Los Habañeros Authentic Mexican Restaurant Menu

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Visit below restaurant in Shaker Heights for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Shaker Heights for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Cara B.

    Los Habaneros is perfect for quick, fun Mexican food! The chips and salsa are excellent and the portions are huge. Our service has always been fast and friendly (we've been about 6 times). Will continue to return!!

  • Jon H.

    I don't know quite how to explain my fondness for Los Habaneros; the food is quite good, but nothing extraordinary--something about going here leaves a warm and full feeling in the belly. The service is mighty quick and friendly, with reasonable prices for what you're getting. It might be that in this area near where I live it's one of the few non-chain type places in which you can dine and feel sorta like it's 'your place'.

  • KariGirl G.

    My boyfriend and I have been coming here for the past few weeks, the food is good, and the drinks are LARGE! Yes! the service is impeccable, they really aim to make sure you're happy. I can't wait to go back, probably this week, I was there last Friday!

  • Sina S.

    Great authentic Mexican food. Always fresh and served hot. The weekly specials are awesome. I am a regular here and have to say it's the place to go in the neighborhood.

  • Mike M.

    Hole in the wall Mexican place. Food was good, came out very quickly. The margaritas are pretty big and good. I had the enchiladas rancheras and enjoyed every bite of it (which lasted for two meals since it was so big).

  • Dean D.

    Been there a few times for lunch. Very nice fare, very light and authentic. Great value for money, too. Friendly staff and super quick service. A great place for lunch on a workday.

  • Summer L.

    Exactly what you'd expect of well-executed Midwestern Mexican--tasty, cheesy, greasy, and affordably delicious. Loads of seating and great fajitas. Some of the tables are a bit wobbly.

  • Skye B.

    My family and I are a regulars at Los Haberneros, so obviously there is something good about this restaurant that keeps us coming back. For a while I didn't know. Was it the superb service? The bowl of chips and exceptional salsa that waits on the table? The entrees? For a while I had the pork tip burrito, which was very inconsistent. Sometimes the pork was perfect, tender, juicy and lean. Other times I got fatty pieces of pork, and was unable to eat most of my meal. Then I discovered the tamales. They are delicious, and somewhat hidden. They aren't advertised, but simply tucked away in the list of appetizers that most people don't read. I don't know why, they are the perfect tamale. They have a tender shredded pork center with just the right amount of spice, stuffed inside a moist masa dough and wrapped in a corn husk. Then you have a bowl of tomato cream sauce which compliments the spice of the tamales perfectly. The only problem with the tamales is sometimes if you are unlucky the masa is a little dry. However when the tamales are well-executed and paired with a bottle of Jarritos (Mexican fruit-flavored soda,) to me is a perfect Mexican meal.

  • Jen M.

    What do Cleveland East Siders know about Mexican food? Clearly, not a lot. I would give this place 2.5 stars if I could (I am feeling generous during the 3am writing of this review and rounding up to 3 stars). Atmosphere is low-budget Mexican. That didn't bother me as I have a fondness for down-and-dirty Mexican food (see: eating off many roadside stands and taco trucks while living in California). Chips and salsa are lackluster. I ordered a cheese enchilada with salsa verde and a bean enchilada with mole sauce. Clearly, the mole sauce was store bought. The boyfriend had a combination plate and said it was good. Service was really good when we sat down but when we said we wanted to wait to order the service was suddenly incredibly slow and the server almost non-existent. BIG UPS to the super cold bottles of beer and chilled mugs they serve with them. There are way better Mexican places in the Cleveland area. The food here is just average at best.

  • Anne C.

    My family and I always stick to a couple of favorite Mexican restaurants, so the other night we thought we'd try something different. Our server was attentive, the prices were average and the restaurant, while not having changed much since its days as Sands Delicatessen, was clean and attractive. Unfortunately I can't say anything for the food. My huge margarita was funky tasting. I ordered a chile relleno and cheese enchilada combo. The chile was mushy and tough and had a strange "off" flavor, and the enchilada didn't have any flavor. I ate the rice and refried beans and they were just ok. The chips and salsa were plentiful and ok, though the salsa didn't make much of a flavor statement. In the future I know I'll be skipping the Los Habaneros dining experience for sure!!

  • Joshua F.

    This place is great. The food is very good "authentic" Mexican food. Me and my party went in very hungry and came out very very full. This is the kind of place that you are lucky to have around. The staff was very friendly, there was a little wait time but we did go in on a busy Friday night, so I don't blame them on the wait. The drinks are cheap and they have a nice selection of Mexican beers. The prices are very reasonable and 3 of us ate and drank very well for under $50. I will most definitely be going back to get more of the delicious food and great service.

  • Sunday G.

    I love Mexican food, and when I heard about this new restaurant I was STOKED! Cleveland needs more Mexican. So I went to Los Habaneros very excited. The service was very pleasant, and attentive. This is always important. The space is comfortable, mainly booth sitting which to me is ideal. I like to test Mexican joints by ordering guacamole, the guacamole here is nothing spectacular. It was on the bland side and lacked much spice. It is very smooth, but that isn't the way I enjoy it best. I'm vegetarian so it was a pleasure to see the vegetarian section on the menu. The selections are almost identical to that on the "El Rodeo" menu in Mayfield. My husband and myself each got one heaping order of a veggie selection, and we were fine with them. The beans are very creamy (is that a good way to put it??) in the sense that they are pouring out of the burritos when you take a bite. Sometimes they too struck me as bland. I wanted more spices, more...Habaneros maybe? The servings are large, the staff is attentive and next time around I will try a margarita from the full bar. We'll return because of location and the authentic Mexican flair and the way it pleases my frequent cravings not to mention affordability!

  • Kimberly S.

    For what it is - it's truly wonderful! It's the type of place where you get chips and salsa the second you sit down (points there!), and the portions are awkwardly generous. It's not fancy or pretentious - just good mexican food! Tip: If you're a member of St. Domanic's Church on Van Aken, I've been told that they put a 10% off coupon in the bulletin.

  • Fiore I.

    I would say 3.5 stars. I gave 4 Stars because of their reasonable lunch specials and fabulously friendly servers. I am all about enjoying yummy food for under $10 and this restaurant is the place! I like their fun atomosphere, especially the waiters there welcome you with huge smiles. I really recommed you to try out their Fajita lunch special (Steak or chicken) for $6.99!! They have this amazing lunch menu which are under $7. I find it very sweet that they let you order any lunch specials even for the dinner! (They add $1 after 4pm). Price range for dinner menu are around $11-$16. I can hardly finish half of the Fajita lunch special and the size of lunch specials are even enough for men. My partner and I both agree that Lopez's fajita are way better(the steak is juicy and very tasty) but theirs are like $18 instead of $6.99. If you like to enjoy mexican food in a stylish atmosphere by paying $20-$30 then Lopez is great, but Los Habaneros makes you full and doesn't leave your wallet empty.

  • Dave M.

    Are you kidding me? This is your average, quintessential Mexican fare equivalent to Chi-Chi's; nothing innovative here. They also charged me a "take-out" fee of $.25 (is that even legal?).. I will never return

  • AHG i.

    We tried out Los Habaneros last night and your yelp reviews really helped send us there (that, and a Groupon!) I can be pretty quick with this review. My food tasted Delicious. I had Camarones de Cache, with several plump shrimp in a spicy Chipotle/ cheese sauce. My husband had fajitas. That plus two sodas and tax equalled about $35.00. So I guess for Mexican food they're about 20-30% higher than a lot of places but I was definitely impressed with the food. The atmosphere is not the greatest- TVs on during dinner and screaming kids in high chairs. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. It is marked "family friendly."

  • Stephanie S.

    Delicioso! Great place to go on an empty stomach - you will need some room for the generous portions! The chips and salsa were delicious but we went ahead and splurged on the guacamole and the chile con queso too. Both were excellent. I appreciate that there's a small and large size for the dips so you can try more without having too much extra food. The menu is pretty huge, with a large selection of house specialties, traditional dishes, and many items available a la cart or as create-your-own combos. There's even a vegetarian section with about 8 options. We went with the red snapper, the spinach enchiladas, and the mixed fajitas with chicken, steak, and shrimp. They serve a huge piece of snapper with a yummy spicy topping accompanied by rice and beans. The spinach enchiladas were covered with rich queso sauce and also came with rice and beans. The fajitas, served on a sizzling platter, were ENORMOUS. In addition to the three meats, there were some tasty mushrooms, peppers, and onions mixed in. They also give a huge plate of toppings, much more generous than at most places. I could have gotten about four meals out of that dish. Even my dad (aka The Bottomless Pit) needed a doggie bag. The server was attentive and the manager also came over a few times to check in. The Mexican decorations and music playing in the background give the place a nice atmosphere. And the prices are quite reasonable. Definitely check this place out next time you're hungry for some pretty authentic Mexican food.

  • Jessica K.

    Food was ok at best, but the atmosphere was overwhelming... Very bright, loud music, and very loud people, very hard to have a conversation... Maybe it was just because it was a Friday but I won't be going back.

  • Jamie S.

    I'm a regular here. Lightning fast and friendly service "hey amigo". You can't find a cheaper Mexican beer in town- take your pick. Fajitas always good and can easily be split sometime with left overs.

  • Emiko V.

    If you're looking for a relaxed environment with great mexican food, then you better get yourself to Los Habaneros! A favorite of my boyfriend and his (and now our) roommates, I've started to become a fan myself. Hidden in a tiny strip mall, once you can find the place you won't be disappointed. The menu is extensive, so there is a little something for everyone, and everything I've ever tried has been great. And definitely don't skip out on the margaritas! Very good and you get a lot for your money, which can also be said about the food. Be sure to check the website for specials - a favorite is Tuesday's buy one marg get one half off. Service is great, atmosphere is fun, and add the excellent food and drinks and this is a combination that can't go wrong.

  • Joe L.

    This is the neighborhood hole in the wall Mexican place that serves typical hole in the wall Mexican restaurant food. If you are looking for a cheap place to grab something to eat and have a beer or two near Van Aken/Warrensville, this is a good choice. Just don't go in expecting haute cuisine.

  • Colleen M.

    I went here with my best friend and few of her friends for Cinco de Mayo and it was quite a wonderful experience. Although I did not eat anything (the menu looked delicious) I did however drink a lot (I think it was obligatory since I did go to a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo). The margaritas were delicous and the staff was very friendly. If you go here and are able to drink get a margarita with a Corona in it. It was suprisingly good! I definetly want to go back to this place!

  • Kristi B.

    I visited Los Habaneras last night for the first time. As someone who has a fondness for cheap Mexican cuisine, I was left wanted a little bit more. The service was very good and they were very attentive. The food came out lightning fast, but I would have sacrificed some speed for a bit better quality food. I ordered the chili relleno (as I often do at Mexican places) and the chicken burrito combination. The price was good at $8.50, but the chili relleno was not. The pepper was very fibrous and not appetizing in taste or texture. The chicken burrito was pretty good and I did appreciate the refried beans. They were probably the best refried beans that I have had, but be advised, they are not actually authentic, just tasty to me. The chips came out crispy and hot, just like I like them. I do agree that the atmosphere is very laid back and fun. I would go back again to try out some other dishes, but I would steer clear of the chili relleno.

  • Kerrie L.

    Went to Los Habaneros for the first time tonight with a friend. Will definitely be back! Our server was very nice, and for the most part, very prompt without being pushy. We took a little while to figure out what we wanted and he wasn't one of those waiters that kept "checking in" to see if we were ready. Chips and salsa were on the table before we even had our drinks. We got margaritas, which were 2.99 as the Wednesday special (website said 1.99 but these margaritas were really decent sized, so I'm not complaining....) Admittedly, I'm a bit of a light weight, but one margarita and I'm starting to feel warm inside :) for $2-$3 I was definitely expecting a lot less. My friend and I each got the Combination dinner... I ordered two cheese enchiladas and the combination adds Mexican rice and beans. My friend got a taco and a chalupa (which ended up more like a tostada... but oh well.) The food was out VERY quickly. Again, the waiter was by just enough for us to know he was keeping an eye out, but not so much that it was intrusive. The food is your standard midwest-Mexican fare. I wouldn't consider it "authentic" but it sure is tasty. Also, to address the Groupon issue that has been mentioned in other reviews... We didn't have a Groupon, unfortunately, but we saw other tables that did (the paper coupon) and they were checking out with no problem. As I said, we will definitely be back!

  • Mary S.

    Los Habaneros both suffers and profits from its location in the Van Aken Shopping Center at the end of the Blue Line in Shaker Heights. Suffers because it was formerly a diner, and you can definitely tell. Profits because the typical Shaker diner pays - and does pay - a lot more for the same food at other Mexican locales in other suburbs, and it's soo convenient. Los Habaneros' food is fresh and their menu is as all-encompassing as anyone's. They have great drink prices, though our $5.99 jumbo margarita was watery and just so-so. But ... you just don't want to sit around and soak up the atmosphere like you do at other Mexican places like Los Gallos (Bedford), Cozumel (Independence), or Mi Pueblo Taqueria (Euclid and Mayfield in Cleveland. You want to eat and leave - which is what most people do. All in all, a nice place.

  • Raghu Pradeep L.

    I Like their options, I am Vegetarian and their Veggie options are really good. I tried Chile Relleno and Cheese Enchilada with Rice and Re-fried beans, everything is good and I like their sauce on Enchilada, its pretty economical. And their A la Carte - Side Orders are good to check out. Their Chips and Salsa are good and one thing I should mention is the food came Very fast.

  • Chrishana B.

    Went here and I loved it! The margaritas were great, the service was wonderful and the food was great tasting. From the moment we walked in the door we treated with great hospitality and the prices are very reasonable. You definitely get a bang for your buck!

  • Neil M.

    We used to really like this place due to friendly servers. But this time it was a total disaster. - the drinks did not come till we were done eating. - asked for guacamole as a side and it did not come for 30 min till we were done eating the entree. - when we complained, instead of an apology the server got angry and said we should be patient as he was busy. Might be the last time we go there.

  • Rob N.

    I have been looking for another Mexican place that can put a nice amount of flavor and spice into their dishes without overdoing it, and this place makes that cut! My bar is simple - Queso Fundito - is it melted or chunky? Chorizo ground, grilled, and flavorful enough? Perfect here - order it every time I go! B-)

  • Rich S.

    The atmosphere is nice and let's you escape to Mexico for and hour or so. The beers are fairly reasonable and the Margarita's are really good! On the food side, the restaurant has a decent menu and my personal favorite is "carnitas". My wife likes to get "carne asada". I'd recommend stopping by if you're in the mood for some good Mexican food

  • Kelly H.

    My chile relleno was awful. Was not even cooked properly and tasted disgusting. So disappointing. I got a bunch of slop.

  • Harold K.

    If you're in the east side and looking for good Mexican food and drink then this is the place. Drink specials are crazy cheap. Don't let the strip mall location fool you. I'd rate it higher but unfortunately the last two times I've been here the service has been slow and inaccurate. 9 times out of ten I'm not in any hurry when I go out to eat but had I been then the service would have affected my plans.

  • Rebecca H.

    Recently my husband and I have been going here, sitting at the bar with a margarita and ordering food to go. The guys that work there are always super nice. I always order off the al carte menu because I'm not a fan of there Mexican rice. I highly suggest ordering the chalupa. It's not your taco bell chalupa it's more like an awesome open faced taco with retried beans. Delish! I heard that they will be closing when the new intersection at Warrensville and Green happens. I seriously hope they are just relocating some where near by. Very good authentic Mexican food.

  • Anna F.

    This is my favorite casual Mexican restaurant on the east side. The service is quick, prices are affordable, and the food is delicious regardless of what you order. The quesadilla fajita with steak is my go-to!

  • Jeev D.

    This is our family's goto Mexican restaurant. We have been going there for years. It's no Momocho or Lopez but the staff is alway courteous and friendly. The chips and salsa are decent (never stale). The food is good and you get decent portions. My favorites here are the huevos rancheros and fajita de la casa.

  • Sirr J.

    Had it for the first time today. U get your money worth of food. Had nachos! Service was fast and efficient. Nice size drinks. It's not a bad restaurant

  • Yuanjia Z.

    I came to this place for it's 17oz margarita for just $6! It was a LOT and it was not diluted either. Very satisfied. They even have 15oz for $3 on Wednesdays. I wish I could make it haha. Anyways, I like the ambiance - it's a pretty big restaurant with pretty authentic decorations, kinda similar to the mexican restaurants I saw in san diego. They kept it clean as well. The waiters were almost all hispanic, which was awesome! If you can speak spanish, don't be afraid to talk to them in spanish - they love it! and they will even teach you some new spanish words! Food wise, I had the seafood fajitas - I thought it was ok - I thought they could have grilled it for a little longer to dry up the sauce and make it a little more flavorful. But the chimichangas were pretty good! Highly recommend!

  • Hank K.

    Terrific service, good prices, ample portions and decent food. You don't go here if you want blow away Mex cuisine but it's slightly above average. Nice family friendly place to go.

  • Sophie Z.

    When my boyfriend and I were trying to find a Mexican place for dinner, we stumbled into this place in a strip mall. I mean we stumbled in because the roads are tyical of Shaker, goes it 14 directions simultaneously. But boy am I glad we got here! The food portions are not just big, they're epic! We ordered fajitas and the Los Haberneros sample platter. OMG. We had leftovers for three days. The re-fried beans were extra tasty and they did not cheat us at all with the amount of meat and shrimp we had in our fajitas. Everything was sizzling and delicious. Another thing that will keep us coming back for more and more is definitely the margaritas. A 16 oz. margarita that is not at all watered down that tastes SO good is hard to find. I don't even typically like Tequila that much, but this place does it right! I really really adore the atmosphere and authenticity of the restaurant. They're friendly and serve up a delicious meal. There's no fuss about the place, just delicious food. Just be careful driving in because the roads are crazy!

  • Jes S.

    Dependable, tasty, stick to your ribs Mexican food. Things I love: -- The price! Affordable, with great deals on drinks! Buy one get one half price margarita Tuesday. $10 monster margarita Sunday. -- The food. Cheesy tastiness! It ain't health food. -- The service. The people here are the best. Things that take away that fifth star: -- The food. It's comfort food, so ya know, it's not gourmet and it's greasy. -- Margaritas are decent, sometimes amazing sometimes just okay.

  • Christie Y.

    Don't be turned off by the strip mall location! This place is so much fun. The food isn't gourmet, but it is delicious. The margaritas are cheap the servers are friendly and the food comes out fast. It's become a regular haunt of ours. Also great for kids!

  • Alex G.

    Standard mexican fare. Had some really tasty fajitas here. I also enjoy an enormous margarita, and I happened to visit on a day when the margaritas were cheap. This is a good place to satisfy an appetite for Mexican food that's not too pricey. The atmosphere and location is, meh. Don't go out of your way, but if you live nearby, I could see it being a regular spot.

  • Rosetta P.

    Very feeling, server was funny and quick and knowledgeable of the menu. Very authentic Mexican food, drinks were good and the restaurant was clean and fit the style. Overall very happy I certainly will be returning very soon.

  • Tommy S.

    Great service as soon as we walked in. All around superb costumer service and the entire staff helped out throughout our meal. Delicious authentic Mexican food as well. Recommended is the Pollo Loco.

  • Terry M.

    Came up to Beachwood to visit some family and tried this place out since we wanted some Mexican food. Chips and salsa were good as was the spicy salsa. Had a big margarita which had a little kick to it. Ordered a Carne Asada which was pretty disappointing. It was a small peice of steak with way more fat around it then it should. After removing the fatty stuff it was tiny. It also felt chewy and just not very good. Beans and rice were ok though. The decor reminded of old school Mexican restaurants from the 90s. Service was friendly and attentive. Looked like they have good drink specials throughout the week. The menu is pretty big so I'm sure they might have some good dishes. All that said, Not sure if I would want to come back.

  • Ebony J.

    I love mexican food sooo much and didn't even know this place existed. The staff is amazing and friendly and I asked for a free dessert since it was my first time and they gave me one!! The food was DELICIOUS and the portions are perfect! Please go!!!!

  • John H.

    As a native Texan, I don't often find Mexican or Tex-Mex food that compares to the authentic cuisine down on the border. And while the entrees here don't rival the best from Texas or San Diego, they are ample and flavorful. What keeps us coming back is the attentive and friendly service, the reasonable prices (especially on drink specials) and the warm chips and excellent salsa.

  • Kaitlin D.

    While I'm still a fan, there was a disappointment recently. I came for dinner with my boyfriend and his dad on a Friday night. It was busy, obviously, but we were ushered into a table way in the back, which was nice because we were going to dinner to spend time together and chat. Our service was impeccable and the server was so nice! He made jokes with us and wasn't too bothersome when he came to check on us. Where's the complaint, you're wondering I'm sure. Well, unfortunately, it was the food. I had fish tacos and they were pretty awful, though I ate them due to hunger and the giant margarita in front of me helped. The fish was pretty bland and there didn't seem to be any sauce on them at all. The slaw jazzed up the tacos (since they were doubled corn tortillas with bland fish in the middle--that's it), but it was bitter and bland as well. Luckily, I love the salsa here, so that made it better, as well as hot sauce. Basically, they gave me a jumble of not-so-good ingredients and asked me to build a meal out of them. The rice was good, though! Though this visit wasn't the best, I've had plenty of good experiences here, so my rating hasn't dropped. But, take this as a warning, Los Habaneros!

  • Mark L.

    You can't expect much with a restaurant like this. It's Mexican, it's cheap-ish, and you know it's not gonna blow your taste buds away. I actually came in expecting it to be pretty bad but left pleasantly surprised (overall). First of all, the waiter we had was very friendly, attentive, and funny. He was on top of drinks and refilling our margaritas despite the place being fairly busy. He commended me for being "the first to ever finish the Los Habaneros Special". He even rewarded me with a complimentary shot of tequila. I do have to dock a point off because he didn't pick up the check. After waiting several minutes in a then empty restaurant (and seeing him socializing with his coworkers), I ended up taking it to the front to pay, which I usually don't mind, but I thought the waiter would be on top of this based on his excellent service before and during the meal. The decor was expectedly loud and colorful. Traditional Latin music blaring in the background (although there was some Pitbull thrown in towards the end of the night as it was clearing out). They also had a full bar and a TV tuned into ESPN. Onto the food. Their free tortilla chips were warm, crunchy, and delicious. I almost couldn't stop eating them. The salsa on the other hand was very watery and bland. As mentioned earlier, I ordered the Los Habaneros Special, which consists of a beef burrito, chili relleno, chalupa, tamale, and hard taco, served with rice and charro beans. The meal itself was expectedly nowhere near spectacular. I'm usually not a fan of tamales but found theirs surprisingly good. The taco, chalupa, and burrito were average. The chili relleno was disappointing and just tasted like spinach. The charro beans were good, not great, and the rice was fantastic but there was nowhere near enough of it. My dinner date ordered the Monterrey Special, which is basically described as a tamale, a beef flauta, and a chicken flauta over a nacho grande type platter. Both of us having never heard of "flautas", we were both intrigued and she ordered it. Judging from the appetizer menu description of "flautas", it was a food very similar to taquitos. Upon receiving our meals, she discovered one tamale, a large bed of tortilla chips and two piles of beef and chicken. No flautas in sight. It was basically a large nacho grande with 2 different meats and 1 tamale. Not sure if something was miscommunicated along the way, but we didn't really make a stink about it because we were that hungry. The dish was still good, but if she wanted a nacho grande she would have ordered it, so they ultimately got the order wrong. She too received a very small portion of their delicious rice which was disappointing. There was a $13.99 special for a margarita pitcher which we gladly took on. The first glass or so of our frozen strawberry banana margarita tasted great. Beyond that, it just tasted like sour mix and we forced down a couple more glasses before giving up on the rest which we were confident was mostly sour mix (probably a good 2 or 3 glasses left in the pitcher). No bueno. Given all of these issues, the food was still satisfactory and there were no sick stomachs afterward. There aren't many Mexican places in the area so I see myself coming back if I ever have the craving.

  • Matthew S.

    The food here was flavorful and pretty good for the price. The menu offers a great deal of diversity and there is sure to be something for everyone. The service, however, was very slow and in attentive despite the fact that there wasn't a lot of people in the restaurant. The decor also leaves a lot to be desired. If you can look past the service, the food is worth it.

  • Will G.

    Want mexican? Get here. Great location! Huge free parking lot for the strip mall it is located in. Such a rarity for a Cleveland Heights-er. And the restaurant itself is much larger than it appears from the outside; it is quite deep. I love places like this, because even during busy friday dinner, you never feel squashed in with the next table. Also the ceilings are nice and high so the noise level is pretty low. This one deserves it's own section--the music is actually set to 'background music' volume levels! My family and I had a few moments that went something like this: *lull in the conversation* *faint da-da-tatitatitaaa of a horn section...* "woah there is actually music playing? I didn't even notice it before!" "wow this place is awesome..." *conversation continues* Food = delicious. Enough said. I'm not going to get into specifics because we basically had one of every staple and they were all spot on. Now let's talk about what really matters for a restaurant: the service. I have a suspicion that our waiter owned the place; as he was super comfortable and always seeking to please without being overbearing. There was also a crew of other waiters who never let our chips (warm, light, crispy, yessss) or drinks go empty. You want cheese sauce on your enchiladas instead of red sauce? Okay. You want all chicken chimichangas instead of chicken and beef? You got it, boss. You know, it's really these small things that make the difference between feeling as though you are eating at a restaurant versus eating at your own house. Yes, you *can* eventually get what you want at most places, but a lot of times, you just don't ask for fear that the order will be messed up or the waiter will be irritated that you are asking for so many changes Los Habaneros is definitely of the 'mi casa es su casa' style. So go and reward these people with your business already!

  • Kristin H.

    I love this place!! Their chips are good with just the salsa, but the queso and bean dip are both amazing. The rice is yummy and flavorful with some little chunks of veggies in it. My favorite thing is the Chicken Chipotle. SOOO good! Try it-you won't be disappointed. Plus, kids eat free on Sundays, and the staff is always super nice and friendly.

  • Scott H.

    We go here at least once a week! The staff is super nice and very fast. The food is the best value of anywhere I've found. It's like 100 other hole in the wall type of Mexican restaurants, which is exactly what I like. The guacamole is always very fresh and the frozen margaritas are awesome.

  • Melissa P.

    We go to Los habaneros about twice a month, and we rave about it every time we go. The chicken nachos and steak quesadillas are among our favorites. The chipsets salsa are always fresh, and the margaritas are really good. They have some great specials and the staff is very attentive. If you are looking for good mexican American food, here is where you want to go.

  • Kyle H.

    I was for quite a while quite torn on how to review Los Habaneros. This is the first Mexican restaurant that I have been to since moving to Cleveland, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I also didn't know if I should review this place keeping in mind the lack of Mexican culture in Cleveland, or review it compared to other Mexican places that I've eaten at... Coming from Denver, this was a difficult decision since Denver is overflowing with a vibrant Mexican culture.... In the end, I decided to review it based on what I know, and that is why this is barely a 2 star restaurant. It could even be 1 star, but I like to keep 1 star for the truly horrific. That being said, I will just come out and say that this place isn't good. The food doesn't taste like anything, and everything pretty obviously came out of a can... either that or the people in charge of making the red sauce has no idea what they are doing. I myself, with literally no effort, could make better Mexican food with ingredients found at a small convenience store. I hate to be so blunt since the service was friendly and the pitcher of margaritas was actually pretty decent, but it is what it is. This is not "Authentic" at all. This is one step above Casa Bonita. I don't expect to find good Mexican food in this city, but there has to be something better than cheap canned tasteless goo. Go have some Italian food or some Eastern European and spare yourself.

  • Jeff O.

    One of my favorite places in Shaker. Drinks specials are awesome. Food is some of the best Mexican I have ever had. The fajitas are unbelievable! Tried the #56 recently and it was unreal! Stop in and a drink and a meal, you will not be disappointed. All the servers are very nice and treat you like amigos!

  • Drew K.

    I visited at lunchtime on St. Patrick's Day, typically a slow day for Mexican restaurants. We were seated quickly by a friendly host and served good homemade chips and salsa. The lunch menu was reasonably priced and once we ordered our food was served within minutes. The food was very good. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican rice bit this was very good. Overall this was a great experience and I will definitely visit again.

  • Will S.

    The place is tucked away in a strip mall and is worth going to if you're in the area. I'm a newbie with Mexican food. I had a spinach burrito [first I ever had that dish] I won't blame them for the bland taste [of spinach], it was simply stuffed with a lot of spinach with some melted cheese sprinkled on top. (2 for $5.99 - a good). For what it's worth, all 6 or 7 of my frisbee teammates enjoyed also their meals both times I've visited. The free chips and salsa are very good, the salsa is mild and tomato-based with a hint of cilantro. Great fresh chips, made with yellow corn, always hot from the oven. Wednesdays: $1.99 margaritas. The service was great both times I've been there.

  • Robert J.

    One star for the run of the mill, canned refried bean all-too typical Mexican place found in Cleveland. This is one of them. I love good Mexican food and this is NOT the place to find it. Bring back Sands Deli

  • Ben W.

    Good for a casual Friday night. Staff is friendly, and service is adequate.

  • Melissa A.

    Solid, no-frills Mexican food. There aren't a whole lot of options on the east side of Cleveland. So I have a feeling that Los Habaneros will be getting a lot of my business by default. It's good, but in no way amazing. It's one of those places that you'll leave with at least 1 meal of left overs (possibly 2). Their salsa and guac are both good, but mild. Meh.

  • Diana M.

    I have to say that even in the world of sit down Mexican "fast food" this place is still pretty bad. The food was eh and the service wasn't great. I'll definitely choose other place over this one and don't plan on coming back.

  • Cory S.

    Service was awesome. Nice bar. Great food. Clean. Fantastic margarita. Try the strawberry banana frozen margarita and the burrito grande (it's very grande).

  • Shawn Paul G.

    The entire menu of this place is a party in my mouth! My taste buds kick into overdrive the minute they get a nibble of their fabulous and fresh salsa. Appetizer Round Once seated, deliciously crispy freshly made chips are brought to the table with the salsa that I crave. We were tempted to order one of ever appetizer on the menu, but settled on just two! We partook in the guacamole and the queso fundido. The guac was spectacularly robust and the fundido was hot and gooey. Delicious. If you're not salivating now... just wait. Cocktails are Poured "Well yes Sir, we will try the Corona-Ritas!" I dramatically answered to the server's offer of such. My goodness, what a wonderful choice that was. Imagine a large margarita glass filled to the brim with tequila infused golden goodness, then sprinkled with a hint more of that devil's potion, then only to be topped off by flipping a mini corona into the glass... WHAT? This sounds like nonsense. Well it's not. It is genius and fierce. Now onto our next round of beverages... A pitcher of mango margaritas was delivered to our table and I must say that they were equally as impressive, not worthy of a drawn-out description due to their simplicity, but by all means worthy of mentioning. Dinner is Served I am so grateful that our friends were willing to share, because I had to dive into everyone's dishes. I personally ordered a quesadilla filled with steak and smothered with queso. This was a fabulous break from the mundane dry quesadillas that have plagued me for years. It was so good! At our table, we had a chorizo, steak, and chicken stir fry, a fajita salad, and the carnitas. So after dabbling a bit into everyone's choices, it hit me that this place can do no wrong. Not a plate went back to the kitchen with anything more than garnishes. Booze for Dessert. After filling our bellies to an absurd capacity, we thought it best to head out. This was truly the plan until those sneaky buggers started delivering complimentary tequila shots and mini coronas. Yup, our night was definitely going to be taking a turn towards hot-mess express on their dime!!! We had a blast. If you are in the mood for authentic Mexican food that is affordable, fresh, crunchy, gooey, savory, salty, and delightful this is the place for you! A fun time for all and a must go for everyone.

  • Nico t.

    Reverse marketing at it's finest! This restaurant has fine-tuned a method of spending money to chase regular customers away. Here's the scoop: I eat at Los Habaneros semi-regularly. It serves the kind of average Mexican food you can find every two or three blocks in a city, but being equidistant from my house as Don Tequila, I had always chosen Los Habaneros due to the slightly better atmosphere. Hence, I was pretty excited to see it offer a $10 gets you $20 Groupon. Things started out OK. Two members in my party found the food to be average and acceptable, while one had to send an order back because the cheese in the middle of the dish was still cold and hard. Hitting .666 may be a great batting average, but it's not much to say for a restaurant. Still, we tend to accept these kinds of performances from this particular genre of food, don't we? It's not like we walk in with high expectations and I'm pretty forgiving. We'd had orders undercooked or misplaced at this restaurant before, and always been back. But then we tried to pay. Upon presenting my Groupon via the Groupon mobile app, the server first told me that I needed to have the paper version for it to be accepted. "Au contraire!" I countered, bringing a third language into the conversation, "the Groupon fine print says otherwise." I soon ended up in a conversation with the "Owner" of the restaurant, who told me that "Twenty dollars is too much" and offered me 20% off instead. Being that this was a deal I had paid for and not just some coupon I found in the paper, I wasn't about to let the issue drop. When the "owner" told me that he had never heard of Groupon before, I proceeded to argue that it would be impossible that Groupon would just choose to create an offer at his restaurant without his consent and a signature on a five page contract. He then countered that "It's not fair, you pay $10 and I pay $15", subtracting the $5 Groupon commission and showing a stunning understanding of the Groupon business model for a guy who had never heard of the service. Hmmm. Begrudgingly, the restaurant owner finally accepted my discount, but not before I showed him the offer was still live on Groupon's website. The only positive part of my experience was seeing the panicked look in his face when I told him 841... 842.... 843 discounts had been sold. Instead of using this opportunity to continue to win new customers, they lied to me and tried to swindle me. A conversation with one of my neighbors afterwards confirmed for me that the owner had tried to pull the "I can't do $20 but I'll give you 20%" bait and switch before. I won't be back and will go to Don Tequila from here on forward. Textbook job guys!

  • Angela S.

    This is a great restaurant for families. They bring out the food quickly, and the atmosphere is very conducive to kids. The staff is always very pleasant and courteous, and the food is very good. It's also a great place to take a large group because the food is reasonably priced. With two small children, it is definitely the place to go for a quick dinner out.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No


Mexican Cuisine

If you enjoy Taco Tuesday, then you have officially fallen in love with the Mexican Food. The main grain of Mexican cuisine is maize. Also known as corn, maize is grown for the past 9000 years after the crop was discovered by the people in Mayan civilization. Mexican empire flourished when they started growing beans, tomatoes, chili pepper, sweet potato and cactus. Till this date these ingredients are used in cooking authentic Mexican dishes and drinks.

Great use of spices, fresh chili pepper dishes like fajitas, tortilla chips, corn chips, salsa, chimichangas, burritos, nachos and quesadillas are invented in America. But when you are looking for authentic Mexican food then you must find a restaurant in the city that serves Rajas con Queso, Garbanzo in a Guajillo Chile Sauce, Pork Filled Chiles Rellenos, Chiles en Nogada, Molcajete Salsa, Pico de Gallo and Frijoles de la Olla. An eye-opening fact – Mexican don't like their food hot. They use fresh chili and other spices to create a flavor that lingers in your mouth.

Mexican food is great for those who are Gluten Intolerant as they use Corn instead of wheat in most of their dishes. Also, you can easily find many beans based Mexican dishes. Another dish which didn't get similar glory as tacos or nachos is the Mexican hot chocolate. If you love something hot on a chilly day, then go for Mexican Hot Chocolate. On merry days, you can enjoy the authentic Mexican Drinks like Tequila, Mezcal, Tecuí, Sotol, Bacanora, Charanda, Posh O Pox, Puebla and Pulque. Mexican Cuisine is for people who enjoy strong drinks and hearty meals.

Los Habañeros Authentic Mexican Restaurant

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