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  • David K.

    Eat 'n' Park is one of the great things about the Pittsburgh area. Never have I seen a chain diner where the food is so consistently good. Eat 'n' Park blows Denny's and King's out of the water in terms of quality. Now, that doesn't mean that it's the best food ever! It's still diner food, and some of it is still going to feel cheapish. BUT their shredded pot roast is excellent, their steak and cheese isn't very Philly, but is very tasty, and I rarely have a bad server here. If you want some eats and a bottomless cup of coffee, seek out an Eat 'n' Park!

  • Ali O.

    I normally don't review chains, but I was told this was a Pittsburgh staple, so here I am, reviewing a chain. I'm from Jersey. I'm used to real Jersey diners. This diner, in comparison, is kinda the equivalent to Friendly's. If you can't make it to Jersey for your diner needs, at least patronize an independent business instead.

  • Kate M.

    It's eat n park... its not a 5 star restaurant... if you are looking for an excellent meal, its probably not the place to go. BUT, its a staple of growing up in pittsburgh. I love their breakfasts (those strawberry muffins are soooo good!) and its pretty much a great go-to place for late nights - don't forget a smiley cookie on your way out!

  • Jessica A.

    Great place for the average diner food, but can be really packed on Saturday nights after the bars let out. I like it because it has vegetarian items, other than salads.

  • Dean J.

    The absolutely average regional chain diner. If you're looking for no frills, few gimmicks, low cost, friendly service, and comfort food, this is the absolute best out there. I'm a fan of the Breakfast Smile, which is two eggs, two pieces of bacon, two pieces of toast, and home fries, hash browns, or grits. Family friendly, teenager friendly, senior citizen friendly. Drunk friendly on the graveyard shift, as well. Nonsmoking.

  • Zoe P.

    I went here more than I care to admit. I usually got a turkey club or one of the egg breakfasts. Poached? Yes! With a cheap, fatty steak? Yes! And rye toast? Also yes! And the pancakes + blueberries were decent too. I wouldn't get too adventurous or expect too much, but it's handy, esp if you want to show up in grubby workout clothes and build your own salad at the salad bar. The service at this location was always good (sometimes great) and I liked it for people watching. Nice atmosphere at odd hours - late at night, or very early, or in the middle of the morning, on a weekday. Yeah, it's a chain, but it's also very Pittsburgh. Very. That said, the cookies taste vaguely like Play-Doh and I would never order dessert or wait for a table here. 24/7

  • Key M.

    I loved the garden burger and the fries, the mean was filling and cheap and the service was polite and fast. My only complains are that it is still undergoing renovations and it is so tacky to have patches of carpet missing and wall not finished and be serving people at the same time. Also, some pretty rude unsavory people eat there, but that's not really the restaurant's fault lol.

  • October R.

    As far as the food goes, this place is A-OK. As an Eat 'n Park, I give this location 4 stars. As I stated previously, the late night staff are pretty awesome and hella patient. If I worked here, I'd be fired within a week. The remodel looks great, I love all of the Murray Ave. pics that adorn the walls and kudos to the E&P brand for supporting local growers and incorporating them into their menu.

  • Michael S.

    I'd been staying away from EnP for a while as the Pittsburgh dining scene has grown, but they do remain one of the few 24-hour eateries, and the redesign of the facade got me curious. So what's the dining experience like? Solidly OK. It's not great food, but it's not bad. I do think you can get better diner food, cheaper, in a lot of places around town. But at 3AM? Especially if you're not in a state to drive to Denny's down on McKnight? This always has been, and remains, a decent choice. The service is hit-or-miss, but usually fine. It more depends on the clientele that might be there on any given night. The more jags who have come to eat, the longer it'll take for your coffee to be refreshed. I don't envy the waitstaff's plight. The quesadilla is serviceable, as is the turkey club on rye. You can't go wrong with any of the fried stuff, either -- cheesesticks, fries, et al. Honestly? The redesign of this place is purely cosmetic. This is the same Eat n Park you remember from high school, minus the smoking. A parting note: the men's urinal was shaped like the Triforce. But whether that constitutes an endorsement or a condemnation is really up to you.

  • William M.

    So, the Eat N Park company decided to renovate the Squirrel Hill shop. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make the place look hip and trendy, with high tables and chairs, garage door windows to allow for opening and closing during the nicer seasons to 'open air' the place. They spent money on new art that shows the neighborhood. The gave the facade a facelift with stone and paint, and cut the place in half to create another bistroid on what used to be the left side of the seating area. Everything is new. New counters and display cases, new carpeting, regular chairs and tables, and upholstered booths. New lighting fixtures. There's even a TV for - well - yet MORE sports coverage in da burgh. On the wall between the restrooms is a huge banner boasting of how much money they've given to local charities annually. If I recall correctly, the amount was around $2 Million. So they have money to spend on new restaurants, like Porch, an overstated atmospheric case of overpriced mediocrity, and whatever this new bistroid is that's next to the old but new Eat N Park. They have money to renovate the Eat N Park into an apparent trendy high end diner. They have enough money to donate $2 Million to charity. But dear Eat N Park...what about the FOOD? Generally, the only reason my friend and I go to Eat N Park is to grab the breakfast buffet before an afternoon of movies. Which we did this morning, and what did we find? A big fancy renovation - with the same ol' crappy food. Scrambled eggs out of a carton that would make a World War II military man feel right at home. Rubbery pancakes. The same out-of-a-can cheese sauce for whatever you wanted to ladle it over. The same flavorless sausage gravy for dried out biscuits. Sausage greasy enough to lube your 1957 Buick. And they can't even be bothered with the little potato pancakes that used to actually be kind of yummy. One the first trip to the buffet, they had maybe six potato-pancake-like chunks left in the pan, and when we came back for more, they'd switched to regular hash browns patties that had been cut into squares. Same ol' dry mini-muffins. Same ol' canned fruit. Even the 'sauteed' mushrooms were nearly raw and dry, barely cooked at all, let alone 'sauteed'. I found humor in the fact that they now try to sell their own bags of coffee along with the smiley cookies in the dessert counter, when the coffee that comes to the table is pretty much brown water, that my friend and I refer to as 'tea-fee'. Eat N Park is (correct me if I'm wrong) SUPPOSED to be a 'restaurant'. And in my opinion, a restaurant should be know for its...well...FOOD. Now I have learned, especially as decades passed and corners were cut for profits (which they are apparently making, considering the new bistroids, the renovations, and the charity work) NOT to expect much in the way of 'food' from an Eat N Park. They didn't nick-name it 'Eat N Puke' for nothing. However, like most corporate entities in our country today...if you're going to show off and brag about your 'profits', it had BETTER be reflected in your product! You may have given the visuals a stunning make-over. And yeah, it's pretty. However, in the rejuvenation of your brand and your product, it's another epic FAIL. Because in the end (literally) it's the same garbage you've been passing off as 'food' for the last twenty years. The only thing the facelift has inspired is perhaps the change of the apt nick-name...from Eat N maybe 'Masticate N Regurgitate'. Serioulsy? It's too expensive to crack actual eggs, mix in some milk and whip them to make scrambled eggs? It's too expensive to throw potatoes in a food processor with some eggs, flour and seasonings to make your own potato pancakes? But we can afford a real stone facade, and $2 Million to charity. Hmmmmmmm.

  • Danielle C.

    I used to frequent this place a lot as a freshman at CMU down the street-- mostly because we had money on our food dining card and it could be used for ENP. This ENP is really easily accessible by the public buses that go from CMU to Squirrel Hill. Granted, this ENP is kinda old and could use some re-decorating (it feels like a blast from the past) but if you want OK/decent diner food for OK/decent prices, ENP is an option... I think some of their food was kinda greasy, and I remember a sandwich was that positively drowned in gravy. I do recall that their shakes are actually pretty good. I remember getting one that was mocha and it had an espresso bean on top of the whipped cream. Totally didn't sleep that day. Their smiley cookies are also good here too. They're just plain sugar cookies with icing on the top and their silly face drawn on it - I mean you could get these iced cookies in the supermarket too but don't you want the smiley? So happy!

  • DJ J.

    Great Remodel! Place looks fantastic. Great Service! Waitress was on her game and seemed to know the name of some of the people at the other tables. Good food. The Buffalo chicken salad was good and the honey buns are delicious. My associate had eggs and bacon and said "the eggs were perfect and you could tell they were fresh, not out of a box". Later our waitress confirmed that and went on to explain how they work with local farmers to make everything as fresh as possible. The rolls from the bakery were fresh and good. Enjoyed the coffee, too! For the price it can't be beat.

  • Dave P.

    This Eat n Park location is pretty good. What I really like about this place is that it essentially the zone 4 police stations real HQ. Go to the station house and there might be a disinterested officer behind the desk. Instead just head over to the eat n' park on Murray. No doubt you'll find at least four officers, especially in the morning. You'll be able to feel quite safe while you enjoy your smiley waffle.

  • Amanda W.

    I've eaten at this Eat n' Park many times as well as a few other ones. I always get the salad bar and possibly something with it. The food is fairly typical for ENP. However, the service and salad bar at this particular ENP is usually sub-par: long wait times once seated, unfilled ketchup bottles, missing ice tea spoons, sad looking items on the salad bar, missing items on the salad bar (filling space with whole oranges doesn't count!), burned soups, etc. If it wasn't for the existence of a salad bar and the location, I'd go to Denny's.

  • Megan M.

    Eat N' Park is the place you go when you find yourself out with friends late at night and you're looking for a place to hang. I've found myself here after many such events - proms, weddings, birthday parties, you name it. The food is not that great at all, but it's cheap, predictable, and since I've moved from Pittsburgh, it always feels a bit like home. It's definitely an integrated part of what Pittsburgh feels like to me. I've always had good service when I've gone here, and as others have said, it is the home of the Smiley cookie. What more could you want?

  • Scott A.

    Early morning breakfast buffet = epic winning. Let me paint a scenario for you: It's 1230AM Saturday. You've imbibed a fair amount after what amounts to a fairly miserable week. You want food, without prejudice.You think to yourself, "I could really go for a waffle, blueberry muffin, biscuits, bacon, and cantaloupe. All on the same plate. All smothered in a layer of syrup, followed by a layer of melted cheese product, followed by as much country gravy as the plate can possibly hold. And I want to not only be hungover tomorrow, but also regret every delicious food mistake I've made in the past 8 hours. And when I'm all done, I want to eat a cookie that looks at me and subconsciously says 'don't worry friend, I'm not judging your eating habits, this smile is because you're awesome.'" And then you realize that cookie is absolutely right - you are awesome. And so you go to Eat n' Park for that glorious 1AM breakfast buffet. So gross to think about, but so satisfying to experience. Don't judge me.

  • Eliza R.

    We all know that Eat n' Park is a Pittsburgh institution, but this Murray Avenue location is definitely the best! I attended Chatham University several years ago, where my friends and I would walk up in the middle of the night to get some coffee and cheesy fries while smoking a cig in the smoking section! We would go so often that the 3rd shift staff knew us by name and knew our orders by heart. All in all, the service is friendly, the food is cheap and satisfying (with plenty of healthy options), and you can't beat that it's 24 hours!

  • Fido D.

    Returned to this Eat N' Park some two decades later. Had the soup and salad bar. I seem to recall the salad bar was a lot better back then. What happened?

  • Ryan L.

    This is a pretty standard breakfast restaurant like Perkins. They offer breakfast all day and the food is not too pricey. I have to say it is nothing too exciting, but it is a solid meal. While in Pittsburgh (from Cincinnati) visiting my brother, we initially went to IHOP (which I was pretty disappointed in because we can go to IHOP anywhere). The IHOP was in a brand new development, with a huge parking lot, and a 45 minute wait. Luckily we decided to ditch IHOP and go to Eat n' Park two minutes away. There was no wait; it was not crowded at all, and it was part of a nice business district that reminded me of Northside in Cincinnati (somewhat, though not quite as cool). I would have liked to go to a truly local restaurant (not a chain) in Pittsburgh for our last meal before leaving, but it was better than IHOP. I don't really understand the name though. Shouldn't it be Park n' Eat? Oh well.

  • Thomas T.

    There's not really a ton to say -- the food's generally okay, but it's cheap, open 24 hours, and the service has always been friendly. You can get decently healthy sides with meals (they had two or three different choices of veggie things, in addition to rice and the standard greasy side fare); I've never tried the salad bar, but friends have, and it looks good. (This location, at least, buys local produce, which, in my general experience, makes quite a difference in taste.) Lastly, they have great milkshakes, and a nice selection of desserts.

  • A M.

    I normally wouldn't write a review for a local chain restaurant like Eat n' Park. In fact, I really try not to eat at any chain restaurants, but Mom and Sis' like the french toast. So, the reason for the post... I went there today for a late breakfast with my family. It's a sunday morning, so we expect to wait. That's no big deal. We wait for about 20 minutes to get a table and are seated. The waitress arrives promptly and since we're trying to make it to a movie we place our order right away. She seems nice at first and the coffee arrives quickly,,, so far so good.... 10 min, 20 min, 30 min... and no refill on the coffee or water, 40 min...waitress comes by to tell us it will be right up, 50 min, 55 min., looks like we're missing IronMan and I'm gonna be forced to endure the Patrick Dempsey chick flick... finally Mom gets up and finds the waitress who argues with her that it's only been 25 minutes... (Huh?). Then says she'll send over the manager. The manager arrives tells us they are really busy and her other manager is in the back cooking(Umm, sorry for your troubles, but having the waitress argue with the customer instead of a simple sorry has nothing to do with you being short staffed). She offers to pay for our breakfast (which is now lunch due to the wait)... Really! You'll comp. the $3.99 Breakfast smile. How Generous! No thanks, you've just wasted an hour of our lives that we'll never get back. We leave and I'm stuck eating goobers and watching the McDreamy flick. The food is what you'd expect. Nothing worth commenting on and as I just mentioned the only thing I got to try today was the coffee. The only reason I'm giving it two stars instead of one is for my childhood nostalgia for the smiley cookies.

  • Patty P.

    I have to agree with Ali O. I like Friendly's better...

  • Richard D.

    Eat N Park is a lot like Denny's. They're open 24 hours a day, they have standard diner type of food. And they're a pretty downscale sort of place. The big differences is Eat N Park is actually priced appropriately - the same dish is usually a buck or two cheaper. A good choice if you're hungry at 3am.

  • Kevin C.

    Ya Can't go wrong with this place tis a Pittsburgh pastime!

  • adam t.

    I understand that these eateries can be a fun hangout but that is no excuse for this crumby diner chain. I have been to the Sq. Hill location several times and and each time I have dined (if that's what you want to call it) at an E'nP I felt like committing Sepaku (Hari - Kiri). I never got sick from the food but more disgusted with myself for stooping to this lever of gastronomy. Nothing really worthwhile on the menu (maybe a burger- how much can you mess that up?). My gut just tells me not to trust E 'N Ps. No offense to truck drivers of America b/c they keep supplies on our selves but It reminds me of a truck stop restaurant without the truck drivers. I always seem to migrate to the salad bar and get weirded out for having to deal with the utensils that pick up the salad. So I wind up washing my hands after getting my salad stuff. The Sq. Hill E 'N P is a dive diner chain for sure. I even think there have been a few hold ups here in the past. It's not like I would ever say to my friends in NY, SF, London or wherever..."Hey when you come to Pittsburgh be sure to go to an E 'N P to get the flavor of the city". Obviously this place appeals to a certain class of people of which I guess I can't be a part of as much as I want to be at times.

  • Nicole V.

    i used to come here a lot when i lived in pittsburgh. it's like a lot of other diner's, very similar to denny's, but who else makes smiley face cookies??? i would go just for the cookie. it's good for a quick meal, or a late night place to chill and grab some food.


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Eat’n Park Restaurant

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