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  • Jay M.

    Cozy coffee shop with handy drive up window. Friendly staff, reasonable prices, blah blah blah. GREAT COFFEE! I like mine black with no nonsense added, which is something of a gamble; I just finished what has to be the best cup of coffee that I've had in a year! You can't fake good straight black coffee; the grind has to be fresh, the water temperature and steep times just so, etc. Sleepy Dog clearly knows what they're about and take the care to brew it right.

  • Amy S.

    Tried out this coffee place last weekend and enjoyed my coconut macaroon latte. The interior is a little dated in my opinion but overall thought the baristas, the price and my drink were good. I will be back!

  • Rachael N.

    Excelent atmosphere, this is a wonderful place to grab a coffee and sit to enjoy it!

  • Nasha W.

    Sleepy dog is a nice little place to grab a coffee and sit down to enjoy a nice book or the company of a friend, etc. The inside is cozy and reminds me of being in a log cabin somewhere on a rainy day (maybe it'd because it's always cloudy when I've visited this little place). The baristas are often young, upbeat, and friendly. The service here is just wonderful and they truly make you feel right at home. Everyone there seems pretty easy going and just going with the flow. It's definitely a breath of fresh air to go somewhere and not feel the stress of others. They really keep it together even on their busiest mornings. Many people are mind-blown by the coffee but honestly I must be one of the weirdos that is not impressed. Their coffees are great but they arent amazing. I honestly would only visit this place if someone suggests it. Maybe my tastes buds are just not sophisticated? Maybe I've just had too much Starbucks and Hispanic coffee back home that I can't taste the caffeine here. Still worth checking out! Maybe your taste buds will beg to differ from mine and I hope that's the case :-) because Sleepy Dog seems like a nice little gem. Their ambiance and friendliness is really what takes the cake here, in my opinion. Bring your favorite book and enjoy yourself. You deserve a little break.....just be sure to watch your step because I'm the winter the parking lot is an icy mess.

  • Robin S.

    Very nice people work here. Excellent coffee. Free Wifi. Cozy inside and a small outside area.

  • Glenna A.

    Wow, not what I was expecting. Very dirty! Coffee was bitter/burned. Carpet had food ground into it. Dust all over the sheves. Oh, anf my friend found a hair in her Cinnamon Roll! Will not be going back!! I am only selecting one star because I have to to post this.

  • Victoria S.

    This place used to be amazing, but lately, the shots taste burnt and service is incredibly slow. Perhaps there are some changes be made within, but it's unfortunate that regular customers would notice and pay for it.

  • Chris L.

    This place is where anyone that enjoys a good cup of coffee should go! Great service and great coffee

  • Rob O.

    This is easy to find, nearby parking, pleasantly staffed by young people, the operative word is cozy. Serves indoors and also has a drive-through. Small sections of pie for single servings such as pecan and lemon squares. Does not do sandwiches or 'real food'. Coffee is Kaladi beans coffee and the baristas know their stuff. Cute tete-a-tete tables in the rear section. Internet is wide bandwidth for a coffee shop.

  • Kate B.

    I grew up going to this coffee shop. I went here in high school many many times. After moving away to Cali, a decade passed before I came back the first time. It is a staple of Eagle River. After all that time, it is always homey, always friendly, and always delicious coffee.

  • Michael G.

    A wonderful coffee shop. Friendly staff, a great atmosphere... I love going here, and have driven all the way from town for a relaxing cup of coffee.


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  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free

Sleepy Dog Coffee

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