and usually a bit more than the quality dictates. It is usually a bit greasy for my tastes also. However, rarely do you walk away from the table hungry. That is if you can deal with the mediocrity of the food. There have been times when we have sat by the window and there were live, and dead, flies everywhere on the inside of the window and we had to as to be moved. That seems to be in the warmer weather. Where I live in Buckeye there are not many options to sit and have breakfast other than CB or Denny's and well....Denny's is truly nasty.....but that is another review. The service this morning when my wife and I went her for breakfast was outstanding. The waitress was quite friendly and just chatty enough to be good. The pecan pancakes we ordered were excellent, and the waitress even took my biscuit and gravy order and just charged for a side of gravy and gave me a couple of biscuits free. Really the experience today was quite enjoyable. The worst part of it was paying the bill. The lady behind the counter was not friendly. Was pretty rude actually. Was really short with not just us but the people in front of us and the people behind us. Usually the service has been really good at this location. The food usually sub par. It's pretty clean minus the flies in the summer time. It is not a place I would frequent much at all, but to grab a breakfast every now and then it will suffice.

  • Anhers M.

    Yuck.. I thought it was related to Cracker Barrel Cheese. It's a cute country style store.. if you are looking for candy from the past and rockers..but do not go for food They do have a really good Sweet Tea.. Say no the dumpling and chicken! I've never had it so I had to try but now I wish I didn't!

  • Tim S. was ok? My mom had come into town and stayed with us the first 2 nights. She then headed to her friends in Buckeye to stay with her for a few nights. They were heading out of town today and we decided to meet up for some breakfast/lunch. We decided on the Cracker Barrel because of a few things.......A.) My son loves the place. Give him some mac and cheese and chicken strips and watch him go. B.) It was close to my moms friends house and easy access right off the 10 freeway which they would be taking home immediately after we ate. Me and my wife drove down to meet them there. We arrived at around 10:45 and were seated immediately. We placed our orders which consisted of Grandpas Country Fried Breakfast (Country fried steak, 2 eggs, hash brown casserole, grits, biscuits and gravy), a Chicken Pot Pie for my wife, and a kids Chicken Strip Meal with mac and cheese for my son. I had coffee to drink, the wife had iced tea and my son had water. Here is how the food was..........or at least my breakfast ;-). Grandpas Country Fried Breakfast ($8.79)- It was a grip of food! This thing came with a huge country fried steak covered in gravy, 2 eggs over easy, 2 biscuits, a decent sized scoop of hash brown casserole and a bowl of grits. The country fried steak was decent. It had a crispy batter on it and it tasted fine. A couple bites didn't have the best texture to them, but I did finish the thing. It wasn't amazing, but then it wasn't nasty either. Decent comfort food. The grits were not good at all...didn't even touch them after one bite. The hash brown casserole was really good. It had a good crunch to it and a nice oniony flavor. The biscuits were solid too. Nice and soft and warm. The eggs were just alright. After I ate all the other stuff, they cooled down and I only took a bite or two out of them. Overall, the meal was decent. If I were to go back, I would order something else. My mom got some berry pancakes that looked really good. I would probably get those next time. My wife said her pot pie was decent..not great but not bad either. She ate it. My kid loved his chicken and mac and cheese. Coffee was good. Service was very good. Our waitress was super nice and on top of clearing out plates etc. My mom footed the bill...I think it was around $70 but that's for 6 adults and one kid. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. Sounded like everything went well, right? Why only 3 stars? The smell of piss. Yes, I repeat, the smell of piss. I caught a whiff of it when I first got there near the front door. It wasn't overpowering, but you could definitely tell it was a urine smell. I let it go and went inside. Before we sat down to eat, I went into the restroom to wash my hands. In there, there was an overwhelming, knock your socks off smell of piss. It was disgusting. I probably should have said something to the manager, but I didn't. The place needed to be mopped or Lysoled to death in the worst way. It turned me off so bad that I can't rate this place any higher than just A-OK. The food was not as good as other Cracker Barrels either. I doubt I would come back to this specific one.

  • Bill D.

    Basing this on my experience at this time. Server was extremely slow only 1 table of 2 in her area and no service. Another server saw me siting with no service and took my beverage order. Main server would be right back she said, she did not. When she finally did she had the nerve to say I'm sorry I must not have moved fast enough. Really!!! What about asking for help I mean come on it's not busy at all and give me some lame excuse. Not impressed Cracker Barrel. When it's busy I get it not when you have 1 table.

  • Amber S.

    Though it's a great distance location for a stop from to tucson to Cali. I wouldn't stop here again. Food wasn't too good. The best thing we ordered was the parfait. Biscuits & gravy... The biscuits were so hard. Not worth ordering. Eggs, scrambled were way over cooked & rubbery. Bacon was ok not amazing but not terrible. Customer servers were awkward & slightly annoying. Standing close & Listening into our conversation that has nothing to do with food. I went into bathroom. Hostess looks at me like I am stealing something. Shortly after a worker stands in the bathroom to "check" on me. I felt every unwelcomed here. Also, Homeless guy sobbing in front of restaurant.

  • JOE P.

    Place was clean, friendly service and felt just like what I grew up with traveling the southeast on family vacations. Pics look good but the eggs were under cooked, hash browns not well done as requested. Gravy cold. My two year old loves the place, wife wasn't thrilled with the coffee. Fun place to stop maybe lunch would be better :-)

  • Patrick M.

    My wife love Cracker Barrels for some reason. I have no idea why. I mean the food is ok I guess. She thinks it is awesome though. I would only have placed 3 stars but she really likes the place so it gets 4 stars because of that. Now that I think of it, I probably would have given it 4 stars based on our most recent visit. The waitress was spot on. Even with her fake southern accent. (I think it was fake... I mean it is Arizona. Maybe she is from someplace else though) About 7 to 10 miles away was another Cracker Barrel with a 30 min wait. This is the last Cracker Barrel you will hit if you are taking the 10 back to California. (No Cracker Barrels in California. No White Castles either... which is sad but whatever this is a Cracker Barrel review) I got what I always get when I come here. Fried Catfish. Sometimes I may switch it up with Country Fried Chicken but not this time. My wife is a breakfast person, so I think that is why she likes to eat here. She got the Uncle Herschel's breakfast with the Fried Catfish. (copy cat) I also got a side of dumplings though the side doesn't have the chicken... you would think they could throw in a few pieces of chicken though. My catfish was good as always. No complaints here. The one thing that kept happening during the meal was that the servers or pick up crews kept dropping dishes. It was getting so out of hand...that everytime it happened there was an applause at one point. If you like Cracker Barrel make a note of this place on your drive back to California though. It is the last one you will see until you come back to Arizona.

  • David H.

    I love the food is great but its to expensive. I was a little bit botherd when they would not butter my toast and they brought me frozen butter.

  • Jackie T.

    Ok at best! Would knock myself out to come again. My expectations were no high and I was disappointed. Noisy, food average for chain!

  • Natalie S.

    My Hubby loves this place. He brought me here to try it once, and ever since we've been coming here! I love French toast so I order the "Momma French toast plate" something like that.. It's a pretty good portion I never get to finish it! My hubby gets the chicken fried steak and it's pretty good aswell!

  • Steve P.

    I have been to Cracker Barrels in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. One thing I can say with all certainty is that they are consistent. A country fried steak in Albuquerque is the same as it is in Austin. The food is not great, but it's not bad either. If I had to label it, I would use the word acceptable. Even the staff seems to fit the homogenized mold from state to state. So I give the Buckeye store 3 stars, as I would any other Cracker Barrel I have been to.

  • Beth C.

    This Cracker Barrel is pretty close to where I live but I only eat there every few years. The service is always good. The atmosphere is fine. The general store is nice to look around in. They are all about their "home cooked" style food, but the thing is, I'm always left with the strong awareness that I can make the same food at home, but better, and for a lot less money. Their food isn't bad by any means, but it's nothing extraordinary, either.

  • Ryan B.

    We drive from Sacramento to Rocky Point Mexico as much as possible. We drive home through Arizona and always stop here. We have had lunch and breakfast here. I find myself appreciating the air conditioning, cold iced tea, and down home food, especially during the Summer visits. The most recent visit, 07/06/15, was for breakfast. Eggs, cooked as I ordered, sausage, biscuits and hash brown casserole. All was good! I felt my cholesterol rise with each bite, but continued because I knew it would be a while before I ate here again. It's nice that the restaurant kept my 6 year old busy and quiet for the whole meal. We did not stop again for food until Fresno.

  • KK H.

    We went back tonight and I have to say again this place is amazing. I had my three children plus my niece and nephew and spent only 50 bucks..I mean we ate very well!! I had the Sunday special which was two chicken breast and three sides and that chicken was amazing! Big and juicy and yes it was deep fried!!! This place is amazing not to mention the retail side that just calls to you as your leaving!! Lol

  • Catherine S.

    For being a chain restaurant, CB is pretty awesome. I love the variety in their menu (sometimes I stare at it, unable to decide). And for someone who isn't a good cook (me!), it's nice to go out for an affordable, home-cooked meal. I love the country store attached to the restaurant. Fun to browse, and I've found some great birthday/holiday gifts there, too!

  • Richelle S.

    The food is amazing... Eggs and cheese to die for. Portions are pretty big good idea to get a couple of things and share. The service was good and the atmosphere was inviting. If your in the area I would recommend!!

  • Catherine P.

    We have eaten here dozens of times because it's one of the few sit down restaurants available to us here in Buckeye. I love their breakfasts and fried chicken. The only thing I do not enjoy is the fact that 1/2 the time if you come in towards closing time the food generally ends up cold...which kinda sucks. If you want some down home breakfast foods get it and love it!!!. The country store is adorable. I would love to buy 2/3rds of what is in that store but my house just will not accommodate that much cuteness!!

  • Jenna M.

    I love the Cracker Barrel. The food is amazing, the service is always great, and the prices are reasonable. I love the country store and the country feel. We don't have one in Cali so I make sure to hit a CB any time I see one!!!

  • Rod C.

    Who doesn't love Cracker Barrel? If you're returning home to CA on I-10, this particular location on the Western edge of Phoenix is THE last Cracker Barrel. We couldn't continue on to CA without stopping at Cracker Barrel just one last time, so we exited the freeway here for dinner. The weather was weird that day. It was 115 degrees and hot as hell, but there was also a big thunderstorm brewing. We couldn't leave our dogs in the car because of the heat, and we didn't think it would be a good idea to start driving into the storm while trying to eat at the same time. So we ate in the car, in the parking lot outside CB. The food was great as always. I made the mistake of ordering all the food but forgot to order the drinks. So when I went back inside a second time to order drinks only, I guess the staff didn't want to create another ticket and they gave me the drinks for free - cool! We'll definitely return to this location next time we're road-tripping.

  • Mark S.

    This is a nice stop before heading west to California. We only eat breakfast here but lunch and dinner look delicious as well. This is the perfect family restaurant. The food is ALWAYS on point and prices are good. If you're from out-of-town and you've never been, you definitely have to give it a try (especially for breakfast).

  • Natalia F.

    My family and I have been to this restaurant many times and normally the food and service is good. We have a two year old who sits in a high chair and every other time when we have gone he sits on the outside of the table with no problems but when we went this time the greeter absolutely would not let him sit in the isle at the end of the table and he had to be seated on the inside of the table.. Since when is this policy? I have never experienced this and was very disappointed, so much so that we left and won't be returning.

  • Apryl T.

    Good Southern Cooking at it's finest. When entering the restaurant it feels like you are walking into an old country general store. I like the vibe and all neat stuff they sell inside including toys, candy, rocking chairs etc. We ate here for breakfast and it was just at delicious as I remember it from years ago. We don't have Cracker Barrel's in Southern Cali. The portions were pretty big and our waitress remembered all of our different orders perfectly. I reccommend the fried apples here... hot, sticky, cinnamon apples combined into a celebration in my belly. A lot of country breakfast variations on the menu for breakfast but also had a fresh fruit, and low carb options for those that want a different option. Service was nice and I loved the wooden chairs and tables around the gave it a very rustic look. :)

  • Floyd S.

    Had never had the pleasure of dining at one, so I took the plunge around sunrise, two hours into a road trip. Heard it was better than Denny's. Also heard that you can buy furniture and novelty items there. All of this is true, along with its stubbornly unique décor. Scarfed down Momma's French Toast Breakfast. Thought to myself, is this the best French toast I've ever had? Nope. Far from the best I've had, but certainly not the worst. It was just kinda humdrum, the same way I felt about the melancholic bacon strips and the plain looking scrambled eggs. Nothing was really wrong with them. They were fine I guess. On a whim, jumping onto the wild side, I ordered a chocolate milk to go with my first meal of the day instead of coffee. Was presented a paltry TruMoo carton, low-fat, maybe even fat-free, gave it that weird aftertaste. Yuck. Who enjoys drinking that stuff? Drank it anyway, hoping that it would taste better further in. It did not. The blueberry pancakes looked super blueberry-ey. Declined the tasting offer, not because I'm against blueberries, quite the contrary, but simply due to the fact I wasn't feeling those blueberry pancakes right then and there. Was told they were OK. Service and such was satisfactory. Our server was as friendly as one would expect from a Cracker Barrel at the break of dawn after a long Friday night. Our food came quickly, the bill wasn't screwed up and the restroom was relatively clean. I'd say my rating is closer to 2 1/2 stars than 3.

  • Jess H.

    The food was wonderful, the waitress was great. The management came around to check on everyone. I love this resturant.

  • Albert P.

    Had the SIRLOIN ROAST BEEF with 3 sides. The dinner portions are much better & then throw in 2 biscuits and its a great meal. Every employee in the store was so nice. Coming from California and living in NY for one year, I was not used to the hospitality. Today was my first day of vacation from work and visiting the state of Arizona and stopping by Buckeye, before heading to TUCSON, TOMBSTONE, & PHOENIX, I am loving it.

  • Jay S.

    I hadn't been to a Cracker Barrel in quite a long time, and I was glad to see that it is still as good as I remembered from way back when. I won't bore you with details of the ambiance, but suffice it to say that I like the kitschiness of it. Sandra was our server. She was great,, attentive and helpful. The only problem was the food. Maybe it's that I've lived in Milwaukee for the last few years where the Friday Fish Fry is very popular and r restaurants have worked for years to come up with great ideas and recipes that would help bring in the customers. I ordered the cod. There was enough fish to satisfy me, but I would have liked the pieces to have been a bit thicker and MAYBE a little wider. Really, they reminded me more of fish nuggets than fillets. The flavor fell a little flat for me too. Food I remember from way back was pretty great. Maybe I've become a fish fry snob.

  • Anthony N.

    ***Cracker Barrel is a countrified Denny's, but the food is better than that chain and their lack of presence on the West Coast makes their Arizona location feel different and more unique than some of the other big chains you'll find there*** When I was a kid, I used to eat at Cracker Barrel a lot (Cracker Barrel is a combination of a touristy general store and a countrified restaurant focusing on big breakfasts and home-style lunches/dinners). Cracker Barrel is very popular in the Midwest and it is also a popular along-the-highway-stop in the Southeast. I remember enjoying it, but my fondness for it has decreased over the years. Every Cracker Barrel looks the same. They have a faux rustic outdoor cabin-like exterior with a faux porch lined with rocking chairs that you can purchase. When you enter, you are immediately in a pseudo general store that offers touristy souvenirs and a lot of food items. Not really pantry items. Instead, you will find a lot of sweets like nostalgic candy, chocolates, caramels, syrups, jams, apple butters, candy sticks (15 cents per stick), Jelly Belly jelly beans, etc. Just past the general store you will find the restaurant. The breakfast (which I believe is served all day) is a mix of your standard stuff like pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, etc. Bob Evans is a lot like Cracker Barrel and I think Bob Evans' breakfast is far superior. I went with a dish I have always ordered--chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes and corn niblets. The last time I had this dish was in Ohio and the dish was quite oily and bland. The dish was still on the bland side though the dumplings/sauce were less oily (there was a much creamier base). The dumplings were a little bit too thin, but they were mostly fine and enjoyable. The chicken was a relatively small portion and it was a little dry (but not too bad). The chicken and dumplings could have definitely used a lot more seasoning (though places like Cracker Barrel tend to have to please an older clientele, who may have more sodium restrictions). The mashed potatoes were okay. Not the creamiest or smoothest texture. Very hot. The corn was okay. I had the hot fudge sundae for dessert and it was not that bad of a deal (it was under $3). Served in a frozen mug, the sundae consisted of two scoops of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry. The whipped cream was of the canned/aerosol variety, but the ice cream was decent. It had a good flavor and was firm and creamy. It was also not too whipped or airy (which you get at a lot of family restaurants). The hot fudge was also good and warm. Service was fine. It was pleasant and quick. I do not think I would classify Cracker Barrel as authentic country cuisine, but they definitely achieve a consistent look and personality with all their waitresses (no matter what state you are in). Pricing is more than reasonable. You get a lot of food and you do not have to pay much. Most of their entrees are below $10 and desserts run about $4 and below. You could probably do worse than Cracker Barrel on the road. Still, I think the food was pretty average at best. But if you find yourself needing to stop somewhere on the road in Arizona, you will come across a lot of chains you can find in California. Cracker Barrel is a big chain too, but their lack of presence on the West Coast at least makes this restaurant feel somewhat different and unique. This Cracker Barrel is in a seemingly new shopping development that has a huge and free parking lot.

  • Alfa S.

    Don't know how many Cracker Barrels I've been to, but as I've said before, I'll five-star CB once I can dine at a location in Southern California. I came to this one with my mom, J, my cousin, her husband, their three kids (ages 7, 3, and 6mos), my aunt, and uncle. We ended up having two servers waiting on us; one for each half of the table. Can't recall what everyone got, just know that we all ate 98% of what we ordered. Everything is always so good! The lemonade hit the spot like no other. I can't remember our servers' names and I feel bad about that; they were both super friendly and helpful. Someone made the mistake of giving me access to both the breakfast and lunch / dinner menus. I was overwhelmed by all the possible yumminess to be had, and the one server had to come back to me a couple times. She was all kinds of patient with me. After we ate, I walked around the shop with my mom since this was her first time at a Cracker Barrel. I need their Solo Cup lights, stat.

  • Clinton B.

    Been here quite a few times, the staff has almost every time been extremely nice, only once the server was a bit slow, but the place was packed. I have had most things from there from the salad to the chicken fried steak, always the correct temperature. I have 2 kids 4 and 1, the servers were great and got little snacks for them. I would definately recomend eating at this location.

  • Steve L.

    I want to say that I am completely biased in this review. Every time we go to Cracker Barrel it's at the end of a hard mission trip, so I am as hungry as a lion. Secondly, I'm in love with southern cooking so any restaurant with really good sweet tea is a winner. And yes, let's get to the food! The chicken fried chicken is excellent. It is not horrendously overcooked and the chicken was juicy, hot, and tender. Most of the entrees come with two sides, so I got me some mash potatoes, whole kernel corn, and a side of grits. Their grits are fairly good, but I should have asked them to put some melted butter over it. I also tasted the fish fry (the Friday special), and the portions were very generous - two huge slabs of fried catfish. I'm about to get that next time! OR perhaps the rib eye steak, as their seasoning and sauce is something unique to Cracker Barrel. Overall, the ambience is cozy and homely. The service was awesome, considering our party was for 40 people. They kept us happy with topping off our glasses of sweet tea and giving us some plenty of cornbread. You gotta go here on your way through Arizona!

  • Ron S.

    Great food, short wait times and excellent customer service. I go here for Fish Friday's and they never disappoint. I really enjoy coming to this place. I know I'll get the attentive care and great quality food Cracker Barrel is known for.

  • Steve V.

    On our drive over to Phoenix from LA, this was a perfect stop for all. Of course it's cheap and filling, but the best part is that they serve breakfast all day. I had the Country Boy breakfast and it was amazing. Tons of food all for $8.99. I had the sirloin steak, but in hindsight, probably should have gotten the country fried steak. The sirloin was a bit tough and over cooked, even I asked for medium. Lots of food and fairly quick for a sit down restaurant, this place had great service and is a treat on road trips!

  • Ronalea S.

    Delisious food! The country store is super cute too! Great service by Savanna! We stopped on our way home from Spring Training in Arizona, perfect location off the 10. We had French toast, it was big enough for two!

  • Stephanie F.

    Love this place-excellent food and service.

  • G. C.

    I think I ordered the wrong item at this place. They are known for homecooking, and now I regret ordering a cheeseburger (I'm a creature of habit) but the meat had a very very strange flavor. My BF ordered a corned beef sandwich and that was very good. The store has cool and different items, definitely worth a trip on your way out of Phoenix.

  • Corey Tess T.

    Being a native Californian-I never knew these existed till I drove from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC in 2005 and realized they are everywhere!!! I kept seeing these bill boards every few miles and finally decided that I had to try one. Fearing it was something like a "Waffle House" which I'd had the misfortune to visit once at 3am, I was prepared to turn and walk out if it was disgusting. My first experience was a pleasant surprise and this location is pretty much the same, in fact, every location is the same, which is a good thing when you are on a road trip and looking for a clean bathroom and somewhere to grab a bite, maybe get some entertainment for the road. The front entrance is lined with rocking chairs and this location has water misters out there, which is good because the only place I have been that is hotter than Buckeye is Needles, Ca and i think Needles, Ca is right underneath a hole in the Ozone! Anyway, inside they have a little country store with every kind of candy you can imagine and seasonal cute stuff along with books, toys, gifts and such. The bathrooms are usually way cleaner than you'd find at a truck stop, rest stop or gas station and they have a full service restaurant with a "down home" menu. Best thing is breakfast all day long and they make great breakfast! If you are on the road and looking for a clean, pleasant pit stop. This is a great place to spend some time and re-charge for the road.

  • Michael V.

    Stopped by on our way home to So. Cal. The time was 2:00 well after the lunch rush. Food was decent even though they need to do a better job of presentation. Service was lousy. Our waiter acted as though he did not want to be at work that day. Water glasses were never refilled. When I asked for honey he never brought it or came back out of the kitchen. There were only two other tables he was serving. When we went to pay the cashier was more interested in answering the phone rather than taking our money. There were two others standing there who could have answered the phone. Had the same experience at the Yuma restaurant. Must be company policy not to focus on customer service. Needless to say I won't be returning to Cracker Barrel.

  • Chris D.

    Starving after 4 hours on the road but not wanting fast food places attached to gas stations Donna and I settled on Cracker Barrel. It's like every other Crack Barrel where you enter and exit the restaurant through a enormous gift shop full of surprisingly well prices candies, candles, knick knacks, toys, etc, etc. Food is comfort foods such as chicken fried steak, meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, ham, fried chicken, catfish, and other stuff. They even have breakfast. For my meal I had the hickory smoked bone-in country ham with fried okra and turnip greens for my sides. The ham was very smokey and tasted great. The greens were actually some of the best I've had. Chunks of ham hock all throughout the tender greens. Okra was fried perfectly and steaming hot. For $7.39 this was some good eats. Donna had the chicken and dumplings with "hashbrown casserole" and fried okra. Her meal didn't look good to me but she said it was excellent. Her meal was also $7.39. Very efficient and friendly service. Since you pay in the gift shop we couldn't resist and impulse bought some stuff. Their mission was accomplished!

  • Billy C.

    Took my family here for the first time, great service and great prices. We will be back soon

  • Judy S.

    it's cracker barrel, the usual... and as usual only a couple of dishes are good. we ordered meat loaf, it was ok, the chicken & dumplings, good as usual, steak, ok, grilled chicken, don't order that, chicken tenders, pretty good. beef stew, gross and hot turkey sandwich, not great. and my greens were so salty I could barely eat it! too bad cause that's my favorite, so much so I ordered 2 and ended up leaving it barely touched! boo! so if we ever go back, it will only be chicken dumplings & chicken fried steak. will not try anything else ever again :(

  • Sunsarae B.

    Oh Cracker Barrel...How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...1) Your pancakes are always delicious with a slight crisp to the edges. And a little birdie told me it's because they cook them in...(wait for it...WAIT FOR IT...) margarine! *GASP!* The condiment snob in me is slightly disturbed that they don't use real butter to cook them, but it's still delicious. 2) I love that I get syrup in cute little glass individual bottles that are warm and ready to drizzle on my carbolicious plate. 3) It's simple, cheap eats. I pretty much only hit up this location because it's literally 5 minutes from my mom's crib in the great city of Buckeye. And they pretty much know me and my family here by name. We're kind of a big deal here. And by big deal, I mean we're fatties who love to eat. But more so probably because my sisters used to work here. Any who, if you're in Buckeye and want some grub that isn't fast food, stop here.

  • Craig L.

    Only can say for breakfast but food was sub-par, semi warm, and bland. Tasted worse than canned gravy on the biscuits and flavorless saussage. Eggs are eggs (had scrambled)imo and hashbrowns were ok. Overall seemed like nothing made in house all pre-made to order

  • Armando T.

    Some of the hardest working people I've seen. I went on a Sunday morning for breakfast and I was impressed. We surprisingly only had to wait like ten minutes for a table. We sat down and we had a great server. He had personality (rare) and he actually conversed with us even though he was busy. I don't remember his name but he was a good guy. As a former busser, I watched how the bussers and servers worked together. It was like a "good job" kind of attitude I had towards them all. Love the fried apples and biscuits! Will return and try to get employed.

  • Stephanie A.

    Cracker Barrel pancakes + maple syrup are the best! Love this restaurant - they need to add Cracker Barrel in California

  • Kathy N.

    I've been eating at Cracker Barrel restaurants for over twenty years, and with the exception of a handful of meals and locations, I've relied on them for road trip meals due to consistency and quality. Living in Buckeye, I'm sorry to say that this location is not one of the better restaurants. The only CB worse than this is the one in Clinton, NJ on I-78. That one downright bites, and I've given them several chances. No, if you have a yen for one of CB standard comfort food dishes, I'd say go to Litchfield Road at I-10 in Avondale and pass on this location in Buckeye. Must be the management......................

  • Janice M.

    I love the Cracker Barrel store and Restaurant! Whenever we are in the US I find a Cracker Barrel!!

  • Chris O.

    Good 'ol fashion home cooked meals served here!

  • Peggy R.

    Our last visit to a Cracker Barrel was back in December in Albuquerque, NM and it was AWFUL. But we are in Buckeye where the choices are limited so we decided, why not. First, it's Cracker Barrel, it is what it is. Comfort food, I usually get breakfast whenever we go and am a happy girl. This time I had the fried catfish and it was excellent. My husband had the chicken & dumplings and said his could have been a little hotter but honestly that is the only small issue we had and it wasn't enough for us to ask the waitress, who was very attentive, to heat it up or get something hotter. We were greeted and seated immediately. Our waitress was one of the best we have ever had. The place was clean and everyone was friendly. Our food was good and we left happy and will return.

  • gene d.

    Watson Road is one of the last stops on the West side of Buckeye while heading towards California so I knew I should stop for a bite to eat (or wait over an hour til the next town). I saw the signs for a Cracker Barrel and my memories of a good 'ol hot country breakfast sounded real good. When I got inside and realized how packed the place was, I decided to order the food to go. So, based purely on what I could eat while driving, I had to say no to the biscuits and gravy I so love or their fluffy pancakes. I narrowed it down to handheld food; sandwiches. Almost went with their catfish or grilled chicken, but ended up with the meatloaf sandwich (hoping for a lil bit of comfort with each bite). The sourdough bread (which had some sort of glaze) was really good, but it wasn't toasted so the meatloaf started to make the bread soggy. And their meatloaf wasn't thick and generous like I've had at BJ's or other restaurants. And because it wasn't made too firm, it kept falling out of the sandwich and onto my shirt (lucky, no car accidents). The store had neat stuff (bought a cow mug that had utters) to browse while waiting for my meal and the servers (thanks Jenifer) were great. But if you want to eat and enjoy their food, don't get it to go. My biggest mistake.

  • Kursten O.

    Oh Cracker Barrel how I have missed you since my honeymoon 6 years ago! I was sooo excited when we decided to take a Phoenix roadtrip because I knew you were in my future!! :) Love the store, I can always find a good treasure. And there is a particular candy my husband can only find there so we loaded up on his Zotz. Our server was friendly and good. We ordered breakfast and I was totally bummed with the gravy for my biscuits. It was bland. The hashbrown casserole, however, was absolutely heavenly. I've already googled the recipe! My family did enjoy their pancakes and french toast. I will always stop at CB when I find one. Hopefully they never come to California!! :) :)

  • Katie A.

    I love this store!!!! I wish they had 1 in California. This is the closest one to me!! So I only come out here once a year, when we go to AZ for spring training. This place has the cutest stuff. And a great selection on old school candy! I didn't go to the restaurant this time but I have been before. They had good food as well, such as chicken and dumplings, which I consider cozy and a great home cookin' meal!! I'll be back next year!!!

  • Ryan P.

    5 star for any Cracker Barrel on the West Coast! i was on my way back to LA and I didn't even know that they had a Cracker Barrel in the West. Having lived in the East Coast for a few years I enjoyed the meat loaf and then some snacks at the shop. I spent $50 here just on snack, buying the cream soda and candies for my boys.

  • Bruce B.

    Ate there tonite. The chicken fried chicken was great. Will visit there soon again. The wife particularly enjoys the chicken and dumplings.

  • Dean S.

    We have been going to this Cracker Barrel for a year and a half, since we moved here and it progressively gets worse. The last four times the biscuits were so hard they could be used as hockey pucks. The kitchen help and the waitresses have to know that the biscuits are no longer fresh and need to be thrown away. The gravy was the consistancy of mached potatoes and the hasbrown casserole was dried out beyond salvation. If the management doesn't open there eyes this place will soon be a ghost town. I will wait several weeks and see if they read this and make the necessary changes, if not, my money spends elsewhere.

  • Robert S.

    Best breakfast in Buckeye! Lunch/Dinner? They're ok. The portions will make a fat boy dance and a skinny boy ask for a to-go container. Friendly, nice decor and clean.

  • Ricky C.

    I am the "duke" of this place so obviously I go way too often. One of the main reasons I go here is because it is the only the sit down restaurant in the area. At one point, I was an also employee of Cracker Barrel and I can honestly say they treat their employees as well as their customers!

  • William P.

    My spouse was excited as we approached Cracker Barrel on our drive, and what we found was classic, stick-to-your-ribs foods, served nicely, but not particularly exciting. The food was good, it wasn't great.

  • Lawrence C.

    Man the food and service was awesome. Ordered the ribeye steak. and tasted so good.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
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    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

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