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Healthy Meal suggestions for The DuKum Inn

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Visit below restaurant in Kirksville for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Kirksville for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Ryan S.

    Definitely on my "go to list". I don't have to think twice about coming here. Whether it's the food, beer or people you'll meet, you'll leave with something to smile about.

  • Patrick T.

    My second time here in a year! Both times I was playing a show in town and we had time to kill before the show, so why not hit up a sports bar for a brew and an opportunity to hit the bathroom! Now as far as the service and beer prices they were pretty great! 1.50 draws of PBR during happy hour! I had two! Badabing Badaboo! I dig those prices! But the other reason we stopped here other then killing time, and getting a beer, was to hit the bathroom, which was in horrible condition and not clean at all! A total disappointment in a place where everything else looks pretty well taken care of. Lots of tv's for sports watching, pool tables for competing, and some really goofy decorations fill the walls! Look up if you have a chance hundreds of one dollar bills are pinned to high ceilings! Not a bad spot for a happy hour drink, but those bathrooms need some attention.

  • Tarun M.

    As a traveller I think it's a welcoming bar. Pros 1. Spacious with three differently areas to hang. 2. Good music. 3. Unique varieties I beer and liquor. Not very common. 3. Pool tables Cons. 1. It's quite expensive. Over all

  • Debra L.

    Great food and drink. Wish they would serve lunch

  • T I.

    Good service, tasty cheeseburger with cold beer. Cardinals on TV with other sports on the numerous TV's...what more can one ask for...also, the server was a cutie!

  • Jordan M.

    10/10 besides scary dudes in black shirts and glasses with curly hair who tell you about how they watched someone drown

  • Ben K.

    You'll end up here, eventually, most free weekends. You won't be really excited about it, but it'll happen. Drinks are cheap and there's plenty of room. Food isn't good.

  • J V.

    Probably the best bar in kirksville! Spacious, tons of options for entertainment besides dancing (karaoke, darts, shuffleboard, pool, etc), and AMAZING drink specials (embrace the insane cheapness that is kirksville, how I miss $7 aycd now that I live on the east coast)! Largely townies by day and students by night. Excellent burgers, too!

  • Zak P.

    This is the best bar in town. Excellent atmosphere, good prices, and a good mix of people. There are pool tables, places to hang out and chat, and karaoke on Tuesdays. They also usually have pretty good beers on tap.

  • Noor B.

    This is a good bar for socializing. The drink specials are pretty good, and there is plenty to do between listening to music and talking to people, playing pool, and playing shuffle board. The food is pretty average and not very special, but I definitely recommend going for drinks and a good time.

  • Roger F.

    The fry Bread Taco is awesome a must try or have again. First time in Kirksville and will come back just for this reason. Well done DuKum!

  • TJ T.

    So this is the bar in town to be at especially on Thursday and Friday nights. This is a college bar for the most. The staff is pretty good at what they do as long as you don't order anything to complex. There are two sides to the bar with some pretty obvious differences. The one side is always much busier with music from the jute box. The other side is used mainly by locals and the music is controlled by the bar tender. There is an upstairs but it is used for private parties only. They also do serve lunch with some decent food but a very small menu. This bar does also have four pool tables and one shuffle board table. There is a dart board but I have never seen anyone use them. There is a few thing that will wear on you after living here for a while. The first is this bar is very bias towards Truman State students and treats them better then most. The owner of the bar also comes off very uppity at times but I have been told he is very nice. In my experience it seems like he choices the people he wants to talk even if you are trying to pass along a compliment about his staff. The one thing that I would say keeps it from a 5 star rating for Kirksville is that it does not have all liquors one would expect.

  • Joyce W.

    I have been contemplating how I would review the Dukum, because my experiences here are hardly consistent. This is probably the "nicest" bar in Kirksville. For the most part, the atmosphere is pretty fun and it draws a lot of the college crowd. Upstairs is the "Dukum Up", an area where live bands and special events are held. Like the rest of the bar, it's an inviting space but is usually only open for special events. They have pretty affordable drink and food specials, and their food is actually pretty good. Bartenders usually only know how to mix simple drinks, but that's usually not a problem. They try to accommodate and if you are able to direct them, they can usually come up with a decent drink that they aren't familiar with. Unfortunately, I give them a low score because of their service. More times than not, I get a certain waitress/bartender who not only screws up your order, but then will over charge you, too. When you question her about it, or even let her know that the bill includes something you didn't order, she gets a huge attitude, and just passes the problem onto one of her coworkers. Friends of mine often complain about this same waitress/bartender and how if you don't write down a specific tip amount on your bar tab, she'll write one in for herself. It's like she makes up her own rules. I would give 5 out of 5 stars normally, if I never have to deal with her, but 4 out of 5 times, she somehow includes herself in my Dukum experience. Because of her, and her alone, I would give Dukum 0 stars. Whenever I have to deal with her, I often question why I even come back to this place. But then a friend of mine will turn 21, or I'll somehow get dragged along a barcrawl and end up having to deal with this woman again. Occasionally, I'll have one of those rare visits when she isn't there, and have a great time. Usually those nights are packed, too. So in conclusion, the Dukum has great food, fun people, and a pretty friendly staff. You're likely to have an above average experience so long as you avoid this waitress/bartender or you're completely sloshed.

  • Wes M.

    Although in the middle of a renovation, this place is going to be the place to be in town. There's two bars to chose from and once the upstairs is finished a dance club will be available. We just had drinks but a food menu is available. The bartender was young (probably working his way through the nearby university) but the drinks were reasonable.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :8:00 am - 1:3


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Music : Live, Juke Box
    Good For Dancing : Yes
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Tue, Thu, Fri
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Drive-Thru : No



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The DuKum Inn

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