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  • S S.

    Irwin location-Delicious meal-- Salad, French onion soup, crab stuffed shrimp and scallops-absolutely amazing! Great wine menu too and 40% off bottles on Saturdays. Specials other days too. GO!!! Worth every penny. Not only great for the area but one of our favorite meals anywhere, coast to coast.

  • J D.

    This place has revamped its menu and remodeled since the last time I was here. Menu is now updated and more trendy, but the prices have increased as well. I had the jerk shrimp the other night and my husband had the seafood risotto. We also had bruschetta, calamari, French onion soup and salads. Everything was really tasty and came to the table with a great presentation. I noticed that the crowd is older--we went on a Wednesday evening and were the youngest ones in the room (we are 48 yrs old). I would think this would be a great place to bring extended family for a birthday dinner or father's day, etc.

  • Alison M.

    Meatloaf. Not exactly the first entree choice that comes to mind when being seated at the fireplace table of a fine dining establishment. Sipping on my tall, strong and delicious margarita, waiting for what would be our fresh, crispy fried calamari appetizer with just-spicy-enough red sauce to be brought to the table, I mulled over the menu. The vanilla bean stuffed shrimp looked interesting enough (my boyfriend, who had enjoyed the shrimp before and insisted I try them, ended up ordering them so that I could do just that...and they were excellent. Balanced, with flakey crab and just a hint of vanilla, these were definitely worth venturing outside of my strictly savory comfort zone), and the salmon sounded tempting, but my eyes kept retreating to the ridiculously intriguing description of Not Your Mama's Meatloaf. The waitress (professional and attentive without smothering) returned. I committed. I was not disappointed. When my main course appeared, I was presented with what appeared to be half of an entire meatloaf, wrapped in bacon, glazed in smokey sweet BBQ sauce, smothered in perfectly textured red skinned mashed potatoes, crispy onion straws and resting on fresh, thick, chewy rosemary bread. The meatloaf itself was so juicy and flavorful, it would've been sufficient even without all of the fixings. But despite the sheer volume of what was going on on that plate, every component worked together and achieved a deliciously balanced meal...the obligatory leftovers of which made an equally excellent second meal later that evening. Classic dining with modern culinary stylistic touches, perfect execution, excellent service...everything you would expect from a restaurant whose manager was inducted into the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. I can't wait to go back.

  • Nikki B.

    Went with a big group (12 people) and the service was terrible. They didn't have enough menus for all of us, even though the restaurant wasn't full. They took forever to get our drinks, and even when they finally did bring the drinks, one person at our table had to wait over 20 mins for hers. You're paying for quantity here, NOT quality. I had the chicken carbonara. It tasted like it was made from a can tomato soup base and the veggies in it were soggy. The people bringing out our food couldn't remember which plate belonged to whom even when there were only 3 people left without food. Restaurant could use some remodeling. I do not recommend.

  • Cam K.

    Very close to the Marriott courtyard. Service was extremely slow and food was ok. Had the calamari for a starter which was good and huge. Then had the shrimp and crab mac and cheese. It's a pretty heavy meal.

  • Sarah D.

    I love The Wooden Nickel. It is the best place to eat in Monroeville. Don't let the front of the building be your judge, once you get inside it is beautiful! Decorated very lovely with warm and white tones. Very classy! The bar is very pretty too and has a sophisticated look! The fireplace adds a really nice touch and is especially cozy in the winter! The staff is awesome and make sure you are taken care of. They are very friendly and bubbly. The food is AMAZING and the portions are HUGE! I love just reading the menu and the descriptions, so unique and mouthwatering. Vanilla bean shrimp, I am basically drooling right now! Their mixed drinks are really good too. There is pretty much always a special on drinks too! Remember to save room for dessert because you want to here. The desserts are certainly memorable. Last visit I had a seasonal dessert with berries and chocolate cake with mousse topping! Delectable!

  • Kathy W.

    Had a wonderful dinner at the Wooden Nickel. Each course was beautifully prepared and the quality was excellent. The decor is very comfortable and while not trendy, it lends itself to romantic dinners as well as a great place to enjoy a night with family or friends. It is a keeper....one of those restaurants that deserves its longevity!

  • Heather V.

    We had a lovely dinner there last weekend. I made the reservations through the website and everything was ready and fabulous! Three of us chose one of the specials and one of us ordered from the menu. We all enjoyed our food! The wait staff was friendly and gave us excellent service and the prices were high average. We will dine there again!

  • Todd M.

    First time visiter at the wooden nickel, this past weekend and were seated in the dining room next to the fireplace, romantic. Is it the best food that I have every had...no. But, it was a very nice experience. Service and food were good. And factor in the overall prices, including 40% off bottle of wine Saturdays that I would even say that this was a good value. I would go back.

  • Holly G.

    Joe the Chef are finally trying to change the elegance back and the privacy we all shared: I am not thrilled about the menus as of yet: I am thrilled for now it has turned slowly in an upper scale family place where they actually care. most are a beautiful people and I am honored to eat there when I can. The whole staff:,are people I am proud to be able to present to friends and family in this kind if atmosphere.

  • Julie S.

    Disappointing. That's my one-word review of this place. We came out to Monroeville after having an AMAZING appetizer at the Pittsburgh Restaurant Kickoff Party and we were beyond disappointed. LOCATION I'm from the South Hills so venturing through the Squirrel Hill Tunnels is not something that I do willingly. Once we got to Monroeville, we passed it three times because it's wedged between a Petco and Dennys. DECOR Old. Outdated. I felt like I was in a nursing home. The outside also had several signs about cat burglars (strange). FOOD Disappointing. Our bacon wrapped scallop appetizer was the shining star to our otherwise bleak dining experience. Although the PA Mushroom Porridge was pretty good too! I had the ivory salmon which was overlooked, dry, and VERY greasy. Our other entree was the "Three Little Pigs." The meat was good (although I don't know if I'd cover it all in basalmic) but the potatoes had a strange metal taste to them. Our dessert was supposed to be "macerated berries and grilled banana bread topped with a raspberry whipped cream." The berries were sliced strawberries and blueberries (not macerated) and the banana bread tasted like lemon box cake with bananas on the bottom (absolutely no grilling involved). The whipped cream might not have tasted like raspberries, but at least it had a pinkish color to it? After our amazing food at the Kickoff Party, we were HIGHLY disappointed. The food has potential but our bill was over $80 (with only one beer) and not worth it. SERVICE Our server was nice and pleasant.

  • I.E. C.

    I've come here quite a bit since it has opened, and this place is great! Recently had the special: Scallops with pumpkin ravioli, absolutely delicious!!! Warm bread is also quite tasty, as they had a jalapeño bread and I believe a parmesan bread. Definitely one of the best food options in the East Burbs!

  • Justin D.

    Average all around.

  • Joan H.

    You will not be disappointed. Sit at the bar and ask for Sean. The seafood is incredible--fresh and perfectly cooked.

  • Suzanne R.

    I really hate to do this but restaurant email doesn't accept emails for some reason. Dine here on average every couple of months. Always loved the place until 5/12/13, Mothers Day. Holiday menu extremely limited. Potatoes were so bad...little squares that you probably could get at Dennys. No choice of sides...take what they give you. Ugh! We're still drinking water the day after food so salty. How about a baked potato? Prime rib was all gristle...totally inedible. No bread but saw only other table near us with patrons had some. Waiter so very bad. When seated a loud party was behind us. We asked to be moved because we really couldn't have conversation. We were told no by hostess because they were going to get busy. Guess what? No one came. Tables were empty all around us. The quality of food (except for crab cakes) was so far below it's usual fare. The waiter could have cared less if we were there or not. What a waste of money and disappointment on a holiday. We'll be back...just never on a holiday.

  • Tim W.

    We had a party 6 for a birthday party. Three of the 6 people were unhappy with their meal and all 6 were unhappy with the service. There were several mistakes made with the drinks ordered and with the dinners ordered. Salad plates were removed before we were even finished with them. We all felt as though we were being rushed by the server and were disappointed with her arrogant attitude. Needless to say this restaurant will not be seeing business there again.

  • Miriam A.

    Was not treated warmly by the woman at the front. She abruptly asked if we had a reservation. No smile. Waiter was extremely slow. Never checked on us after we received our meals which were hastily thrown down on the table by some other person who also didn't ask us if we needed anything before she left us. My meal wasn't done enough. Ordered cheese ravioli and I felt like I was eating licorice. Pasta just wasn't done. No spice to the sauce either. Weird smell throughout the restaurant too. Will not be revisiting.

  • Rob H.

    Had the special pork special something wasn't a chop. It was raw, twice. The sad part was the knife they gave me wouldn't even cut it. I didn't want anything done about it my stomach was turned. When The bill came and it was 40 dollars for one supposed to be a pork chop. Fine I paid and didn't think any more of it. Bad night but that happens. Now my wife and I both have food poisoning of some degree from the Caesar salad dressing. Won't bother going back.

  • Mike M.

    We had a great meal for Valentine's day. The New York strip steaks were delicious. We were seated right away even though the place was packed and our server Caitlin was friendly and checked on us several times throughout our meal. Even the master chef stopped by to make sure our meal was to our satisfaction.

  • Todd B.

    Food was great, had the signature vanilla bean shrimp and scallops.. Absolutely delicious! The service was very good also, I would recommend giving this place a try.. One down side, it is a bit pricey.

  • Andrew M.

    This place is a dive. Maybe great for this area but don't expect much. Becomes a bar later at night.

  • Becky Z.

    My friends took me to the Wooden Nickel for my birthday and I have to say I was underwhelmed. We shared a few appetizers: calamari and stuffed mushroom caps. I've had much better calamari for less. The other appetizers are equally pricey. I ordered the strip steak with a side of pasta (you get to choose between a vegetable, pasta or potato). The steak was overcooked and the pasta was quite frankly terrible. Others liked their dishes (the chicken picatta, for example). But all of us were surprised at the cost. The waitstaff were accommodating and friendly, but unfortunately that is the only positive thing I have to say about this restaurant.

  • Alyssa B.

    I went here with my family for Easter brunch and was not very impressed. There was a very limited buffet (the only thing they were offering) and all of the muffins, pie and cookies were store bought and the store containers were sitting out on the bar. Very disappointed as there were good reviews which is why we chose to go here. Will not be returning.

  • Gene Y.

    Great "new" restaurant in the area! I live in Murrysville and even though I heard the name, I have never eaten at Wooden Nickel until last night. I went there with my wife and daughter. The restaurant is under new management and according to older reviews I believe it's a great thing. We loved everything about our visit. The food was excellent (we had NY steak, sea food and lamb chops). Service was also great! Between bread, drinks, salads and dinner itself there was no wait time whatsoever. As soon as we would finish with one plate, the next one came. I never had to ask or wait for drinks either, our waiter would ask if we would like more wine as soon as one of the glasses was empty. Another thing that we noticed is extremely friendly atmosphere and it's not fake friendly. We will definitely be back!

  • Rick J.

    I'm in the area on business from time and go here because it convenient. Was here before the renovation and the work really freshened the place up. Seems to have a older crowd of locals that are regulars to the place. I think the food is okay although a bit pricey. I think the wait staff needs a makeover... The bartender was distant and not tentative and seemed to be new at bar tending. I have real problem with someone pouring the alcohol in the glass first and then adding ice to the glass - what's up with that???

  • Rich M.

    I took a trip out there last weekend after hearing their advertisement on the radio... Definitely worth the trek from the South Hills! Started off with getting the BBQ Shrimp appetizer, they were sweet and a little spicy but mainly delicious. Next thing that caught my eye was hand made ravioli, couldn't pass it up... and I was not dissapointed! Nice sized rav's stuffed with cheese and covered in a delicious marinara sauce. I'll be back! It's worth tasting!

  • Sean L.

    The menu has got a much needed update by the new chef. Who has turned it from expensive old country club food to well prepared upscale food. You'll get a better steak here than the Aussie chain down the street.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Classy
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Wooden Nickel

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