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Visit below restaurant in Montgomeryville for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Montgomeryville for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Ron G.

    Ugh, people who review restaurants low for the sake of bashing chains shouldn't even review these restaurants! Go channel your internal anthony bourdain downtown and stop yelping these places. Now I must say, I really don't eat at chains that often, I do, however, often eat there in the suburbs with my parents because of accessibility and their ability to accomodate to my family's requests. Texas Roadhouse is fun. The atmosphere and vibe is beyond chill. Great for a low key outing. You're welcome to pick out your steak at the front, more of a novelty thing, but kinda fun for those into it. Beer selection is what you would expect. Mainly macros, with a sam seasonal, and if you're lucky, a micro-macro like sierra nevada. I've only had the steaks, and they are generally good. No, its not a butcher and singer prime filet, but if thats what youre looking for, go there! It's a generally good piece of steak that tastes good. It has a buttery, salty topping. The sides are indulgent and delicious. The fresh rolls with cinnamon butter are like crack. They are ungodly unhealthy, but so good. Steakhouses overall usually have a slightly uptight vibe, but sometimes, you just want to wear jeans, have a beer, and eat a steak, which is totally encouraged here. Enjoy.

  • Ji Eun L.

    I went in with low expectations to begin with but I was still disappointed. It was packed on a Saturday night and we were told the wait would be an hour but actually we wound up waiting over an hour and a half. We were very very hungry by the time we got our food but nothing tasted good to me. The blooming onion was just grease, the steak was fatty and tough. Besides that, everything I ate was way too salty. They overcooked my dad's steak which was a shame because he was the hungriest of us all. He sent it back and it didn't come back out until well after everyone else was finished eating. Service was inattentive and slow. There were three birthdays near us so they sang the song and did that sit on a saddle production for each of the birthday people - annoying after the first time. It was my mom's birthday too but we didn't say anything because three times was more than enough. If you go, make sure to go at off peak hours or do the call ahead reservation. I don't recommend the steaks - maybe the ribs are better.

  • Twin's Daddy V.

    Really good, especially for a reasonably priced chain restaurant. I've been to a lot of steakhouses and for value, this is an A+. You will get a very good steak that's properly cooked. Their other dishes are good too but I go with the Filet. They will cut you a larger size Filet than those offered on the menu, you just need to ask. My only really gripe is the beer and wine menu is very blah. Oh well...

  • Michelle N.

    So my pregnant friend wanted to go here because her baby is craving red meat and fried pickles. I am not a food snob, I knew what to expect. I know this place is a chain and I'm not bashing it because of that. The fried pickles were pretty tasty and the blooming onion or whatever it was called was also as good as a fried onion usually is. My steak would have been pretty good too if it was actually cooked the way I wanted it -medium rare...it was more like raw/rare. But I know better than to complain about an undercooked steak...you will get it back and it will be grossly overcooked. I'd rather just chance it and eat the rare meat and pray I don't get food poisoning and/or crap myself. I was in luck, I didnt end up crapping myself! My complaint is on the level of cleanliness. I know the throw your peanut shells on the floor thing is part of the appeal of this place and part of the fun. But what it does is it lets the people that work there ignore OTHER trash on the floor. Accidentally dropped dirty napkins and food products on floor are just left there. Forever. Because its supposedly part of the fun! Just throw shit on the floor! Its fun! Maybe I'm being a stick in the mud, but I felt like I was eating in a friggin dumpster. At least the bathrooms were clean.

  • Lisa B.

    Call ahead is a joke. Was quoted a 10-20 minute wait and got there 10 minutes after I called and waited 40 minutes. The hostess told EVERYONE that they would be seated shortly and a handful of people went to complain about their wait. I told her that we did not want to be seated in the bar area and of course, we were seated there. Food was good, rolls and butter were great. Our waitress asked us if we wanted a box while my date was clearly still eating. Overall, food is pretty good for a chain steakhouse but service ends up ruining the service.

  • Meg M.

    Really not a huge fan of this place. I probably came on a bad night but the atmosphere was very dead and I almost felt awkward eating dinner there. The ribs were very dry - definitely the wrong thing to order. I honestly forget what else we ordered it was so unmemorable. Yes, the endless buns are good but I prefer to not fill up on bread before a mediocre meal. The only good thing I can say is the service was good. Waiter seemed kind of nervous and spat off specials he was trying to sell not very smoothly, but other than that they were very accommodating. Just not great food. Would rather go to another chain restaurant like the Chili's across the street.

  • Jamie G.

    I love Texas Roadhouse, I usually get the prime rib. The one day I went to this one and they were out of prime rib. Another time that I went to this one, I asked for my prime rib to be done medium and it came out medium rare and it had to be taken back twice. It ended up coming out rubbery in the end, but it was taken off of my bill, which I was happy about but I didn't get the meal I wanted.

  • Adam M.

    Yes, I know this is a chain, but I have to say this was the BEST steak I have had at a restaurant, and for 1/2 the price. I got the $19.99 filet mignon, 8OZ, with 2 sides. I got the Chili which was very good, and side of rice, which was, well, rice. No big deal. Also had hot bread with cinnamon sugar butter which was GREAT. Daughter loved it too. Steak was medium rare like I ordered, no fat or gristle, just very well cooked overall. Father was with me too, and he said it was the best steak he had too. I have ordered filet like this at a high end restaurant for twice the price or more, and was less satisfied with the food. Plus, that usually comes with NOTHING, and salad/sides are $10 extra. I have gone back several times, and each time i leave satisfied and FULL which I love. Also, the peanuts are great, and fun way to pass the time, especially with kids. For those who hate chains, all I can say is DON'T GO if you only want to complain. If I had this same food in a a 5 star place I would expect the meat to be this good, but for half the price it is a great deal.

  • Emily C.

    Good food and good sevice. Ive bern here before for take out but sit down was better.

  • Jeff F.

    service was great and they have an early menu which is a great value product is a little on the over salty or seasoned side great rolls

  • Chris A.

    Food: 1 Decor: 1.5 Ambiance: 1.5 Service: 3 Value: 1.5 Biggest Gripes: - Burger tasted like a hot dog. Don't know what was going on with the meat. -Peanut shells everywhere and stickiness everywhere. Similar in vibe to a corporate farmers market.

  • Dhloe O.

    rolls are delicious..too much food..left disgustingly full but still satisfied..pretty good prices..my only complaint was that their steak fries were way too salty

  • Daniel K.

    Food is good and service is friendly. Rolls are great and I always leave with a full stomach.

  • Damien R.

    Absolutely horrible experience. About a month ago, my girlfriend and I decide to try Texas Roadhouse over our normal date of Long horn. We walk in and the workers all seem to be really young, standing around talking. It seems dirty inside. I order a steak that sounded good, only to be told they were out but they had a slightly bigger, more expensive one that wasn't on the menu. Ok fine. We order our food, sides and an appetizer. We got our sides before our appetizer. Again, fine, whatever. We got our fried onion appetizer, which was so greasy, the "crispy" part just slid off the onion. Again, whatever. I was there for steak. So we wait for our meals and just see clusters of the young workers. One cluster stood behind our booth, gossiping about another employee. It was profoundly annoying. I finally get my steak, which was literally just the steak because our sides were brought out a half hour prior. The steak had absolutely zero flavor. So for our outrageously priced dinner, I was extremely upset. I will absolutely never be back to another Texas Roadhouse. Horrible

  • Darlene G.

    We've eaten at Texas Roadhouse several times. We always do 'call ahead' so we don't have to wait over an hour. I called at 4:30 for a 6pm arrival and got our call ahead number. We got there a few minutes before 6pm and gave them our number. She couldn't find it so she asked my name. She couldn't find that either so she asked what time I called. She still couldn't find it and said 'something' had happened so it wasn't in the system. She then spoke with the other girl who curiously seemed to find it. They gave us a pager and said it would be a FEW minutes. 25 minutes later my husband asked how long it would be and was told we'd be the next party of 2 called. After hearing 3 other parties of 2 called and 10 more minutes, he went and asked again, only to be told we'd be next. We finally got a table. Personally, we both felt that someone had not entered the call ahead into the system and they were covering for the mistake. If they'd just told us that it had been a mistake and we didn't have a call ahead, we'd have left and gone to another local restaurant we LOVE where we don't have a long wait standing in a cold foyer on hard concrete floors while packed in like sardines. On a positive note, I must say that our waitress was terrific.

  • Christopher D.

    So I went to TRH for the first time yesterday for a late lunch early dinner. I chose to eat at the bar. Service was friendly and prompt. Told them that I had not been there before and they gave me their spiel about ribs being good, their rolls coming out every five minutes and served with honey butter. Definitely liked that they had 10 oz beer mugs. I like a good mug and I do not like to be pushed to buy huge amounts of beer if I do not want to. Food wise. I wanted country style food not just steak, so I ordered Country Fried Sirloin, essentially a breaded steak with cream gravy. The sides had a nice variety but I opted for green beans and the vegetable of the day which was broccoli and carrots. They were served quickly, and the steak was the size of the platter it came on, covered in a thin (not lumpy) country gravy that was mostly devoid of any flavor. Addition of copious amounts of black pepper helped remedy that. Breading was crisp but the meat felt more like processed chpped beef than a true breaded sirloin steak. Green beans were cooked country style with ham and onions (nice addition) but were still overly salty. Broccoli and carrots on the other hand were cooked right, not salty and still had some firmness too them. The rolls were pillsbury doughboy quality pieces of dough and the whipped honey butter is a nice touch, but would be nice to be able to vary it with biscuits, corn bread etc. The atmosphere feels very kitsch. The servers and bartenders are all late teens early twenties, wearing shirts that said I love my job on the back, almost as if it was a noose hung around their neck reminding them they were lucky to have a job. The most annoying part of the atmosphere was the line dance commercial in the middle of dinner where they servers were singing about how great the food was. Total for the meal, including two mugs of beer was 16 dollars before tip, which isn't too bad. Will go back, but perhaps find a way to avoid the line dance commercial.

  • Matthew C.

    I took my kids here for lunch and they loved it. Chicken fingers were a huge hit and my other son had cheeseburger sliders. Service was extremely friendly and prices were inexpensive. Highly recommend

  • Matt J.

    Meh. Cheap chain steakhouse. I got a steak medium rare and they didn't screw it up. Be careful if you've got a peanut allergy, they have peanuts on every table.

  • Michael W.


  • El B.

    Nothing like eating a steak next to a window full of dead insects and live flies. Cleanliness should be a priority. If this is the dinning area, imagine the kitchen or food storage.

  • Jeffrey W.

    WOW the ribs are AWESOME. Best ribs around, and the fresh baked rolls witrh cinnamon butter are amazing, if it weren't for being fattening I'd eat those every day. The decor is OK, the birthday songs the servers sing is a little campy but overall this is a great experience, 22oz beers, awesome awesom awesome ribs and nice people. Very busy on the weekends, expect a wait.

  • Liz C.

    I have no idea why people pile into this place every night, willing to wait 40 minutes to be seated, just to be served by the worst wait staff I've ever experienced. Won't ever go back.

  • Christopher S.

    My kids love it here. Nice place average steaks. Good for the price. Gets crowded on Friday and Saturday nights so figure on 1/2 hour wait.

  • Loviolet C.

    Great place to go with a family of 6 dinners are reasonably priced. If just popping in for quick cocktails it's nice.

  • Jaclyn S.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This place is dirty -- peanut shavings all over the floor, sticky tables. Is it sanitary to have communal peanuts on all of the tables? My boyfriend and I only ordered chicken fingers, and it took us over an hour to get them. I mean, even our waitress said she wouldn't've eaten the veggies we got. I'm still queasy thinking about it all.

  • Andy P.

    Texas Roadkill. Let me start out by saying the service was perfect. I commend the people hired at this location as they were very nice and attentive and prompt. Host was very nice and a little over the top that I almost reminded him this is not the Capital Grille. He bragged about the rolls so much and the amazing butter with cinnamon smashed in. These rolls were obviously purchased at Aldi or Bottom Dollar and looked like they were dipped in vegetable oil or Quaker State. Passed so many barrels of peanuts including a huge thing at our table with peanut shells all over the place I felt like an elephant eating at the Philadelphia Zoo. Got the shrimp appetizer which was described like it was a stone crab cocktail but forgot to give us pliers to get the five shrimp off the stick. Forgot to mention the hamburger bun with movie theatre butter on it placed under the shrimp. Then we got our Caesar salads which came with a bottle of dressing on top of it. They told us at the beginning their dressings were homemade. They were so proud they practically drowned the lettuce in it. Finally onto our entrees. My girlfriend got a steak medium rare but absolutely no pink in it while it looked like it got dragged through a rodeo with her under cooked rice that she thankfully didn't break her teeth on. I got salmon which wasn't awful. But the baby carrots were fresh out of the bag from the supermarket so they must not have had time to steam them. Bill was around $60 so definitely not worth it. Next time you want homemade food, go to the supermarket as the cows butchered for this place were obviously the ones who didn't graduate from Bovine University.

  • Nicole L.

    Won't be back for the food, EVER, but our server Larry was fantastic and has elevated this place by one star. The Pros: - The call ahead seating worked beautifully and there was no wait on a Friday night. - Our (second) server was very nice and had a lot of energy. - The side salad and sweet potato were both fresh and good. - The fresh rolls were nice. - Having peanuts available is nice when you have kids because it distracts them and gives them something fun to eat while waiting. The Cons: - Spiders... and general questionable cleanliness practices. So, we were seated at the last booth against the outside wall, right next to the bathrooms, and after we ordered, we were just talking. Then my 2 year old was like... "spider." We thought he might have been referring to an imperfection in the wooden table, but we humored him to look, and sure enough, there was a little spider. Ok - the waitress had already gotten us some extra paper napkins, so BAM! spider taken care of. Then a minute later, "spider!" BAM! Followed by... "spider" BAM! followed by us going to find the waitress. We explained the problem, she looked totally out of her depth and said she'd get the manager. By the time she got the manager, we had gotten two more spiders. When the manager came over, we showed him the napkins w/ dead spiders, and as we were talking/discussing options, another one crawled out... A live one that we could point to in case the dead spiders on napkins weren't proof enough. So we moved tables, got Larry as our server (who was much more energetic), and speculated whether they would seat anyone else at the table. On the way to the bathroom a few minutes later, sure enough, there was another group sitting at that table... I guess that as long as customers do not notice/complain about the bug infestation, it's OK to seat people there? - The food was mostly Meh: As mentioned above, the salads were good, as was the side of sweet potato. If they do ask if you want the sweet potato loaded, be careful, they charge extra, and don't always disclose it (our first server just asked if we wanted it loaded with marshmallows and caramel sauce, didn't mention the additional charge). The prime rib was flavorful (i.e. salty), but very chewy. The ribs were basically inedible, they were so dry. The manager came by later during the meal to ask how everything was, and we were like, "Eh" and when he asked further, we explained about the ribs. That he took off the bill, but since we were only able to stomach 2 of the 8+ ribs, we thought it was fair. The side of veggies (broccoli and carrots) were OK, a bit on the crunchy side and very bland. We didn't bother with dessert, just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Maybe the kitchen was having an off-night, but with the spiders giving additional weight to the Cons (and it also speaks to the general hygiene of the place itself if they are willing to seat people there so they don't lose a table on a Friday night), we are not willing to come back, even if we can shell peanuts while waiting for our meal.

  • Glenn M.

    I always eat at a Texas Roadhouse when traveling if one is in the area. Pork Chops on Monday and Sirloin Special on Wednesday's. This location was some of the best servers I have encountered. Byron who is the manager was extremely caring and accommodating. We had a minor issue Monday and mentioned it to our server who mentioned it to him and he came over to see us. It really was minor but he wanted it to be perfect and that level of customer service is almost unheard of anymore. It's loud, it's good and I will be back.

  • Fran W.

    I contacted Texas Roadhouse corporate customer relations by phone per their request to my one star review of March 9th. Corporate customer service asked why I was calling since they had no access to my review or knowledge of the review. I had to walk them thru my review word by word. I received the usual pro forma apologies & the promise of a free entree coupon in the mail. I never received anything in the mail or any further follow-up from Texas Roadhouse. The only way I would go back to any Texas Roadhouse location would be if I needed to use their rest-room.

  • Jessica N.

    The service was good Courtney was great but the food and drinks were far from it the drinks came out missing something I got a burger I ordered medium well came out medium rare my girl friend got a steak medium came out well well done she asked for another because it was so over cooked and they brought her the same steaks so I dont think we will be coming here again

  • Philly C.

    I don't review chain restaurants as a rule.. If u eat at these places u get what u deserve . We live like 2 miles from this place so we do come here somewhat often . It has always been decent, not good or bad , just decent.. Something has changed recently .. The service is lousy . They have too many kids working there that stand around and try to "look busy" . Our waiter today was obviously in a bad mood . He totally forgot to bring us the App we ordered. Then I get my chili and it's ice cold. He never really seemed to even muster any "fake " care lol This is the 3rd consecutive visit that we had to send something back and I seldom send food back as a rule lol.. The food is what it is , barely edible but the service being so bad magnifies that .. We won't be back ..

  • Rich K.

    Well HOT DAMN...SHEEEEEIT , im not a big chain joint fan, but this one is one of my favorites.. despite my loathing all things country like country music ... The TRH, serves up some kick ass vittles Fried, pickles, ... who woulda thought right ?.. yeah they have them Being that its a chain joint you really cant complain about anything on the menu its all pretty good, but what I like is that you get to pick out own steak ...nice marbled ribeye that looks like the thing Fred Flintstone had delivered to his car !

  • Paul W.

    Lunch time, and I knew this place would serve good ribs and a cold beer while I watched college football during lunch. Texas Roadhouse did just that. You have a bucket of peanuts to eat with your beer.

  • Brian E.

    The food is pretty good here. Sure to make you put on a few pounds though. I liked the peanuts before the meal and the fact that you can litter the shells on the floor for some poor bus boy to clean up later. The bread and butter you get before the meal too is awesome. However, they do a lot of really queer and annoying things at the texas roadhouse like dancing around to cotton eyed joe at a certain time during the day. wow is that annoying when you are trying to enjoy a steak with your shot of jack , trying to picture yourself at some saloon in the west.

  • Monique C.

    My son has been bugging me to visit Texas Roadhouse (TRH) ever since he saw its coupon in that huge coupon book I bought during his school's fundraiser. So I finally took him and my mom, I might add, to TRH. We were seated right away after a brief intro about their hand cut steaks and freshly baked bread was given by one of the friendly young ladies at the greeter's podium (or whatever that's called). She took us to a spacious booth where a bucket of peanuts awaited. No one was interested in the peanuts though. Our server introduced herself and was friendly enough. She would elaborate on the menu, when prompted, but would've made the experience better had she recommended some things to try since we stated that we were first timers. So I pulled out my trusty phone and checked Yelp to see what the Yelpers recommended. Beware of the hot rolls. You'll be on your second (ahem or third) in no time. I'll keep the description basic and quote my kid "they are good and so is that cinnamon butter." Our appetizer of fried pickles came out hella fast. They were salty and tangy but so salty that only a few would do ya. Then we waited and waited and waited for our entrees, which only came out lukewarm. My son got the pulled pork which would have been really good had it been hot. He couldn't eat his steak fries because they were so salty. My steak was well done vs the medium well I ordered but pretty good. The shrimp I ordered on the side were really well seasoned. My mom said her fried chicken dinner was pretty good but lukewarm. Overall TRH is a very affordable night out. With some instruction next time like "please bring the food out piping hot," medium well means a little pink in the steak" and "please hold the salt," I think we would return. TRH isn't on my top 5 chains list but it will be while I use that book of coupons :)

  • Morgan W.

    One thing that really bothers me is when I walk into an empty restaurant on a Sunday with my 2 year old and get placed in the BACK of the restaurant where no one else is seated. If you can guess, that's what happened when my daughter and I went there last week. Since we were in a section of the restaurant that was completely barren, the service was just terrible. But the food was decent and my strawberry margarita was fantastic.

  • Amy L.

    My server Nicole was great! Didn't have to wait that long for the food, burger was cooked exactly how I wanted it. Only negative was asking for a new bread plate because the one provided wasn't washed thoroughly.

  • Paul M.

    Ok it's a low end chain, but previously we had ok meals. But today was pretty bad. ( today a 1 star, previously 3 - so today's review a 2) Fried pickles, disgusting - super salty, cold greasy. Cactus blossom (Booming onion knock off) was hot, but no flavor, inside was under cooked, and also dripping grease. I had the small rib eye, my one son got the ap sampler, and brother in law the ribs, 1/2 rack....none of us finished our meals, it was cold, bland. "fresh" vegies really seemed like frozen, just was not appetizing. Won't be back - for the money there are much better choices..

  • Dave H.

    This chain of steakhouses offers hand-cut steaks. I was here for a friend's birthday (around Mother's Day) and told our server as much. Our server told us that the birthday boy/girl must sit in a saddle (they roll it out on wheels) before they then declare it's your birthday and start hollering. Needless to say, my friend was petrified and we got our server to sit on the saddle instead. Service was quick and friendly - our waiter was a very happy guy who was an actor. He also gave us a few free items, randomly, which was appreciated. During the random line dancing performed by the staff, our server was in the forefront, hopping away. Classic. For appetizers, we ordered bacon cheese fries which were hearty and a little salty (come on, they're covered in BACON!). We also had their version of the "blooming onion" was unimpressive - dry, with an egg-like sauce that was disappointingly listless. When our waiter introduced the place, he said it was the "best steakhouse in the land". I shared a filet and I must say that the meat was surprisingly tender (the potato wasn't bad either). While I wouldn't say it's the BEST, it can holds itself against other steakhouse chains. I was recommended their famous margaritas. Since I needed to be elsewhere (sober) eventually, I opted out. (My friend ordered a glass but she barely touched it, saying it was too strong. Last time it was better, she said.) Their bar staff present at the time pretty much only could only make items on their menu - I asked for some shots (uncommon and common) and they didn't know how to make any of them. As a last resort, I went with a kamikaze. When it came out, it tasted nasty and worse yet, had ICE in it. Recommended if you're never been and are in the area, but don't go out of your way to try this place (since they're everywhere). Tender, tasty meat but avoid alcohol (unless it's on the menu).

  • GusGus R.

    Great quality service given here for sure. Really enjoyed the cheese fries and pulled pork dinner here. Great atmosphere to be around on a Friday or Saturday evening, so go check it out!

  • Erik R.

    Just got back from my Dad's Birthday dinner. Food was great. A little crowded on Sat. nights. But, very simple and good. The steaks you can choose from a viewing case if you like, or order from their menu. I had a full rack of ribs, sweet potatos, and green beans. It was sooo good. I can't even move. Let me tell you my stuffed ass needed a wheelchair after I finished eating what I could. I was really satisfied with the food and service. Just some good'ole Texas cookin' is what I got!

  • Chris M.

    While I am rarely a fan of chain restaurants, I have to admit that I enjoy visiting the Roadhouse. I've been here a couple of times and have always had a good meal. The rolls with the cinnamon butter are really good. Be careful not to eat a ton and fill up before the appetizer comes out. I have done this. The steaks are are extremely good. For larger cuts of steak, you can pick out which steak you want from a selection. I always get the prime rib, medium rare. It's delicious and has been cooked perfectly every time I ordered it. The price is also pretty reasonable. Beware: do NOT admit if it is your birthday. The waiters will bring out a saddle on wheels and attempt to take your picture on it! Also, they do a fairly goofy line dance thing randomly. It can be somewhat difficult to ignore, depending on your proximity to said nonsense. If you happen to be in the area and are looking for a good steak, I would recommend trying the Roadhouse.

  • Noell M.

    This place is one of my favorite places to go for an I'm-not-counting calories sort of meal. I can not get enough of the cinnamon butter and rolls that they give you once you are seated at your table, seriously, I am an addict. The Dallas Filet is my weapon of choice. When cooked to perfection it is juicy and devilishly decadent. Usually served with two sides I always get a salad (always fresh, never over dressed) and the green beans (can sometimes be a bit oleaginous...but I can not resist). The bar menu is consistent with what one would normally find at a chain establishment: mucho margaritas, 22 oz beers, and fruity concoctions served in hurricane style glasses. Sometimes the drinks are a bit to sweet but they always tend to pack a punch. I generally am not a huge fan of chain restaurants but I can not help my affinity towards Texas Roadhouse!

  • Emily K.

    good food but their famous margaritas were not so famous to me

  • jerry s.

    This is the Texas version of Chilli's and they do it well. From a full bar with TVs, to Texas BBQ and steaks and a lively atmosphere, they pull it off fairly well. Food is good for a middle of the price range steak place and you can pick out your own piece of meat from the display case. The ribs, sandwiches and salads are pretty good. The loaded baked potato is above average with all the topings and a salty crust that can't be good for you but tasty. Not Ruth's Chris quality and taste but it is at half the price. It is a fairly new place so the interior is decent with wooden everything in that Texas style. The bucket of peanuts is nice if you are starved when you get there. A fun atmosphere when you do not want a quiet time in a dead place.

  • Sam H.

    Called in a reservation per the websites suggestion. It was absolutely useless, 6:30 reservation, not seated until 7:25. Terrible.

  • Tim R.

    We used to go to one near us in Ohio until we moved. We were thrilled to find one here and for it to be just as fun and enjoyable as always. Great family place we go to as often as possible.

  • T N.

    Great service + hand cut steaks = better than Outback, Lone Star & Long Horn combined. Reasonably priced and delicious. A real steak cooked perfectly and the veg is great too. Try the 16 oz. ribeye and sweet potato with butter and brown sugar-- yum. Skip the marshmallow and caramel; they're too much. Rolls and cinnamon butter are great too; eat them while they're hot. All in all a great place to grab a steak or ribs.

  • M D.

    Texas Roadhouse is a salt lick. I also don't give much rating to a restaurant whose chefs and waiters cannot clock an appetizer and entree and instead bring out your main meal before you've finished the appetizer. The Cactus Blossom (same as Outback's Bloomin' Onion) is so salty it gags you. The steak albeit was very tender and delicious. Not much green offerings in the side orders which are standard steakhouse stuff. Our waiter was overly attentive which was annoying but I think he liked me. Either that or they are required to check back every two minutes during your meal. The wait staff overall seemed phoney. You could tell they go through these customer satisfaction inservices that are way over the top. They even do this silly dance that lasts like 5 whole minutes to this really annoying country song. If I was a waiter in the weeds this requirement would have me hoofin to a new job. And wearing T-shirts that say "I Love my Job" . Please, anyone who has worked in service cringes at this stuff because it is so humiliating. Being a foodie myself, I'm tough on restaurants, especially national chains. I always kick myself in the ass later for wasting my money on these places, but I do have to say that this place's prices aren't as gouging as some of the rest who serve worse food.

  • Scott H.

    It's a lot of food and a few dollar less than Outback. It's kinda loud and the speed of getting your food is inconsistent, but I've always left satisfied!

  • maureen h.

    My husband and I ate here on a Friday night. at 8:30 pm. Was very surprised that it wasn't more crowded. We were seated right away. The house salad has everything from hard boiled eggs and cheddar cheese. I had ordered prime rib, which they were out of, but went with a T-bone. Wasn't too impressed with the fried pickles. i think Molly Magures in Lansdale has the best. I was also surprised with the portion. My husband and I bought 1/2 of our meal home. He had the steak and shrimp. Everything was great done to perfection. Over all great place.

  • Seung L.

    Good steaks, ribs, bread, salad, and service at a reasonable price. Like the nuts too.

  • Louis W.

    I thought this was a Good dining experience - but not fantastic. I did leave my inner Anthony Bourdain at home - that said I thought this was a solid place to eat, if you're looking for this type of experience. I was impressed that their "call ahead service" worked and they had reserved the booth that I requested - Go TR! We didn't wait :) - seated right away. We saw mostly families and we loved the "Kid-Friendly" feel. It's a little Hokey-Dokey - but that's the theme of the place so that (and the peanuts too) are part of the package. They were celebrating birthdays there and literally all hands on deck are part of the singing and birthday cheer. They do it BIG in Texas, right? Our server Kim was really awesome - she was very attentive and took care of our kids 1st and quick (which we parents love). She also came back to check on us and clean up often. We did enjoy the Texas Roadhouse version of the Bloomin' Onion for an appetizer, which came out LIGHTNING-FAST. Really - I'm saying we ordered it and less than 5 minutes later it was on our table - fresh and hot. Myself and the wife both got steaks on their "Wild Wednesday" deal with an 8oz steak and two sides for $10 - this was a good deal. I did add shrimp and had my potato stuffed, all of which was very tasty. I can see how some folks go ALL-IN and order the huge a$$ steaks and then roll themselves out the door. We ordered with more realistic stomach sizes though. Overall good experience! P.s.- My only complaint (if I was to make one) is that the floor looks dirty from the peanuts and stuff, I think they could be more on top of sweeping up and the place would look cleaner... but candidly I don't think the clientele here cares.. It's a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll.

  • Caroline F.

    So I did the whole comparison between Longhorn, Roadhouse and Outback and tried all three in the same week. The thing I like about Texas Roadhouse is the bread, but I'm sure lots of people rave about it. Other than that, there's really nothing too special about it other than its your typical steakhouse. What I also like about it is that they don't over-season your steak and that the service is awesome--they make sure you are happy with your order. If it's not warm enough (take out), they re-make it and add a little more to your order. Nothing really interested me here other than the rib eye, and they make it just the way I want it. Everything else is pretty standard. Wish they had more soup options and dessert options.

  • Briana S.

    Working in the business I hate when people write bad reviews, knowing that everyone has an off night, and like everyone else has said with the place being a chain you go in with low expectations. No complaints about the service, With that being said, All of the food was horrible. Obviously reheated from the night before. The ribs were mostly fat and the skin was inedible with how hard it was. My husband got the chicken fingers and the skin was rubber with the chicken complete slime on the inside. We both got the cheese fries and the cheese was overheated that it was also hard. Even the butter that is usually really good had a film over it looking like it was left out all night and then re refrigerated after close. Didn't even feel the need to complain while there since it was everything we got and there's no need to upset the waitress. Someone should contact their health inspector.

  • Feroz J.

    Great steaks and food. I ordered a medium t bone steak and it was one of the best steaks I ever had, real thick and juicy. There mash potatoes were really good too. Service was great and food came pretty fast. Their free sweetbread at the table was incredibly! It came with a sweet butter spread.

  • Cas M.

    Although I will give Texas Roadhouse credit where it is due, unfortunately I just cannot get into the whole experience! I'm not really impressed with the menu, but I must say that the bread and cinnamon butter is absolutely terrific and a great way to start off any meal. Fried pickles are a favorite of mine, but I really can't eat more than a few pieces before feeling seriously ill. Definitely an appetizer to share with the whole gang! Both the selection and quality of the food is pretty standard: burgers, steaks and all that jazz are all good. I always enjoy a nice juicy Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, and the Smokehouse Burger is a favorite. Nothing sticks out to me as something that would have me running back anytime soon, though. What really turns me off from Texas Roadhouse is the cleanliness (or lack thereof). I get really aggravated when I get peanut shells stuck in the bottoms of my shoes. On more than one occasion there have been crumbs on my table when being seated. The whole place just seems a tad messy for my liking. I try not to be picky, but I prefer eating out to be a clean experience! The whole country scene isn't my thing, but if it's yours TR is the place for you. I can imagine it being super fun for people who love the whole faux-southern atmosphere. I'm sure I would enjoy it if I could, but I can't. I'm too much of a Yankee to be into any of that corny stuff.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :4:00 pm - 10:00pm
  • Mon : 4:00 pm - 10:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Texas Roadhouse

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