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Visit below restaurant in Terre Haute for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Terre Haute for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Caitlin M.

    This is one of the best places in Terre Haute. I have eaten here on a couple of dates and at private events, and it never disappoints! The servers are typically very friendly. I usually order off the specials menu for the day. I've had some excellent lamb chops and veal marsala here. I recommend making a reservation to ensure you get to enjoy yourselves and your time here. I've been able to walk-in without one with no problem, but it's a fairly small location so reservations always help!

  • Allen W.

    Overpriced and mediocre. The vegetables and many of the entrees are frozen and from a bag, just like the $8 a plate restaurant down the street (which is why one of the best chefs in town left) and the waitstaff is horrible. Complain about the waitstaff to the owner and you'll understand where they get their attitude. I recommend paying by credit card so you can dispute any incorrect charges with Visa. I would recommend Stables instead. Better staff, freshly prepared sides, better food, and much lower prices.

  • Bob H.

    I was visiting the area on business and our group decided to give J. Ford's a try. What a great experience. We arrived without a reservation and sat at the bar for 10 minutes as they prepared the table. The Bar Tender was very pleasant and helped us with our selection of red wine. Upon being seated, the owner graciously introduced herself and welcomed us to the restaurant. Every step of the way, the waitress helped us with our appetizer, main order, and wine selection. First, I tried the Almond Breaded Brie. It was simply outstanding. The flavors just melted in my mouth. For the main course I tried the T-Bone Steak. The steak was thick cut and more that a meal for me. It was cooked just right. I really enjoyed this place and plan to return if I am in the area.

  • Karin B.

    Real crab in the crab cakes with a very nice sauce! I never had so many dips for bread that taste so good mixed together! My pork chop with the cranberries/blue cheese crust was mouth watering. The white chocolate/raspberry cheesecake had real chucks of chocolate in it! The dinning room was causal and elegant with a nice romantic feel. Busy so make reservations!

  • Andrew S.

    Excellent food and service. Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu items. He also knew just about everything there is to know about the entire process of getting the meat from the farm to our plate. The lobster bisque was delicious and very fresh. We had filet and a new York strip, both were cooked a perfect medium rare with a side of bone marrow butter. If you're in Terre haute and want great steak, this steak house is definitely the best choice.

  • Angela C.

    Second time visiting here. Extremely good the second time. We had the braised short ribs, the wedge salad, and the lobster corn dogs for an appetizer. All were delicious. The only thing I would not recommend is the hash brown casserole. It had way too mug tyme in it and over powered the entire dish. Other than that the service and food here are spot on. Highly recommend.

  • Cam G.

    My wife and I stopped to eat after a soccer game. The food was very good well prepared and visually appealing. The service was very good. I cannot think of a better place for a nice meal in Terre Haute. I would come back.

  • Steve S.

    So...I'm in Terre Haute on business, have been to Stables and was looking for something new. Thought I'd check out the Black Angus. Great atmosphere, small and intimate...nice choice of music for the venue. The meal I ordered was traditional, French onion soup and a filet, with a side of Malbec. The caveat was the marrow butter, roasted garlic, and a fantastic bleu cheese spread for the baked bread. In technical terms...yummy I left completely in awe. Thanks to the chef and staff for a memorable dinner. Totally spontaneous stop as part of the day This is really a small steak house that cannot be overlooked. 4.5 Did I mention the filet melted in my mouth?

  • Jim M.

    We did the road trip from Carmel to Terre Haute to give J. Ford Black Angus a try...and we were not disappointed. The salads were great (wedge with a killer homemade blue cheese) and we both opted for dinner specials: lightly battered Copper River salmon with a radish salad and the veal chop sitting upon a fried green tomato with a blackberry-balsamic glaze and if that was not enough, they put a goat cheese fritter on top. Talk about flavor overload! Those in TH who have not tried J Fords - you are missing out. I'm now looking forward to future visits to Terre Haute.

  • Aaron M.

    Easily one of the best restaurants in town. When I have out-of-town visitors, I always bring them here. The food and service are top-notch, and the atmosphere is relaxing. Cora is a fabulous bartender, and the Fords are kind and caring owners. Be sure to check this place out if you're looking to have a wonderful evening. And look for their new location this fall. It's sure to up the ante even more than they already have. My highest recommendation.

  • Les D.

    My sister and I made a bet. Winner would get a steak dinner. And I won, big time. So, she fulfilled the agreement by taking my wife and I to J. Ford's. It was recommended as a fine place to eat. But, it far exceeded our expectations. Wasn't sure if we were going to get Outback here, or if this was going to be similar to a Morton's, Ruth's, or Fleming's. Well, it's much more than any of these. The steak is fantastic, but the rest of the menu is what sets J. Ford's apart. Despite the rather modest looking exterior, they've made the interior welcoming, warm, and practical. This is a small place, great for intimate dining. Raised on a farm where we produced our own beef is probably the reason why steakhouses never really impress me. Honestly, a really good steak isn't that hard to do. Unfortunately, a really bad steak is easy to do as well. Anyway, the high end steakhouse has the clean, white tablecloth, lousy bread, mediocre salads, and the standard assortment of desserts and dry wines, and it's all overlooked because the steak is supposed to be so good. And that's never cut it for me. Not when I'm paying $100. J. Ford's has a terrifically diverse menu with numerous specials, including appetizer entrees. We were treated to grouper cheeks, asian pork bites, seafood duo, and more items not to be found at the typical steak joint. And they were all terrific with the one common thread that each dish was ultra rich. But, I actually think the fifth star was earned by the broccoli stalk side. This is typically drenched in salt and butter and just ruined. Why? Cause it's not fresh. Not at J. Ford's. Just a freshly steamed stalk of broccoli simply served. Top notch. Further, the wine recommendation was just what we described, and the desserts were exceptional. J. Ford's does a great steak, but executes the rest of the experience beyond the main entree. This meal won me over and I'm a huge fan. It comes with a steep price, but I can't think of a place where I've gotten as much for the same price. My strongest recommendation.

  • Jacinta Y.

    I've been here a few times now, and I really do enjoy this place. It's definitely on the expensive end of the scale, but I think it mostly ends up being worth it. I have a lot of love for a good steak and Black Angus definitely has that to offer. Plus, they have an assortment of tasty desserts and appetizers for when you can splurge.

  • Jaime H.

    Delicious meal, with impeccable service on Saturday night. Our server was attentive and respectful without "trying too hard." My companion had the Sea Bass while I had Steak Dianne. We were a party of 5 and the service and food were top notch. Fortunately, I wasn't responsible for the bill!

  • Sally S.

    Locally owned which means that they care about service and quality. We've been a half dozen times and it is consistently great food and quality service. Highly recommend any specials or any steak with the bone marrow butter!

  • Derrick A.

    Great steak and superb wine list. We took my father in law here for dinner. The foie gras typing was tasty but kinda skimpy. The bone marrow butter was amazing. Great martinis and sides as well. On the pricy side, but truly competes with the top Chicago steakhouses.

  • Jim M.

    J. Fords is still as good as it ever was. My wife, son and I celebrated the New Year with my father and mother last Friday. Admittedly, We were a few days late for New Years Eve, but it was the New Years Eve menu that inspired us to return to J. Fords again and many of the menu items were available as specials. Its been about a year since i wrote my review of the restaurant, so it was probably time to write about it again. My meal started with the Grilled oysters with a BBQ cream sauce. The oysters were hot all the way through without being over cooked and the creamy tangy sauce that covered them was delightful. Next I had the Roast Beet Salad. When I was younger I couldn't stand beets but as i grew older I guess my palette changed because I love them now. This salad had a mix of wonderful greens, candied walnuts and delicious sweet beets. I just loved it. For my entree I ordered the Bone in Filet of beef. It's a badly kept foodie secret that if you leave the bone on a piece of meat you get more flavor in the meat. Usually the steak is juicier and tastier. I've not run across a bone in filet and had to try it. I was not disappointed. The steak was juicy and full of meaty flavor that i'm not sure you can get with a filet that doesn't have the bone. (You may call me a food snob if you like, I probably deserve it.) With her filet, which she described as buttah, my wife ordered the fried cabbage and let me have a taste. What a surprisingly delicious dish. The closest thing I can come up with to describe the fried cabbage was to almost call it a cabbage jam. Made from Red Cabbage, the dish was sweet and crunchy and yummy. The chefs were showing off their creativeness here, when they made this dish. As always, the service was great and the food arrived promptly and was perfectly cooked. Valentines day isn't that far away. Maybe we should make another trip?

  • Isabelle S.

    Very good steak and I wish they were open on Mondays. The dishes are so beautifully put together like art.

  • Darryl R.

    For Terre Haute, this is about as good as it gets. An upscale (aka a bit pricey) steakhouse that has unique and flavorful meals. The Indiana Roasted Beet Salad was great, as was the steak with a superb Madagascar sauce (one of the best I have had). The sweet potato appetizer is like a pumpkin pie dessert in a bowl. The place was packed for good reason. The only negative was robotic disinterested but efficient service. All six of us in our party claimed it was our best meal in Terre Haute while there for the week.

  • Tony J.

    Just had dinner at this place. I cant believe it took us a long time before trying out this place. The place does not look much from the outside, and its not close to the major shopping and dining options in TerreHaute. Inside its a bit small and has that dark formal romantic ambiance. But they do sure know to cook. We started with a special Thai pizza for appetizer, and it was good pizza great flavor and really thin and crispy crust. I ordered the special soup for the night and it was very good as well. For the main course, the wife had the chicken which was very tasty, and I just had to try the pork belly and it was excellent. We also tried the sweet potato casserole and it was great. Overall surprised and pleased with the quality of food and service. Highly recommended and we 'd definitely come back to try out their steak.

  • Caleb H.

    Great staff and great specials. The appetizer specials were unique and delicious. Almond crusted brie with a blueberry chutney, a very savory mushroom bisque, and a Cowboy Sirloin cooked precisely the way I wanted it made this an excellent dining experience. If you do check it out, try to get a waiter named Jeff. He was a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable regarding the menu and very attentive to his tables. If I have any regret regarding the experience, it would be that I didn't have another $20 on me in cash to add to the tip.

  • Charles L.

    We found this restaurant on Yelp. Only having 3 reviews above 4 Stars concerned me ( did they work there)! We can confirm this is a great place. We where greeted by this very attractive woman, Kelly ( she turned out to be the owner) that greeted us and asked us if we could go to the bar while they cleared a table for us. We met a local in the bar eating at the bar that praised the place and what he had look very good. i became a little confident that we would enjoy this place after all. Kelly said our table would be ready in 5 minutes. Guess what? It was ready in exactly 5 minutes. Our waiter Trey was fantastic. He new the menu well and really took good care of us. I chose chicken parmesan. I asked that it not bee swimming in sauce. I wanted to be able to taste the breading and chees. It came out perfect. It was exactly what I had requested and tasted great, My associate had an 8 ounce filet that was cooked to perfection and he loved the place. The only negative for the evening was that we had to say goodby to Kelly. Thanks Kelly!!!

  • Scott L.

    This is a hidden gem. Don't let the surrounding neighbors distract you, once inside it is a true steakhouse. We started with the veal meatball which although small was delicious. Followed by a Caesar salad which was probably the only underwhelming item then the 12 oz filet with the potato casserole. The steak was topped with a bone marrow butter which was amazing. Although I don't live here I would definitely return.

  • Kelly T.

    Can't believe we did not find this place until our son's senior year! Took a chance that Yelp reviews were truthful and was not disappointed. This place does not look like much from the outside but the inside has a nice atmosphere and the staff is very friendly and efficient. Best part - the food was really wonderful. My son's favorite was the lobster mac and cheese. I loved my "Airline chicken". The meatball appetizer was also terrific. Definitely will return here!

  • Marsha M.

    This was our favorite restaurant in Terre Haute. It's actually pretty much the only place we would go out to eat there. The seafood is legit. The pork belly is rich, but amazing. The steaks are tender and perfectly cooked every single time. We've tried most of the menu, it's all good. We usually tried to go with the specials because, well, they are special. Also, the sweet potato casserole is probably my all time favorite food ever. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. There is one thing, the lobster mac we always found there not to be enough lobster meat in it. Eh. The cocktails are amazing. We always sat in the bar and Isaac was usually our bartender. He makes a fantastic cocktail and is the nicest guy. My favorite is the french pear cocktail. Kelly is also super awesome. Man, we are going to miss this place!

  • Ken H.

    Don't let the name fool you J. Ford Black Angus is much more than a steak house. Jeff and Kelly Ford have kept the name of the restaurant occupying this location but serve up some great culinary creations. I dined here several times during a trip "back home" and enjoyed an interesting variety of well prepared dinners. I enjoyed a daily feature of a delicious sea bass encrusted in toasted sesame seeds served atop a perfectly seasoned sauteed spinach, following a tomato bruschetta appetizer. Other nights I enjoyed great grilled steaks and other entree's. All supported by an extensive wine list, with several notable California wines, and many great by-the-glass offerings. I'd recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling through the area and accustomed to something a cut-above the chain restaurants. Can't wait till my next trip home.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : No
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Dressy
    Ambience : Trendy
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

J Ford’s Black Angus

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