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Visit below restaurant in Belen for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Belen for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Melissa B.

    This fifties-style diner looks almost as if it's a converted trailer home. It has a soda-jerk counter and several formica tables. Food is OK, but not great. The plus side was that it seemed to be the only sit down restaurant open over the Easter weekend, and it's right on Interstate 25 next to several motels. With more local feel than a fast food place, it would still be my choice over McDonalds. I had a New Mexico flat enchilada--fair, although not very hot. My brother had a taco salad. He only ate about half of it. Maybe he just wasn't hungry. People watching was more interesting here than it would have been at a fast food place. It's worth supporting somebody local and giving it a try.

  • Karen M.

    The kind of little diner where it's hard to go wrong. Good basic burger and fries, chicken fried steak and gravy kind of place. Dependable fare- and it's in NM, so you add in great chile and huevos rancheros and it makes this a "can't miss" destination. Grandkids and grandpas alike will find this a good spot. Finish the meal with one of their homemade milkshakes and you've got all the makings of a memory-making spot for the grandkids.

  • Tiffany L.

    Recently stopped here on a trip to see family in the area. Horrible food and service. Our food took forever and we had to ask them to pack it up to go. Doesn't look like the cleanest place and we will not stop here again.

  • Jorge H.

    On a cold Sunday night in January, I had to meet my son somewhere on the road between Albuquerque and Socorro. I was taking him some supplies from home as his college spring semester was getting ready to begin. Looking at the map, almost exactly in between, there is the south end of Belen. So I look for a place that would be visible and near the highway, and I found the Rio Grande Diner. My son showed up and actually, we had a both had already had dinner. But I still wanted to spend a little time with him, so we went in to the diner. It's a great-looking diner, straight out of the 50s, with good music and a good atmosphere, a lot of locals eating here.The menu is what you'd expect, meatloaf was the special, but we really just wanted something quick.We split a breakfast burrito and hot coffee. Service was friendly and fast. Without asking they cut the burrito in half and my son and I enjoyed it. The green chili was mild, and I would've preferred much hotter, but otherwise it was very tasty. Overall a pleasant experience. I'll be coming back to try the shakes, malts and a burger next time we have a supply run.

  • Matthew V.

    Your [very] typical run of the mill Jersey Diner. I used to come here more often when I was growing up and still living in Rio Grande. My father used to take me here as a kid and I tended to frequent this place with my brother and friends as I got older. Like many at the Jersey Shore, this diner is sort of modeled to be doo-wop style. You can tell this by many of the clientele there. This is also a very obvious place for families to go to, so the noise level can vary depending on time of day. The menu there doesn't seem to change much, at least on the brunch end. Very bread and butter (no pun). When it comes to Jersey Diners, I love going for brunch. Living in the District of Columbia, there are a handful of diners (although cafes, somewhat abundant). Much of the food culture there is unique and diverse, and brunch is a major culture that is something to behold there, especially on the weekends. Otherwise it's hard to find my beloved two-eggs + wheat toast late in the day or the evening, and that's what makes a Jersey Diner positively unique! Unfortunately, the menu options there are not that flexible with many things - what you see is what you get! I'm fine with just two eggs and toast, nothing more. But it seems that they throw meat in nearly every part of the brunch menu, as if everyone eats pork or other meat. You can't substitute for anything, not even a bowl of fruit or grits or even hominy. Bottom line: The food is par at best. The service is up and down. The atmosphere is homey. I grew up here, so this place will always be a staple of mine. However, when you get to travel and experience things and then visit home with a broader aperture and raised feel disappointed. Still, home is home.

  • Peggy R.

    This has been a great little hamberger/sandwich/breakfast stop and we have been here many times at various times of the day. The VERY best thing here is the mud pie!!! OMG it is YUMMY! The hambergers are good and the food is cooked fresh and comes to you hot. The staff is sometimes very friendly and sometimes not depending on who's working. The place has been around for a while and it looks like it but it is fairly clean and open 24x7 which is very helpful in this town.

  • Joshua O.

    It's a diner! I'm not from the east coast so I don't have much to compare to. But I really like having a 24-7 place to get diner food. The food is good not great. My family enjoys the diner car atmosphere. We have always found service was better than expected for a diner. You can see them prepare your food and everything looks clean and often your server is the one making your meal and does a great job considering they're the cook and waitress.

  • Nicolle S.

    Great place! Super cute Railcar diner with wonderful breakfast and friendly welcoming service! Hamburgers and shakes are really good too! Monday's is homemade meatloaf but hurry they always run out We always stop here when we travel to Silver City or Las Cruces!

  • Jeff I.

    On the way back from Yosemite, CA, this little town wasn't on our itinerary. Vehicle problems brought us here for an overnight stay, late in the day. With no car, and almost as few hotels in Belen, our options for eats were limited pretty much to what was in walking distance from Holiday Inn Express.... which was, well... limited to this one establishment. It was the wrecker driver and her companion who recommended this spot as, "consistent and good... all menu items available 24/7." She also filled us in on the history of the joint. Belen was founded on the railroad industry, and still plays a key in the same. This diner is 'old school converted railcar,' and sits on the property of a used-to-be-hotel that was purchased by the railroad for housing workers overnight between shifts. The railroad contracts with the diner to provide vittles at all hours of day and night for those tired souls coming in, or refreshed souls returning to work carting America's goods to and fro' across New Mexico. My late night dinner was off the 24 hour breakfast menu. It was a 1/3 pound chuck patty smothered in NM green chili, accompanied by two eggs and a couple slices of very decent bacon. Breakfast/Brunch the next morning was their signature burger, complete with requisite green chili and cheese, and all the fixings I could want in a well-rounded diner burger. My only complaint was that they don't serve beer, (not that I wanted one with breakfast, but I sure could have used an ice cold one with dinner, after breaking down in the middle of the desert that day, and waiting for a wrecker for three hours. But, being that the diner is contracted by the railroad, and railroad being transportation industry and all, I can't complain too much. I would advise sitting on the west end of the diner, as there is a vibration in the east-end floor and booths caused by a refrigeration unit/compressor behind the counter.... unless you've been on your feet all day long, or are in the mood for a vibrating seat and free seated massage to accompany some very good road food between Albuquerque and Las Cruces, should you ever find yourself in the area. It is located just off of IH 25, just west of the Interstate, easily accessible and what is sure to be a somewhat cool dining experience. I didn't experience the pie/dessert selection, but those who did were impressed by the home-style after-dinner sweets.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast, Brunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Rio Grande Diner

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