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Visit below restaurant in Nichols Hills for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Nichols Hills for healthy meals suggestion.

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  • Julie S.

    Well, here's the good, so it seems: a nice patio for drinks with friends. And, in all actuality, the food we ate was good. We split the Presidente fajitas, which come with beef, chicken and shrimp. I like the fact that the fajitas are served with all the good stuff - guac, pico, sour cream and shredded cheese. The price was right, at $25 with plenty of meat for two hungry people and lots of sautéed veggies. So, why three stars? Well, it's a watering hole for the Nichols Hill and neighboring crowd. If you come in later, as we did on Friday, you'll find big tables of loud, inebriated, well-heeled - but not necessarily well-mannered - groups of people. There were lots of people (and lots of drinking smokers) on the patio, so we opted for inside. But right in the middle of the nearly-empty restaurant, sat a large group of people who seemed to have been sitting there drinking for hours. They were loud, behaving as though they were the only ones in the restaurant, when in actuality there were 4-5 other tables. There was a loud, offensive five minute conversation about pho, and how you pronounce it (and how white people should pronounce it and how the Vietnamese pronounce it - I'm totally serious here). So, we endured that during our meal. I think it bothers my husband that I can't just tune out bad behavior and lack of manners, and just enjoy myself, but that's a skill I haven't mastered yet. At one point, a woman I've known for ten years stumbled into the restaurant from the patio, looked right at me, and had no recognition that she knew me. I wondered if she was driving herself home. Maybe they walk? It was just bizarre. It didn't help that our server seemed to be the only server taking care of the entire busy patio and the tables inside. Everything took longer, through no fault of her own, and by the time we waited for 10-15 for her to bring the check and then return with the slip, I was beyond ready to get out of there. The woman behind me was telling a ten minute story (at unbelievable decibels) about her futile search for Wonder Woman underwear. Maybe some people would just find it humorous, but I just wanted an invisible plane to get the eff out of there.

  • Dawn I.

    Mamacita's deserves one star only because the chips were so very good. Otherwise, I would be searching for the negative numbers. 5 of us went for dinner on a Monday night about 6:30. The place was empty. We were seated promptly and the servers were attentive, though not knowledgeable about their product. That ends the positive experience. A restaurant is mostly about the food, and other than the chips, the food was very poor. I ordered 3 tacos. They were served in cold Wal-Mart-style flour tortillas. One of the tacos had BBQ sauce on it. Ugh! I requested corn tortillas. They, too, were straight out of the bag. With all of the great tortillerias in OKC, why would they not buy their tortillas from a good tortilleria to give themselves some cred as a Mexican restaurant? The side of black beans tasted like they came straight from the can. The rice was not worth putting in my mouth; it was bland. The relish was OK, but I thought the carrots were tough. Someone else ordered the pork tamales. I've eaten better Wal-Mart tamales from the freezer. They were filled with a chili sauce with tiny bits of pork. They were a frozen product. The enchilada order was no better. I would have gotten better food at Taco Bell. The finale was the sopaipillas. They were flat and smothered in sugar and served with packages of honey. The final nail in the coffin was the lack of a changing table in the bathroom. There are too many places to enjoy a meal in OKC. Do not waste your time and money at Mamacita's.

  • Jade U.

    Mamasita's is a great place to grab a drink, but I haven't been that impressed with the food (hence the two-star rating), so I don't head here for my Mexican food fix They have a nice selection of tequila's (try the Casamigo's, crazy smooth!), cold beer, and their patio is really nice in the summer. It's large, shaded, and the wait staff will come outside to take your order instead of you having to continually go inside to order.

  • Walter B.

    Good chips, beer, tequila... That's a must at all Mexican restaurants if your 20 slash 30 something young adult. Mamasitas gives you all of that as well as good food a family or small group can enjoy.

  • Jenn W.

    After reading reviews about this restaurant, we almost didn't go. So glad we did. The humanga burro was delish! Great drink specials. Service was equally impressive.

  • Kim N.

    I really don't think this place is as bad as other reviews have said. I work nearby and come here for lunch often. The main downside is that somedays service is slower than others. Today's visit in particular wasn't bad. Though it seems they changed the menu and how they prepared some of the food. The salsa seemed to change with our refill. The first little bowl was deliciously spicy, and when our server brought out more little ramekins of salsa, it was incredibly salty. Chips were light and crispy. I ordered a 2 enchilada platter, one spinach and one seafood. The seafood enchilada contained imitation crab, so it was a bit of a let down. I was expecting shrimp. The spinach enchilada was interesting... It seemed like the sauce contained cream cheese. My colleague ordered a full order of shrimp quesadilla and it looked and tasted great. While overall it's not super delicious, it's convenient and not too shabby, depending on what you order.

  • Joy M.

    I think you just need to know what to order if you ever dine here.... I thought the queso was the best I've had in OKC and that might be due to the fact that I'm not used to the Velveeta cheese that most places tend to use. Their salsa is nothing to write home about because it has this real sour after taste. Almost like they added vinegar to the mixture. Who knows... I ordered the BBQ Pork Tacos and wish I ordered something else. It was literally BBQ slathered pieces of pulled pork on top of a corn tortilla with a ton of cilantro. I even received a few ugly chopped pieces of cilantro which is a no no in my book. Service was fantastic and that's why I couldn't bare to give this place 2 stars. The waiter always kept my drink refilled and so were the chips and salsa. OH and btw- the queso comes in this really good fried crispy shell that I loved. I wish their tortillas were just as good though- obviously not home made and tasted like it was just warmed up on a pan. Meh

  • Traylor R.

    Worst "Mexican" food in OKC. The margarita tasted like lime water and I've had better Mexican food in TV dinners. The place was dead on a Saturday night, which speaks volumes considering the restaurant's great location. Don't waste your time or money here.

  • Samantha G.

    Great Patio! Terrible food for the price. I will return but only for their patio! Someone needs to scoop this place up and re-do the menu and their entire management team! And get some flat screens for your outdoor patio.. my gosh.. i couldn't even read the score to the basketball game because the box tv was so fuzzy!

  • Pam F.

    Admittedly these reviews almost scared me away from Mamasita's! However, I went on a coupon and crossed my fingers. The food ended up being absolutely amazing -- unless I was really really hungry! LOL Anyhow, the surf and turf tacos I had were good and I'd go back just for those alone. Didn't order drinks, so can't speak to that and came during the middle of the day so I received service immediately. While the server rocked, I did notice a group of waitresses/hosts chatting it up with little regard to the other patrons so I can understand bad service by the other reviewers. Not rushing back, but it was OK in my book.

  • Sharon M.

    I think people that know me may be surprised that we really enjoyed this restaurant. We were on our way to another restaurant in the area but it was packed, so we figured we'd give Mamasita's a try. As I was sitting there I pulled Mamasitas up on my Yelp app, and quickly became nervous over the sub-par reviews. But, I was quickly surprised and we really enjoyed it. I am always happy when I can get Pepsi over Coke, but that was just the 1st of many things I liked. Our server, Jenny, was AMAZING. Super friendly and the perfect amount of attention was paid to our table. The chips and salsa, are really good. I grew up on Mexican food, like literally grew up eating it almost every day. These chips rocked. The salsas were really good as well. I ordered a quasedilla, which is hard to mess up anyway. But, it was really, really good. My son ordered a bean and cheese burrito. (Which if you know my son, or read any of my other reviews on Mexican restaurants, of course he ordered a bean and cheese burrito) He gave it a thumb up, which is a good sign. My sister ordered some huge burrito with ground beef and I don't know... but she liked it. My son and sister both ordered fried icecream, and really enjoyed it. It was actually made very well and I enjoyed the couple bites I stole from them as well. We probably won't rush back because there are plenty of Mexican food restaurants we enjoy between our house and that side of town, but we liked it. I'm glad we gave it a try.

  • John O.

    Not great food just your basic mexican restaurant . Plenty of other better options in town.

  • Capt. S.

    Worst Mexican food I have ever had anywhere, hands down. The absolute worst. Have had better rice & beans from a frozen dinner.

  • Helen M.

    Hork. Hhhuurrggh. Spacious patio, sort of ratty (read "interesting" interior), and a decent location but oh my gazpacho, this place sucks. Truck stop queso, watery salsa that was most likely a blend of cocktail sauce and catchup. The beans tasted strange. Strange beans... bland rice... not good at all. Nothing authentic or even tex mex tasty about this place. Yet while eating I noticed a fair amount of people entering the restaurant. Nichols Hills white folk must keep this place in the green. I'm sorry that I wasted $10 on that Group On offer.

  • Robert W.

    The restaurant business is a mysterious thing. Brilliant people fail miserably, and newbies meet inexplicable success. In this universe of unmapped physics, however, a few conundra are so perplexing that they rise to the top of my mind, yet may never be solved. Among this elite group: in a city dominated by Mexican and Mexican-inspired dining; a city where every diner has fresh salsa and grocery stores have more brands of tortillas than potato chips; how can Mamasita's have been created, and allowed to continue its tortured existence? Of course the confused Oklahoman palate and the destruction of Varsity across the street contribute. But I'm telling you, the cheese sauce tastes like very thin school glue. They serve enchiladas with a weird chunky tomato sauce. The service is so awful people routinely walk around the restaurant trying to get someone to give them food and drink. Trying to avoid the "local flavor," I ordered a hamburger, only to discover that gristle is now a condiment. I suppose I could make some headway on this mystery if I understood why I've been there more than once. Oh yeah. Cheap margaritas, although they sometimes taste rancid, keep a large group cohesive. I remember now.

  • Justin P.

    Get the Mexican tacos and try to zone out the fifty thousand dollar millionaires who frequent the bar.

  • Thunder L.

    This place made me want to barf.

  • John S.

    I ordered a margarita and it tasted really funky. It must've been the most disgusting margarita I had ever drank. Its hard to describe the taste, but diluted bile (and Lysol) come to mind. I sent it back and got a beer. The food? Don Miguel and Jose Ole's microwave dinners taste A LOT BETTER.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10
  • Mon : 11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes


Mexican Cuisine

If you enjoy Taco Tuesday, then you have officially fallen in love with the Mexican Food. The main grain of Mexican cuisine is maize. Also known as corn, maize is grown for the past 9000 years after the crop was discovered by the people in Mayan civilization. Mexican empire flourished when they started growing beans, tomatoes, chili pepper, sweet potato and cactus. Till this date these ingredients are used in cooking authentic Mexican dishes and drinks.

Great use of spices, fresh chili pepper dishes like fajitas, tortilla chips, corn chips, salsa, chimichangas, burritos, nachos and quesadillas are invented in America. But when you are looking for authentic Mexican food then you must find a restaurant in the city that serves Rajas con Queso, Garbanzo in a Guajillo Chile Sauce, Pork Filled Chiles Rellenos, Chiles en Nogada, Molcajete Salsa, Pico de Gallo and Frijoles de la Olla. An eye-opening fact – Mexican don't like their food hot. They use fresh chili and other spices to create a flavor that lingers in your mouth.

Mexican food is great for those who are Gluten Intolerant as they use Corn instead of wheat in most of their dishes. Also, you can easily find many beans based Mexican dishes. Another dish which didn't get similar glory as tacos or nachos is the Mexican hot chocolate. If you love something hot on a chilly day, then go for Mexican Hot Chocolate. On merry days, you can enjoy the authentic Mexican Drinks like Tequila, Mezcal, Tecuí, Sotol, Bacanora, Charanda, Posh O Pox, Puebla and Pulque. Mexican Cuisine is for people who enjoy strong drinks and hearty meals.

Mamasita’s Restaurant

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