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Visit below restaurant in Doylestown for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Doylestown for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jamie F.

    My two favorite features - BYOB and the food. The food was quite good. I had the special - monkfish. My wife had the lasagna, which she brought home and finished for lunch the next day. The menu is not extensive, but there are plenty of options, plenty of food on the plate, and plenty good. There isn't much to say about this, but I greatly prefer a BYOB without a corkage fee. We brought a few bottles and enjoyed them throughout dinner. This is always a plus to be able to bring wines I know I like from my own cellar. As other reviews stated - the noise is easily the biggest negative. It's very loud. You have to be careful who you bring here. It's probably not the best place for a quiet romantic dinner.

  • rich e.

    Friendly staff and owner. The food is always exceptional from the appetizers to the desserts. We always choose this spot when friends and family come to town. If I had to make one improvement it would be to dampen the ambient noise levels. The tables are close together and the noise can get disruptive to conversations at your table during peak hours. That aside, the food and service is one of the best in Doylestown.

  • Lisa C.

    excellent food, fresh, high quality ingredients. a bit crowded for dinner. Lunch is my favorite here

  • Melody M.

    One of the best BYOB restaurants in the area. The space is a little small, but you won't regret it. The food is excellent. If they have it, get the bread pudding for dessert---it's out of this world. Attentive service and charming atmosphere. One of our favorite places.

  • Carter S.

    A favorite of my family's! Yes, the place is loud, and yes the place is small, but that is all part of the charm! It is BYOB--maybe I should have put that first! The waiters and waitresses are always incredibly nice and the food is incredibly authentic. So so good. For appies, we always get the Antipasti all Toscana for the meat eaters at the table and the Mozzarella alla Milanese for those of us who are veggies. It is perfect for a date night after wandering around the streets of Dtown or a movie at the County.

  • Michael P.

    Fabulous. Well done folks. Quaint little Italian BYOB right in the heart of the borough. Excellent staff. Food is out of this world. Highly recommended.

  • Chris D.

    Easily one of the best date spots in town, but get there early if you're going to shoot for Sunday brunch. Authentic, charming, and everything is delicious. This review written by an Italian!!

  • Mary Norena M.

    The place is too small and too loud but the food amazingly delicious and its BYOB awesome! Definitely coming back again!!

  • Brian C.

    This was one of the last restaurants in Doylestown I had on my list to visit and it was most certainly worth the wait! Truly fantastic, authentic Italian dishes prepared to perfection and served by a friendly and attentive staff. It's very cozy in there but it makes the atmosphere that much better, especially on a cold winter night. We started our feast with the Polenta e Gorgonzola and the Polpettine dei Bacaro di Venezia (Polenta and meatballs). Both were simply amazing and well prepared. The gorgonzola cheese sauce on the polenta was addictive to say the least. I was mopping it up with the bread, just awesome. Having the meatballs with a little twist of lemon and some parmesan vs marinara was a really nice (and new) treat. For the entrée I had the Ravioli con Manzo da Brasare which was cheese ravioli with slow cooked short rib, asparagus and sweet potato. An out of this world combination! My girl had the had one of the evenings specials which was ziti, asparagus and shrimp which smelled and tasted divine. Dessert was the blondie of which we devoured immediately. A really great experience and undoubtedly a hidden gem along West Street with all the surrounding businesses, but this small place packs a big punch!

  • Laura V.

    Breakfast is amazing and the presentation was excellent. The tables are so close together its a little uncomfortable.

  • Christina C.

    Food is wonderful! Its BYOB which is nice so you can stop and get a nice bottle of wine. The lasagna is my favorite.

  • Jimmy B.

    Lived in and around Doylestown for over 10 years and have been meaning to get here but this was our first trip to Domani Star. That's a shame because it was a great experience. Service - laid back but attentive if that makes sense. The perfect kind of service you look for. As soon as you're thinking "I'd like some more water" or "ok I'm ready to order" they were right there. Ambience - I was afraid it was going to be too close for comfort, but it wasn't at all. Cozy but not too cozy where you felt like you couldn't help hear what your neighboring couple was arguing about. Food - Awesome. Polenta appetizer was fantastic. The veal Milanese was awesome and my wife's pasta special was great All in all, couldn't say enough. Great spot

  • Robert H.

    What a great end of the day find! Staff was fun and made the night. You could tell the locals dig it! Couple @ one of the tables shared a glass of wine for everyone in the restaurant. What a nice treat!! Put it on your list. You will be back

  • Linda R.

    Just went Saturday night and it was so noisy .We changed our table two times and it didn't help.

  • Sondra D.

    As always food is amazing.... best home cooked meal on the east coast!! Yum Yum!! perfect for date night or quick take out!

  • Andrew M.

    As a once loyal customer, I have to say this has become one of the worst restaurants I have experienced. The food is decent, at best, often not served hot, and frankly outside the pasta dishes not worth the money. But the real problem is the service, particularly at the front desk, which the night my wife and I came for her birthday dinner and made a reservation asking specifically for a quiet table in the corner were offered instead a table where one chair was constantly being bumped by staff from the kitchen and the other chair was being bumped by servers from the central serving station where they get water pitchers and silverware. When we asked for one of the empty four-tops, we were told they were all reserved, after which a group came in with no reservation and was seated at a four-top table. After ten minutes of waiting and being told that it would be another 45 minutes before we could sit down, we simply left. This used to be a nice neighborhood place for celebrations, but I won't bother to go back again, especially given the the rude, unfriendly awkwardness of the young woman at the front desk.

  • Tim W.

    Very good, solid Italian food. Very cramped confines, especially at dinnertime. I'd recommend going for lunch if you're on the claustrophobic side or don't tolerate loudness very well. The Venetian-style meatballs are different (breaded on the outside, served with shaved Parmigiano and lemon wedges), but in a good way. I'd recommend ordering a side of marinara to dip them in. The veal is excellent, as are all the pasta dishes. Love the BYO aspect. We usually hit Pag's Wine Bar across the street for a pre-dinner drink, so as long as we have a bottle for dinner, it works out very well. We'll definitely be back.

  • David D.

    I hate to be the nay-sayer here, and even checked to ensure I was reviewing the correct restaurant relative to these other positive reviews. I came for brunch, and maybe it was an off day, but it was perhaps my worst dining experience I've endured in the past couple years. They were crowded for the brunch scene, but the wait was only about 5 minutes for a table so I thought we'd give it a go. The maitre'd was very pleasant, but she and some of the staff were extremely casual. Think acid-washed jeans and footwear one step above crocs. I was slightly taken aback. We waited 15 minutes for our waitress to take our order. In the intervening time a host came by to take our drinks order. We had two coffees and a sparkling water. He brought the coffees sans teaspoons (we used our forks), and while doing us the favor of opening the sparkling water, he declined to pour! At this point, I was quite worried. When our food order arrived another 15-20 minutes later, I was so disappointed. My DP had oatmeal and eggs benedict. The oatmeal was inedible, watery instant Quaker Oats. It came with a side of about a cup of brown sugar. I don't know what they were thinking. They did not bring any toast with the eggs benedict, and when my DP requested, they finally brought over some toasts, but no butter! Ominously, there was a stray piece of bacon in the eggs benedict. I had a fruit cup and beets salad. The fruit cup was terrible. Clearly they cut the fruit on the same chop block they use for garlic and onions, since that was what "infused" the fruit. Some of the grapes were old, as well. The beets salad was inedible. The beets were canned, and desiccated looking. The greens part of the salad was okay, but there was an unevenly shaved gala apple on top, which was just weird. The dressing was incongruous. My advice, get the pasta instead.

  • E D.

    Made an early evening reservation and requested a window. When we arrived two window seats were available, but the hostess said they had been reserved (not sure why their reservation superseded ours). Service was great. We ordered the recommendation made by the waitress. The food was average. A lot of people had hyped this place so our expectations were pretty high. We'd probably return to give then another shot. However, with all the restaurants in town it might take a while.

  • Tia S.

    We made reservations and arrived early. We were seated then told the party behind arriving behind us had earlier reservations and we had to give up our table. Waiting few minutes more, we were seated. The staff tried to make up the inconvenience with appetizers. Whatever. I will admit the food was very good and the presentation was beautiful. We all enjoined out meals. Hostess staff lacked. Having a wait staff Make my husband hand over his plate over me rather than walk around the table was The End. I may be from out of town, but this place came highly recommended by locals and I was excited about a good quality, local ambiance meal. Not Impressed At All.

  • Hector T.

    Absolutely best place to eat in D town. Great service (Lee and Jess are friendly and attentive), special dishes are consistently can't miss. BYO, intimate setting. Definitely get the meatballs as an app. Highly Zagat rated too.

  • T B.

    This is a small family owned trattoria that manages to be unpretentious yet excellent. They don't take a lot of short cuts with the food. They've apparently had the same cook staff for years and it shows. The Bolognese is actually real Bolognese -- takes all day to prepare -- very hard to find in the suburbs. Not quite what you'd find in Tuscany, but it's as close as you'll get here. Calamari was really delicate, not the rubber you get most places -- it had to be made fresh. The fish was likewise prepared with a lot of care. We had a spinach ravioli that was to die for. The other thing I like is the menu changes quite a bit, presumably based on what produce and fish they can find that week. That means if you keep coming back, there will usually be something new to try. Corporate shopping center restaurants can't compete with that. Given the quality of the food, my only request would be that they use fresh pasta for everything, not just the ravioli. If you're spending 6 hours on your Bolognese, it would be nice if you'd spend 30 minutes making fresh tagliatelle to serve it on instead of dried rigatoni. But that's my only nitpick. Service was highly professional and friendly. Prices are a little high for Doylestown, but food this good does not come cheap. And it's a BYO so you save a bundle bringing your own Primitivo to drink with this excellent trattoria food.

  • Elizabeth Z.

    Domani Star is a cute Italian restaurant with a fabulous seasonal menu. If you are looking for a cozy little BYOB restaurant for a romantic evening or a nice place to catch-up with friends over some pasta, this is my #1 recommendation. From Bruchetta to Cappuccino, from Reservation to Bill, Domani Star is a treat!

  • John N.

    Great small intimate Italian place in what I think is central Doylestown. The meatball was moist and supreme and the dessert flan was so rich and delicious. The dining room is tiny and the feel is very personal. I wish I could say more but it's been a long time and I only went once. But let me tell you, even as a vegetarian now, I can still remember how good everything was at Domani, including the meat dishes.

  • Teresa M.

    My husband and I dined here on a Saturday evening with another couple. Food was excellent! We all shared the polenta appetizer and antipasti, both were delicious. I ordered the Scaloppini de pollo-it was amazing! My husband ordered the fish dish, which was one of the specials of the evening, he enjoyed it as well. We live about an hour away and we would definitely make the drive and return again. The only reason for 4 stars, like many other reviews, seating was kind of cramped and the noise level was rather high. However, the meal totally make up for these two minor issues.

  • Joe R.

    Cozy little Resturant that is just a slam dunk pick . The Venetian style meatballs are great and a must have. You should also try the polenta served with a Gorgonzola sauce that is awesome. When available get the chocolate pudding. Just a great byob

  • Jane E.

    A few words to define this neighborhood classic...cozy, intimate, local, BYOB! Domani Star is a must for anyone that wants a truly local/authentic dining experience. They book up quickly so be sure to make reservations. ATMOSPHERE: As mentioned above, very intimate and cozy. There are at most 20 tables in the whole place. FOOD: Consistently delicious. Go for the polenta gorgonzola, it's worth EVERY calorie. Meatballs are good to share as well. You can't go wrong with the veal or fish entrees. The pastas are also a good option (especially the Bolognese). SERVICE: It's a all hands on deck operation. The person that seats you, might also be your server and might also clear your plates but who cares. It's such a small place that they're able to pull it off. Just be patient, enjoy that bottle of wine you brought in with no corkage fee.

  • M K.

    Sorry, we wanted to like it. But we did not. It's a lively busy place, but it's not real Italian. Had the salad with 'veal' on the bottom. It was pressed veal, all breading. Just not our kind of place. Next time we will cook Italian at home.

  • Julie S.

    Ate there last night with friends. A terrific dining experience. All the food was fantastic. The service was great. Fun night thanks to Domani Star!

  • Caleb B.

    I go to Domani Star for Breakfast once every while, and I'm pleased to say that It is my favorite place for Pancakes in Doylestown. Pancakes are delicious! Every single kind is good! The portions are a good size and it is a cozy little diner. The reason I downgraded it a star is because sometimes it can take a long time to get your breakfast. Other than that, Domani Star is great!

  • Ron W.

    Had a delightful dinner here this week. 3 cheese lasagna was delicious and my wife and our friend loved the salmon. A bit loud, but owner was very friendly and service was good. Try the polenta as an appetizer but plan to share since it's so big. It's a BYOB restaurant.

  • Nikki S.

    The food is always delicious, good service, love a BYOB! I wish there were a few more seafood options, and it does get a bit loud in such a small place.

  • Chelsey B.

    First time here...came for brunch. Overall, good experience. The food was delicious and I love how they incorporate Italian flare to traditional breakfast dishes. I had the omelet topped with house made bolognese sauce and it was awesome!

  • Jack S.

    the flounder dish and veggies was wonderful byo is great wine glasses are ok bruschetta tomatos great but bread was so full of garlic as to make it inedible salads are very nice people are friendly atmosphere is a fun one on a fun small town street home made tiramisu wonderful bread pudding was warmed with a microwave areas were burning hot and areas were cold bad move put it on the grill? fun dinner place btw meatballs are great just need to be fine tuned

  • Kendall B.

    Come for BRUNCH!! I love Domani Star for lunch and dinner, but as of lately, I am hooked on their fabulous weekend brunch! It is served on both Saturday's and Sundays, and the BYOB rules apply for the a.m. hours as well, so feel free to bring some champagne for mimosas. I would highly recommend the Italian Country Scramble which is eggs scrambled with crispy fried polenta, arugula, and fontina cheese served with a side of their incredible roasted potatoes. If you are going for lunch or dinner then I suggest you order the polenta with rosemary in gorgonzola cream sauce, which is sensational. #Foodgasm I also love the Jessica Omelet with Avocado, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and goat cheese. It feels clean on the palate, healthy, and satisfying. If you are hungry--and I mean, hungry--then try the Domani Omelet with their incredible bolognese sauce and aged Asiago cheese. It is a no joke meal though, be prepared to go right back to bed. And, if you are coming to Domani for dinner, then try something starchy with their amazing bolognese sauce: either the lasagna or penne bolognese, It is fantastic. Ohh and don't forget to order a cappuccino either! They are among the best I've ever had, and remember, I've been to Italy before!

  • Ilona K.

    Atmosphere was on the loud side. Setting was ok. Service style was more like a diner than a fine restaurant. Side dishes were nice but the filet mignon was literally difficult to swallow - sinewy, gray and looked like it had been boiled. The dessert was very good but the canned whipped cream was a disappointment. Overall we would not give it another try.

  • Rod T.

    This place is a dump & tacky. Hostess is an idiot. Dirty carpet, amateur servers, microwaved-like food. Keep looking or stay hungry. Not worth a dollar.

  • Brian H.

    4 star overall, 5 star for Doylestown This is definitely in the top 3 in Doylestown, and a wonderful, quaint, friendly, with a cosmopolitan flair, BYOB. This has been consistently a 4 star experience for many many years. The various salads for starters you cannot go wrong, very fresh, very crisp, very tasty, complex in ingredients, but simple in pleasure Entrees were exceptional. I ordered the Fazzoletti, little handkerchief pasta, with pieces of braised beef short ribs, sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, white wine, lemon & basil sauce, topped with arugula, toasted breadcrumbs and aged Asiago. Nothing specific was competing for attention in this dish, the multi- flavors celebrated together. The duck special for the evening was very good, I had at least a taste. ;-) The desert of a warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and a nice large dollop of whipped cream was good, of course it was, it was chocolate. On a busy, snowy Wednesday night, I felt right at home with the attentive service. The crowd was noisy but very fun and diverse. I shouldn't wait two years to go back again. If I lived in Doylestown this would be once a week venue for me.

  • Seth G.

    Domani Star is authentic Italian. My wife and I went on our first date, since having our baby boy, last night. The service was superb, the food was amazing and the decor was cozy and welcoming. It's a bit pricey but well worth it for the quality of food you get. The only disadvantage was that it was quite chilly inside. It was a brisk night and the restaurant is in an old historical building in Doylestown. So bring a sweater.

  • Matt B.

    Just was there today. Had brunch with my family. Very small and quaint however the food was very good. I had the carbonara scramble passed on the toast and home fries and got a side of Italian sausage. My Mom had Eggs Benedict and my Wife had the Birds Nest (which is BABY ARUGULA, AVOCADO, TOMATO, GRANO PADANO CHEESE, POACHED EGGS AND BALSAMIC). Meal was very good. The staff was very attentive and overall the experience was a good one. Just a heads up on dining there - brunch is loud and at times hard to hear yourself think because of the size of the room. Also be prepared to wait because it's busy. So if you're looking for a quiet place for brunch I would try somewhere else based on today's experience. However if you don't mind then definitely worth it.

  • Robert R.

    I've been wanting to write this review on DS for a while as we have enjoyed our meal and setting every time we've gone out for dinner in this petite, but worth the effort, establishment. If the size of your table is distracting when you dine, (not to me) then the quality of the meal (and its presentation) is wholly worth it. Enjoy whatever they are serving up for the evening and be impressed with the attentive staff and their knowledge of the ala carte' menu. Bring your favorite red or white as it won't be going home with you once you sit down at the table. B

  • Taiyo O.

    Fried calamari was unexpectedly good. I think it was the Marinara sauce. I Anchovy might be a secret ingrident(?). Shared salad with my husband was nicely separated into tow dishes and still it was a good portion for one. Old American Italian main dishes were good portion, a bit salty but bland but I do appreciate fresh tomato sauce they make each time. Three small pieces of veal parmegiana were okay but tomato sauce on the side that I asked saved this dish. One of veal tasted funny so I didn't finish. I enjoyed their bread pudding. I like the yellow sauce (apricot?).

  • Angela G.

    I was here for breakfast a few days ago and was unimpressed. I ordered a side of country sausage and received one tiny, overcooked sausage link. It was so dry and tasteless I could barely eat it. The french toast was okay, but nothing I would order again. It was very loud, also, so one of the servers had to yell when she asked us what we wanted to drink.

  • Katie K.

    Went to Domani Star back in the winter and overall it was a nice experience. The service was really good, my filet entrée was good and it is a BYOB. I read some other reviews and they raved about the brunch, but I am not a brunch person. I just thought the dinner food was good. I really want a restaurant in Doylestown that I want to go to every week that I can't wait to come back. I think I am still looking. Like most reviews point out Domani Star is "cozy", let's be honest it is a pretty tiny place and the tables are paired up together. So if you do not bring a table of four, you might become one by the end of the night. We arrived around 6:00 on a Saturday night and when we were paying for the check, they seated another couple right next to us. It didn't bother me b/c the couple was very nice and we were on our way out the door. But the tables behind us were seated together and it seemed like they didn't know each other. My husband and I were actually discussing this last night at another restaurant that was very casual and had tables that were side by side. The difference is Domani Star is a nicer dining experience where your meal might take an hour or more. You might feel different, but I do not want to sit next to strangers my entire meal. It's one thing if you are an in-and-out kind of place, but Domani Star isn't. A quick note about the other food we tried, the polenta cakes and the risotto cakes. They were both super rich. I felt like the special risotto cakes were more breading than risotto and the waitress recommended the polenta cakes, but I could only eat a little bit of the sauce that they came in. It was just too sweet and rich. I guess I was starving when we walked in b/c I ordered a soup starter too, which I really liked. It was a special tomato that night served with tortilla strips and avocado.

  • Mike M.

    We always eat here when in the area. Usually lunch and the great soups and sandwiches never disappoint. It would be 5 stars and probably actually deserves to be except that the room can become quite noisy when crowded, which is often. If you don't mind this, it's a 5.

  • Jennifer B.

    Aren't too many BYOB's in Doylestown so this is a nice find. Small place so it can get loud. But the staff was attentive enough and the food was solid. It's a classic, unfussy, Italian-american menu with seasonal dishes and nice specials. Had the polenta cake w/ rosemary cream sauce starter and the 'Lasagna de Casa' (the non-meat one). both were very good. Simple, homemade red sauce with bright, clean, fresh tomato flavors. [I'd rather have that than something more artificially studded with dried herbs like some other rater seemed to want.]. Husband's calimari were also cooked well. We'll be giving it another shot in the future.

  • Renata S.

    This place definitely lived up to the hype, we loved it! The food is authentic, fresh, delicious... My husband said it was the best Italian meal he's had in a long time. Not the typical chain restaurant, Italian American fare... We've been to Italy and I'd say it really reminded us of that wonderful trip! We will be back!

  • Jess F.

    This place is phenomenal!!! Best breakfast in doylestown, without a doubt, lunch is a steal, dinner will NEVER leave you hungry, and all the desserts are homemade- what's not to love?! Not to mention it's a BYOB! I can't say enough great things about this restaurant, and everyone I have recommended it to has absolutely loved it. Yes it is small and can get noisy but hello people go find a restaurant in the city that is Byob for the same price and same portion sizes and tell me it's not noisy and crowded! Service is always great, place is always busy, and regardless of where you sit you can ABSOLUTELY hear your conversation with your date/party perfectly fine. This will continue to be my favorite restaurant

  • Sean D.

    One of my favorite restaurants right now is Domani Star. I went to college up in Doylestown and use to frequent the area a lot for lunch. Back in Feb I went here with some friends and had an amazing dinner. So much so I returned back this week to have it again. Sunday - Thurs they have a 3 course dinner option for $24 which I dont know how they can afford to price it that well but they do. Portions on that menu are very large and is more than enough. Would recommend this place if you are in doylestown or anywhere close. As with any restaurant, you will see people leave bad reviews but I completely disagree with the lower star ratings.

  • RW ..

    28 on Zagats? I'm grading on a scale. Service is horrendous. For apps we ordered antipasti, which is highlighted by "mild and spicy Sopressata". Ours had NO sopressata at all. They brought some over on a separate plate after we were halfway through the dish. For the second course we ordered 2 salads but the salads brought to the table were not the salads we ordered. Waitress drops off dishes without breaking stride on the way to her next table, so when they give the wrong dish there is no time to tell them that they dropped off the wrong dish. They corrected both mistakes without pausing at our table, much less to offer an apology or even a kind word. OK so they made a couple mistakes. But the "fly-by" service and the fact that no one ever took the time to ask us how the food was leads me to the "horrendous" label and the 2 stars. Good quality olive oil on the table, but the bread is straight from the bread section of the local Giant. Then came the entrees. They got both of them right! Penne Bolognese was quite good, but a 28? Veal e Speck was really amazing. Quality smoked prosciutto and mozzarel with perfectly cooked and seasoned veal. Best veal dish I've had in recent memory. But I'm still flummoxed by the Zagats 28. One point below Tom Keller's French Laundry??? That's a joke.

  • Dave W.

    We went here with friends on a recent Sunday evening of a holiday weekend. The food is five stars - my calamari appetizer, veal milanese entree and blondie brownie dessert were all unbelievably good. It was not very busy on the Sunday we were there, but we have been there on Friday and Saturday evenings and it does get loud then (it doesn't help that the tables are close together). Still, this is as good a dinner as you can get in Doylestown (and it's BYOB!).

  • Nicholas W.

    Went here on a Monday night with my wife and in laws for dinner. The food was excellent and the servers were very attentive. I would definitely go back again.

  • Michael K.

    Enjoyed dinner here last week. Food was excellent and service was even better. Atmosphere is a bit loud but it adds to the total experience of good food, good service enjoyed with good friends. Definitely going back.

  • Nicole B.

    Very small and tables on top of one another. Went for date night and so loud, we had to shout across table. Hard chairs and blah decor. Bruschetta is garlic bread with tomatoes thrown on top, flavor okay but a mess to eat. Caesar dry and meal just okay. Husband got pasta that must have had liquid heat in it and wreaked. Not returning.

  • Matt W.

    Someone pass the salt! If you feel like dining out but don't want all the "flavor" that restaurant food normally has, then this is your place. Sometimes it's hard to believe that anyone in the kitchen tasted the food before the customers did. Also, we got the classsic "let me sit you right beside the only other couple in the restaurant because it's more convenient for me" routine from the server. Doesn't that bother anyone besides me? When we asked to move, she huffed and rolled her eyes. Skip it. I think that the positive reviewers must enjoy the blander things in life.

  • Barry P.

    Our favorite BYOB in Bucks. Food is fresh, creative and well prepared. Creative specials change daily. Appetizers/salads range in price from 9-17 and entrees which include primi (pasta) and secondi (traditional meat and fish dishes range from 20-40). After a wonderful cup of thick spicy spit pea soup with bacon I had a veal and beef meatball course, tasty but yearning for something to make it moister (polpette). My entree was a wonderful Chicken sorrentino ala scallopine with cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and mozzarrella. Two of the courses I doggie bagged due to their size. Service friendly and attentive. The only drawback for some may be the tight quarters (some call it "intimate"). They have a dozen or so tables in the main dining room plus limited seating in the bar. Due to how good it is, it always packed. Not for the claustrophobic, but all in all a great dining experience


    For John N. - their vegetarian dishes are delicious too! I had eggplant parmigian but they also have veggie lasagna, To the only one-star reviewer: here I might write what I think about you, like you wrote about us, positive reviewers, but that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? See?

  • CL F.

    There is much not to like here. The place is cramped, hot and more "cheap" furnished than quaint, with small, uncomfortable little chairs. Gazpacho was good, but that was it. The salmon was not fresh tasting and covered with some awful cream sauce (why order fish?!). The chicken Marsala was vile, with an uncooked lump of mozzarella cheese on top. The service is slow as the place is crowded together with little room to walk, and it may be the Loudest restaurant in Bucks county. Not 'energetic', but so loud to the point where everybody is shouting to be heard. With so many great choices in Doylestown area, this is one to pass on.

  • M. C.

    Great Italian BYOB in the heart of Doylestown. The polpettine (meatball appetizer is delicious) the meatballs are crispy on the outside but juicy and flavorful on the inside and you squeeze fresh lemon on top. We also had the polenta appetizer which was quite good. All the entrees I saw looked amazing. I had the Linguine fra diavlo with shrimp and crabmeat in a spicy plum tomato sauce. My wife had the dover sole which she loved. The service was terrific and we sat outside on the sidewalk on a nice night which was a bonus. I highly recommend this restaurant.

  • Phanatic R.

    Great atmosphere, good service, BYOB and awesome food! We left stuffed because the portions were generous. The meatballs are unbelievable! I can't wait to go back and order them again.

  • Nataki H.

    We lucked up on this place for brunch when I local favorite was closed and were pleasantly surprised. We all ordered breakfast. The food was very tasty, super reasonable and the place was pretty cute. This place will definitely be on our breakfast rotation.

  • Christina K.

    Domani Star is one of Doylestown's "destination restaurants" and I don't really understand why. The Husband and I went there for dinner last night. It's a small little restaurant, painted a biology-textbook shade of pink (you know what I'm talking about) with a dozen or so tables crowded into a room about the size of the average McMansion living room. So naturally, it's very loud at times. The service was slow, but brusque. (Lots of things were thumped down on our table.) And the food was good, but certainly nothing special. We ordered the bruschetta for an appetizer. Tomatoes and "herbs" (basil was it) cost $3.50 extra. The tomatoes were grape tomatoes cut in half - not cut into little chunks like you might be used to. And it had a heck of a lot of garlic. We both liked it. Our entrees were underwhelming. I got the lasagna della casa alla Bolognese. And I think there was as much salt in it as meat. Wow. I drank three or four glasses of water during dinner and still felt dehydrated afterwards. The Husband ordered chicken with spinach and cannellini beans (I forget the Italian name). He said it was "just OK." For dessert, we got chocolate cake with fruit on top and ice cream and caramel. I make better chocolate cake at home. Dinner was not worth the $70.

  • Elaine W.

    My friend and I each had the $24/three course dinner as well as delicious calamari as an app. Soup of the day was cold cucumber tomato which I really enjoyed. My salmon with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes was wonderful (tad bit salty). Friend had ceasar salad and spaghetti carbonara (sauce was tasty without being heavy). Bread pudding was delicious. Chocolate cake was just ok. Outside seating is a nice touch. BYOB makes it even better. We'll be back.

  • Linda C.

    Gets 4 stars for an amazing breakfast. I am not a pancake fan, but you HAVE to try the pancakes. Really friendly service, great coffee, and their desserts are great too. If they have the chocolate pudding (I know, I know, sounds ho hum..) definitely get it. It's sublime. Dinner here is solid, but doesn't live up to all the hype. It is a good southern Italian offering. We'd still go back, as it is still one of the better and consistent restaurants in Doylestown.

  • Matt S.

    Bummer . . . after reading several reviews I was actually expecting a decent dinner. This BYO's wait staff was friendly and attentive, but that's where it ends. The tiny basket of thinly sliced grocery store french bread was poor. Caesar salad had way too much garlic. My "Lasagna alla Bolognese" was no more italian than a taco. I don't think there was a flake of herb or a grain of seasoning anywhere in there. crushed tomatoes and ground beef does not a Bolognese make. My wife's "Linguine fra Diavolo con Gamberi e Granchio" was way too hot. I'm a huge fan of spice but there was incredibly way too much crushed red pepper and I think the crab was slightly off. We're both fans of heat, but she couldn't finish it. There was a fair amount of crab and the shrimp were of nice size, but I am surprised the average person would find this edible due to the heat. Not again.

  • L M.

    Up from Wilmington on Tuesday for 2 days' of sightseeing, our B & B host at the Oscar Hammerstein Farm recommended Domani Star. It was great. Such a wonderful value for the prix fix menu we chose. My mother had the salmon w/potatoes and harcot vert and pronouced it wonderful. I had the linguini with grilled chicken and spinach. Yummy but too much - enough for 2. Lots of garlic and also in my tasty (just like I like it) Caesar salad. Mom had the cold cucumber dill soup. Refreshing, but serving was too large for a appetizer so she couldn't finish it. Along with our 3 course meal for $24 each (!!!!!), we had the Bassett's peach ice cream. Ambiance: cute, pink and girlie, close tables in a small dining room with mirrors and thotchkes. Service: professional, attentive and responsive. These 2 women had the 12 tables which were occupied so they were hopping and had eachother's backs. Not much time for introductions and pleasantries, however, I've learned if you are warm and friendly, you will get a similar response. Some patrons seem to think they can treat waittstaff like servants. Reservations: I called ahead and asked. The response was: 'yes, please', which I took as respectful and informative. She also gave me a heads up on the BYOB and a nearby liquor store. Later, I was told that if they are busy they must turn away any customers without reservations. May be a good idea to reconfirm your reservation the day of. It was a wonderful dining experience - great, fresh, home-made food and fabulous value. Where can you have 3 courses and iced tea for 2 people for $52? oh, and re kids? leave the little ones and babies at home, please. It gets a bit noisey so screaming infants are something you don't want to hear when you're having a white tablecloth dinner in a very close, intimate setting and trying to have 'adult conversations'. Sweet place for romantic dinners too.


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Opening Hours

  • Tue


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : No
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Loud
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Italian Cuisine

The immense popularity of Italian cuisine globally isn't unknown. You can find an Italian Pizzeria around every corner of almost every city in the United States. Not to forget that in every house, people enjoy mac and cheese as comfort food. But it would be wrong to believe that Italian food starts with pizza and ends with good pasta as this Mediterranean country has much more to offer other than these two dishes. In Italian Cuisine, there is a high use of fresh tomatoes, all kinds of herbs, great quality of cheese, all types of meat, seafood and fresh handmade pasta. Many find it hard to believe that Italians have been making noodles long back.

Italian and Greek cuisines are always mistaken to be same, but they are poles apart. The primary difference between the two cuisines is the use of cheese in most of the Italian dishes. Italians love to cultivate their own cheese and process them as per their food requirement. It is believed that some cheese is so expensive that cheese producers secure them in lockers.

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Domani Star

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