Castleton Grill Menu

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  • Kate B.

    I think that Castleton Grill is great. From the outside, it looks like your plain boring Applebees. However, I haven't been disappointed the two times I've been there. Upon last visit, I got a cheeseburger with Smoking Goose bacon. I also got these potato fritters with Smoking Goose sausage (I'm all about the Goose!). The portions were huge. It was easily two meals for me- I can't wait to eat the leftovers! My friend got the Southwest chicken salad- it wasn't what she expected, but she said it was still good. Her potato soup looked amazing. I noticed that they had local brews on tap too- Fountain Square and Triton. Lots of good grub here- I would definitely go back.

  • Michelle Q.

    I've been coming here for years. I've noticed a steady decline in last few years. I have attributed this to off day a few times. But it has ended in disappointment too often to ignore. Last visit. The black bean soup arrives with the stale old tortillas. It tasted awful. The Caesar salad was drowning in dressing. The prime rib was cold and lower quality than I've had in the past. The mashed potatoes had the consistency of glue. Overall, very disappointing bc I've had nice meals here over the past several years. I hope the quality returns.

  • Jeremy O.

    I have been here Twice Once for brunch and once for dinner. Brunch This was the 1st visit. The inside was not what i was expecting, I had driven past this place a few (okay a lot) of times. It has a very homely feeling lots of booths and a very nice fireplace. Brunch yes onto the food, the food itself was good but i wish there were more choices. Now the dinner visit. The bread is very good that you get with the dinner but i found the butter to be very salty. I had the filet black and blue, The steak was ordered medium well, it came out medium rare. At least it was not mooing :) The side i picked was the Cajun potato cake which i have to say was very good indeed My date had the Ribs and rings. She stated the ribs could of been more tender but still were very good. The food service was very quick but trying to get another beer was a hard job. Okay one more tip. The mens room has mouth wash and hand lotion :)

  • Nikki B.

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. This place used to have a large selection of wonderful burgers. There's 3 on the menu now, and not even different ones, just your normal cheeseburger, a Mexi one (named for some tomatoes and cilantro I think) and another forgettable one. I took friends from out of town here only to find that out after raving about the burgers. *facepalm* Then, my friend ordered a filet. It was the cheapest piece of meat I think they could find. It looked like ground beef smashed into a patty and she said there was no flavor to it. The patty melt I got might as well been served in a bowl of grease and/or butter. Good lord, the grease!! I know, I know, it's a burger and buttered bread, but my god, I've never seen anything like my napkin after two bites of it, the darn thing was clear. The onion rings were the same way. I get that it's fried food, but let the stuff drain before you serve it!! I was SO disappointed, this place used to be great. They need to stop skimping on quality and focus on good food again.

  • Eric C.

    Amazing food and fantastic service. Well worth the price.

  • Kami L.

    Really not necessarily my normal style of place, but honestly really good for what it is. The service we got was fairly miserable, but the food was good. Like someone else said, great place to take a family.

  • Lisa H.

    Incredible potato soup! And excellent service. Chunky and thick with bacon, cheese and chives -- the soup, not the waiter :) I had a cup before my (also delicious) cheeseburger, but wish I'd ordered a bowl of soup and made my dinner potato soup along with the warm and tasty brown bread served prior to meal. Yes, their beef is as good as everyone says, but be adventurous and go for the potato soup! Off to request their recipe!

  • Tim T.

    Great sandwiches and service. I'll be back!

  • Brad B.

    Great sandwiches, and decents prices. I'll be back!

  • Jeremy B.

    been here before but this time I was not impressed

  • Chris C.

    Hidden somewhere in the hills of Castletonl Indiana, among the strip malls, and the regular malls that are next to other malls, tucked in between chain restaurants that are next to other chain restaurants, is a restaurant that from the outside, looks like just another chain restaurant. But there's something a little fishy about this place. The name on the sign isn't one that you know. In fact, it seems like it's meant for your current location alone. As you circle the building, you notice that there is an odd banner on the side. It's not advertising some shrimp special, there's no happy hour margherita promotion going on. No, it's telling you that if you eat here, you're keeping your money in the local economy? Wait, what? So head on in, and you might notice that despite the restaurant looking like a chain, it's not laid out like every cookie cutter restaurant. It feels a little odd and quirky, the seats don't always match each other, and it almost seems like it was designed to be a maze. Get yourself situated, and prepare to read through the menu. Again, it seems like it's going to be like every other place you know, but there's just something off. You might notice it first with the appetizers, like a buffalo chicken egg role? Prime rib sliders? And what the hell is a Buster? So, I got myself a little appetizer, the cuban black bean dip, and ordered an Eddie sandwich. Just for the hell of it, I got an extra side, the brussel sprouts, because well, when do you ever see brussel sprouts on a menu. I would have liked to see the eddie sandwich done with maybe a cut of steak or maybe even the prime rib, but since my options were burger or chicken, I opted to make it a burger. Now the descriptions for each item already made the dishes seem a little odd, but there were some unexpeted surprises when each came. The black bean dip seemed to be mixed with a corn pico de gallo. The burger was served on an onion role. Brussel sprouts were prepared either baked or grilled, I couldn't tell. This is definitely not what I was expecting when driving through the area, but I'm glad I stopped. Castleton Grill is like that weird neighbor you have that turns out to be really awesome once you get to know him. I would definitely recommend getting to know this place.

  • Claude S.

    The Castleton Grill was recommended by our hotel and it was really good. There were plenty of options on the menu for each of us to choose from so everyone got to get something they enjoyed. In enjoyed the Grilled Mahi with a potato cake with andoille sausage. For our appetizer we chose the Fried Pickles, those alone made the evening. We'll most definitely go back to Castleton Grill

  • Sara L.

    I absolutely LOVE Castleton Grill. It has quickly become one of my absolute favorite restaurants to go to. The steaks are phenomenal along with everything else I have tried. Though, I would be lying if I didn't say that the main reason I love Castleton Grill so much is because of the service. I request Jay everytime I'm in and he really just takes the cake. I recommend if you are looking forward to your first visit to the grill to ask for Jay!

  • Abhishek B.

    Food is terrible and the atmosphere is pretty depressing. Service is very friendly though. I would probably put this place at par with Applebees.

  • Linda M.

    It is as good as it gets IN CASTLETON! Why? Because Tuesday night special is a 6 oz. filet mignon with a side for $12. I ordered the asparagus. Complimentary bread came with our meal. My reservation helped prepare us for this special event. I got a group of under 20 people together on their patio. It was private and under the covering. (Inside comprised of mostly booths.) The women's restroom was very interesting with the pouring mouth faucet. The hand lotion and mouthwash were neat too!

  • Stephanie B.

    Me and my daughter ate here this past Friday, this place really sucks they have a very limited pricey menu it took me all of 30 minutes to find something I might want to eat on there menu. My 16 yr old daughter got chicken tenders and fries which was a whop-ping $12 for four tenders and fries that tasted as if they were Tyson brand from the super market what a waste of $12 bucks. I finally went with a burger and fries which was not very flavorful and for the $8 I spent on the burger and fries I was mad I did not go to Five Guys way better burgers. Avoid this place with there limited menu, outdated furniture and very pricey foods. Not worth the money!!

  • Kristianna G.

    Our waiter, jay, was kind of flighty. Forgot to bring us stuff constantly, kept trying to give me my husbands food, got his order wrong, and when he brought it back, even with my food sitting in front of me was still trying to give it to me, have my daughter an obviously old water meant for someone else that had been forgotten. The food would have been good if it wasn't freezing cold, fries hard as a rock. Beer battered fish was decent, but again collld. Wouldn't eat here again. Strange experience.

  • Rob S.

    Nice cozy feel to the inside of the restaurant. Wait staff was very attentive. The blackened fish sandwich was very good. I tried it with the jalapeño tarter sauce, but I was not a fan, next time I will go with regular tarter sauce. They have 6 different ways to prepare the fish and three fish choices to choose from(cod, salmon, mahi). The apple orchard fries were crispy and tasty. My wife had the potato cake and it was top notch. A nice break from the chain restaurants in the Castleton area.

  • Joseph T.

    Great local place! Driving thru Indy on our way to Columbus, OH. Saw it was a local place and had to try it. Our server was on target and attentive. My wife had the Spicy Chicken Pasta. I had the Beef Manhattan. We ordered side salads. My wife got the House Salad with a very good ranch dressing. I got the Mallory Salad - fresh greens, walnuts, blue cheese and a currant vinaigrette. The meal was just spot on. I know where I am getting a meal the next time I am in Indy.

  • Lindsay R.

    Everytime I come here I'm never disappointed. The prime rib is fantastic.. We visited for Northside Nights and the menu was great. The portobello queso was awesome. Our entrees were the prime rib and bbq bacon-wrapped shrimp; we devoured it all! The chocolate cake was almost as big as the plate.. three people couldn't even eat half.

  • Davin D.

    I've eaten at quite a number of grill places, but this locally owned non-chain is without doubt one of the best! Our waitress, Cindy, was wonderfully helpful and nice; we had to send her away two times just so we could have enough time to look over every mouthwatering item on the menu! Everything we ordered came out perfect, and the flavors were definitely unique, and the prices very reasonable. If I'm in Indianapolis, this is the one grill & restaurant I'll definitely come back to in the future.

  • Lizzy C.

    Seriously impressed with Castleton Grill! I have driven by it for years when coming and going from the mall but never thought to stop in. Finally decided to give it a go and was blown away! Has a great menu selection with more than your average bar food. I got the blackened cod sandwich and it was seasoned to perfection. The jalapeno tartar sauce was a great addition. Tried the grilled veggies and hummus appetizer and it was just as good. Looking forward to going back to try many more menu items!

  • Ntianu S.

    I would rate this place a solid three and a half stars. It has good intentions and unique menu items, but falls short on the execution. The menu consists of sandwiches, dinner salads, fresh fish, and steaks. They offer traditional items such as fish and chips, tacos, chicken tenders, sliders, etc. I was with a group of 6. We decided to share the black bean and avocado dip, which was pretty good. Our waitress was pretty nice and patient. I couldn't decide between the chicken tenders, fish & chips, and blackened mahi tacos. Based upon the waitress' recommendation I opted for the tacos with the orchard fries, and I just had to check out the smoking goose andouille potato cake. They had me at smoking goose! It didn't take terribly long for our food to come out. My fish tacos were, well, meh. Nothing special at all. Nice portion size of the fish, but my taco was basically lettuce and fish. No other sauces. Not worth $14. The orchard fries were delish! I'm a fan. The potato cake was just ok. I was expecting the andouille sausage to add a bit of spice and flavor to it, but the taste of the sausage did not come through. I enjoyed the corn salsa. Nice fresh flavor. Unfortunately, the side dishes stood out more than the entree. Overall, my first visit was ok. It would definitely go back for the orchard fries alone. My friends who ordered salads enjoyed them, so if I were to return maybe I will check out a salad.

  • Charcy L.

    The baked potato soup is really great, however, My chicken herb dish is not really good, because the chicken is a little bit dry, don't have any flavor. And the service is not very good too, always wait~

  • Amy C.

    Great alternative to fast food by the Castleton mall. This place has been here for years and I would much rather eat here than at the food court. Wide variety on the menu. I had the sliders and a salad and they were yummy. My daughter had a chicken wrap and she said it was very good. The food comes out quick at lunch so don't think the wait will eat into your shopping time!

  • Phil B.

    We have been here a few times over the years. The food it pretty average. The prices are fairly average. Service tends to be above average. The hostess was very friendly. It may be just the times we are there ( usually Sunday brunch ) the clientele average age is around 70. That may be why the food is not seasoned much and pretty basic. Nice location to go to the Mall either before or after. Or going to play lazer tag like we did. Did I use the word average enough?

  • Alicia R.

    Always liked this place, service and food generally very good. Not today, though. We had a BOGO and ordered two steak dinners. Long wait for meal and mine was cold and not prepared right. Informed staff and entire meal comped. (Not free dessert or future free appetizer, as so many places offer, and which we consider inadequate. )Thanks and we will return!!!

  • Senie S.

    I came here for lunch recently and the people i went with are from the area but said that they have never stopped here before. Going into the restaurant it was a casual and new place for everyone. It looked like a great local place with good homemade food, but it was also a place that lookedalmost too casual for some occasions. The service and food here is great. Going in for lunch is great because you get in and out quickly and the service is very friendly. The menu here is pretty basic for most american restaurants, but they of course have their wn spin on things. You can get many classic dishes you would get anywhere else as well. The burger here and the prime rib is what our host told us was the best. The only thing i was confused about was that the prime rib was brought up yet it was not ready until 12. So unless you go here later you are not going to be able to try the prime rib early. Wish I could have tried it though! I ordered the fish and chips and thought it was very delicious. I mean it is a pretty basic and simple dish, but it did not feel too greasy or heavier than it needed to. I enjoyed the food and service here and am glad I gave it a try. I would not mind going back here for lunch, but I do not know how often I would make an effort on my end to bring others here all the time. Something about this place just kind of gave me a very "blah" feeling. Just nothing spectacular that stuck out more than any other place you would go for lunch.

  • Scott H.

    Castleton Grill has the best burger in Indianapolis, but nobody knows about it. You know why nobody knows about it? Because their service least at the bar, anyway. Even the tastiest meal isn't worth dealing with a rude, inattentive bartender.

  • Chrissy K.

    Service was not bad, prices are a bit high for lunch- and I was not impressed by the prime rib at all. I ordered medium rare it was dry, and tasted a bit cheap. They have Bells Oberon on draft which made me happy and the Brussel sprouts were to die for. Also enjoyed there butter, it was delish. Service time was quick

  • Sophia H.

    The burgers are wonderful! The ladies room has mouth wash and lotion which I thought was a nice touch. The staff is wonderful and they partner with local businesses as well. Overall a great experience!

  • Richard P.

    I'd started off my quest for a special Labor Day lunch by heading over to the Johnny Rocket's at Castleton Square Mall, but upon entering realized the place was pretty crowded and I was being led to one of their uncomfortably small two-top tables that run down the center aisle of this location. So, I left. After considering a couple other places, I looked across the parking lot at Don Hall's Castleton Grill, a proudly local establishment that part of me wanted to try and part of me wanted to avoid. While I'm someone who tries to support local establishments, Castleton Grill was a favorite spot of a friend who'd committed suicide and part of me just couldn't bear the thought of going there. Today, I did. I was a little surprised to see that Castleton Grill has only two accessible parking spaces considering they do seem to cater to an older crowd. However, on this visit both spots were open so I suppose we also have to acknowledge that they cater to a classier clientele less apt to use parking spots they don't need. From the outside, Castleton Grill looks sort of like an old school steakhouse from the 50's or 60's. This may not be surprising considering it was established in 1946. They did have an appropriate curb cut and I had no trouble getting in the front entrance, though I did find it weird that they had a host/hostess area unstaffed with no clear signage indicating if you should wait or seat yourself. That said, within a minute I was greeted by a polite young man who promptly took me to an appropriate table and moved the chair. The atmosphere has a strong 50's feel to it, but not in a kitschy sort of way. It's more in a "rat pack" sort of way. It's a rather intimate place with lots of wood and browns throughout the facility. It does have multiple large screen televisions that were showing racing today, though the volume was down. I've read several comments about the service being slow and, to be honest, it is definitely a bit slow. I prefer to call it casual, though I definitely waited a bit too long for my check to arrive. That said, there were a couple things I really liked about the service - 1) It wasn't all young people dressed to attract tips and 2) I didn't feel rushed. I mean, sure, they didn't rush but they also didn't rush me. I reflected back on the days when I used to go out with a friend and talk for hours at a time before Applebee's turned corporate and started focusing more on turning over tables than actual customer service. I could see myself really chilling here. My server, a more "mature" woman, also was attentive without being intrusive and offered me an iced tea refill AND then got me one to go. I ordered a tenderloin sandwich with french fries and a small cup of cole slaw along with an unsweetened iced tea. The tenderloin was pounded thin and was just a touch too crispy on the edges for my taste, but it had a difficult to describe quality I really liked. I would definitely order it again. The french fries were lightly seasoned and browned. They weren't outstanding, but they were good as was the cole slaw. The iced tea, sourced locally, was also top notch. Castleton Grill hosts a variety of music, including a special "Shine" series right now on Sunday nights. This restaurant is one of several owned by Don Hall with most being in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. If I could, I'd probably give Castleton Grill 3.5 stars, which is likely a more accurate reflection of today's meal and service. That said, I enjoyed this meal and atmosphere far too much to push it closer to "average" so I'm sticking with a 4-star rating and, despite feeling a lot of emotions during today's visit, I'll definitely go back.

  • Rick G.

    If the service was on par with the food, it'd be a solid 4 in my book. As it is, it's a stretch to must a 3. That said, I really, really, REALLY like the food. This is certainly one of my top 3 or 4 burgers in town. Cooked just as I requested (Seriously, restaurants...medium means medium. It's not that difficult), and there is a nice selection of sides to choose from. The breaded tenderloin is quite final, also. Trust me. I know tenderloins. :) But the service is just....slow. They seem to be chronically under-staffed. I'll give our waitress on our last visit...she was pleasant, friendly, and professional. But she obviously had more tables than she (or any other server, for that matter) could handle. The service keeps an average experience, when it could be so much more. If I'm in the area, I'll stop by. If it had better service, I'd make a special trip. As it stands, I won't.

  • Jacci H.

    We will definitely return to this restaurant. The titillating aroma of the prime rib lures you in as soon as you get near the foyer. Lunch there was so pleasant with prompt, friendly service and nice music to get you in the mood for a delicious meal. Fresh and perfectly prepared.

  • Simo I.

    What was cool: - they have beers from local breweries - friendly staff - interior of the restaurant I tried the ribs ( medium cooked, nicely cooked ) with onion rings and a side with beans and also a local beer - loved it.

  • Sam M.

    I recently was up in the Castleton area to watch a movie with some friends and we chose to stop on by for some dinner before our show. Upon arrival, our hostess was not overly enthusiastic about having to leave her phone to come seat us, but she did offer us a quieter table in the back of the restaurant. Our waiter was a polite and attentive fellow who went about getting our orders in quickly, despite the crowd. We had our drinks and appetizer within five minutes and were served our main entrée in short order. The food was actually rather tasty. I was surprised and pleased to notice they had several local ingredients on their list, including Smoking Goose meats. I chose a grilled portabella "burger" topped with caramelized onions, a chipotle may, white cheddar, and balsamic tomatoes. It was DELISH!! All in all, my experience was a pleasant one and I would be happy to return on future occasions.

  • Quiana L.

    Always a pleasure to fine here. The hostess is darling and pleasant as she escorts you to your seats. The waite staff is always a delight; ask for Jay (he's THE BEST). I have not had anything I didn't enjoy from their menu, appetizers and desserts included. Daily specials on both drinks and food make this place an excellent value.

  • Angi B.

    First time here, in a party of 7 for a work lunch. Service seemed slow (took about 35 minutes) but we did have a large party and the servers were very attentive & helpful. I had the Chicken and Black Bean Wrap... without the chicken or cheese or ranch dressing. It was quite good, beans, rice, lettuce tomato avocado, though it should have had more beans esp since I ordered it without chicken. I think there were about 12 beans. All the portions were large and everyone was happy. We especially like the asparagus and broccoli sides. I probably won't be back, as it's just not my cuisine, but it was well done for what it is.

  • Oliver R.

    We went there for dinner. There were two tables about 10 people at each table. Each table had their own server. That is fine, should make the service quick and efficient. Sadly, that was not the case. The decor felt old. The service was slow. The food was nothing special. They seem to promote and pride themselves on being locally owned. Ok but maybe they could work to improve service and food quality. Maybe it is me. I read positive reviews here, viewed the menu online and had high hopes.

  • John O.

    I'm not sure if the other reviewers were eating at the same restaurant as we just recently ate at. We figured since we have driven past Castleton Grill for years we should give it a try. Check, been there, done that. Not going back. Unlike others, our server was very pleasant and attentive. That's the best I can say. We had a grilled chicken sandwich and a beef Manhattan. Do you ever watch "Restaurant Impossible"? You know the part where they serve him the food the restaurant prepares and he quickly tosses it to the side and says things like "bleh", "that's frozen" etc. That's how I felt. The decor was steakhouse circa 1995. Tired, dark etc. Hardly what I would call "funky" as one reviewer described. Many other "local" places that offer great food, and service for much less.

  • Scott N.

    When I look for places to go to off of Yelp I look for places that are funky, friendly, tasty, and local. I feel that Castleton Grill strongly meets most of these criteria (let's face it, a neighborhood grill isn't that funky). Here's the best way to describe Castleton Grill... If you feel like going to Chili's or Applebee's, slap yourself and go to Castleton Grill! You may not have the name-recognition of a national chain, but the food is very good, the service is amazing, and everything is local! I was very impressed by everything this restaurant has to offer and I look forward to going there again.

  • Rachel H.

    As usual this was an excellent visit to Castleton Grill. Today the kids had hamburgers and chicken toes and everything came out great. The adults had the asparagus/salmon salad (again) and a brick burger with chipotle mayo. The salad is a consistent favorite with a light lemon dressing. The burger was (although shouldn't be) a surprise. We expected just a good burger but the chipotle sauce kicked it up quite a bit. Now, this place wouldn't be nearly a great as it is if it wasn't for the service. We were seated right away and Julie got us taken care of with drinks and food. She even brought over a little unexpected treat (fruit cups and crackers) for the kids to tide them over until their trays came. AND, paint your own Rice Krispy treats? Need I say more? I also want to mention how clean the restrooms are. This is very appreciated! We LOVE eating at the Castleton Grill!!

  • Rob W.

    The #1 reason we will liked this place was the local appeal it isn't another one of the chains and that appeals to us. We both ordered the Prime Rib and it was ok, the best part was their Horseradish sauce which was unlike any other I have ever had. We also got the Onion Rings as an app and they were pretty sub par, the breading fell off after one bite and that same breading lacked seasoning. My biggest issue was the service. She was horrible, absolutely horrible. First she didn't know anything about the items on the menu, nothing at all. And then she just ignored us. And did I mention she didn't know anything, the one thing she said she would take care of she just didn't deal with.

  • Ryan W.

    Just passing thru decided to check this place out. Had the 12oz sirloin, WOW!!! That was a great steak!! I got it with bleu cheese and pepper corns. Nice atmosphere too. Highly recommended.

  • Jack B.

    Castleton Grill: Review Dinner Service 9/17/14 Ck# 227 7:09 PM /total $32.70 + gratuity Our quest to discover low calorie menu choices in Indianapolis led us to try a "new to us" restaurant in the Castleton area. We had passed Don Hall's Castleton Grill for many years but had never dined there. Upon entering the building we were greeted by a sign saying they are under construction, a remodel we soon learned is past overdue. After being acknowledged by the manager, Lee, we requested the "under 550" menu. Lee guided us to our seats via a strange way past the service entrance of the kitchen, behind the bar and eventually to table (#54) which is adjacent to the bartender's entrance behind the bar. Considering it was 6:45 PM on a Wednesday, the restaurant was not all that busy. There were many open tables and booths available so I was surprised by the seating. Also not sure why we were given the back hall tour considering there is a more direct public path thru the dining area that leads to this table. As we reviewed the low calorie menu we discovered pricing was not included for the entrees, only for the low Cal cocktails. We later learned why. The food is overpriced and substandard. The menu is also somewhat confusing as it isn't clear how the food is assembled, what sides are included or does it offer a description of the dish. My wife ordered the grilled Cod with fresh Broccoli. I selected the 6 oz. filet Mignon with fresh Asparagus spears. Our server Tim inquired if we wanted to add a salad but our goal was to maintain the limited calorie count so we declined. Our beverage of choice was water with lemon. Once our food arrived, our disappointment grew. Both the broccoli and asparagus were prepared only slightly blanched. The preparation concept to keep the bright green appearance does not lend to serving a raw product. Properly prepared vegetables should be fork tender, not requiring a steak knife and strong teeth. The cod was smothered in a tasteless sauce. My steak was the highlight as it was surprisingly tender but lacked flavor. While anticipating our dinner, my wife and I observed some very disturbing indicators of poor sanitation as well as absence of management observation and direction at this restaurant. The west evening sun poked thru the windows exemplifying a large amount of dust on the tops of the bar stools, the rungs under the seats, and exposed a 6 inch area around the bar where previous mopping didn't reach the dust ring. The decorative panel wrapping the bar also exhibited a layer of dust hanging off it. It was obvious that the dust was not a result of construction but rather neglect or lack of a thorough cleaning. Booth #54 allowed a behind the scene perspective (bartender's entrance) where we observed cleaning supplies stored in the same rail where opened liquor bottles are kept. All this made us wonder what other health code violations existed in the food prep and other areas of this establishment. Some might think I was writing a script for "Kitchen Nightmares" or Robert Irvine's "Restaurant Impossible" as our experience culminated with a most strange encounter with the manager Lee. Tim, our server, dropped of our bill but mistakenly delivered another customer's check. By happenstance manager Lee passed by our table so I flagged him down for the correct bill. My wife previously asked me not to make a big deal about the poor dining experience but since she stepped away I decided to point out the collection of dust and cleaning storage violation to Lee. As I explained our observations to Lee he stepped into the bar area where I could tell he was blinded by what he sees daily. I eventually stepped to the bar entrance and pointed to the violation. More amazing was when Lee turned on his heels and walked away mumbling someone's name. Passing behind our booth I asked him if he even cared about these conditions and he quickly responded yes as he attempted to escape my sight. Before we left the restaurant Lee returned to the bar area and placed the cleaning solutions somewhere behind the bar. Sadly he never acknowledged my concerns or offered an explanation or apology. Had that been me I would have been extremely embarrassed and addressed the customers concern. Allow me to offer one final observation. The staff seemed to wear whatever they deemed comfortable. Various staff and servers wore blue jeans, wrinkled kakis while one server was in poorly maintained cargo shorts and worn tennis shoes. This doesn't exactly demonstrate professionalism or concern for exceptional service. The most amusing part of this whole visit came as we settled our bill. Tim thanked us for in his words "giving them a whirl".

  • Jim B.

    Was in town for the weekend and visited the Castleton Grill with a friend who lived locally. Our visit was on Saturday, April 26th at around 3 PM. We were seated quickly and our server arrived at the table immediately. The restaurant wasn't overly busy, but there was a steady flow of customers. Beverages arrived quickly as well. I had coffee and water, our local friend had ice tea, and my partner had strawberry lemonade, which is fresh squeezed according the server. My partner said it was excellent and had a second glass after his meal. Our friend ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich with "orchard" fries, I got the philly sandwich, also with the orchard fries, and my partner got the philly ..but with no mushrooms and a baked potato as a side. Now, first off, I love to visit locally-owned places as much as possible and this is a locally owned restaurant...that also had a sign outside reminding people that money spent in locally-owned businesses, stays in the community. We were not at all disappointed with our food. The pork tenderloin on our friend's sandwich was least 10" diameter! He said it was fantastic. Both of the philly sandwiches were great and prepared as requested. I would definitely recommend them, though..I am tempted to tackle that tenderloin sandwich. The orchard fries were also very good..seem to be a boiled or baked potato that was sliced and deep fried. Our friend loves them and said it's one of the reasons he goes to the Castleton Grill. We spent a good couple hours chatting and the staff was great to us..never making us feel rushed and the server went out of her way to be sure we were happy with our food and if we needed any drink refills. We will definitely be back in the future.

  • RICK R.

    My wife and I ate here when we first moved to town. Love the fact it is locally owned. Food was pretty good and our server did a good job at taking care of us while leaving us be. Didn't drink, but the wine and beer selections looked good. Planning to go back soon.

  • Trina J.

    I like this place. Being a burger fiend, I was lured here to try their "big mac" type burger (Buster). The Buster did not disappoint. It was a homemade style big mac on a fresher bun. I also enjoyed a side of onion rings which were piping hot. The meal without a drink was $9. Better buy & flavor than Five Guys. The hostess and waiter were attentive, friendly and helpful. I recommend giving it a try.

  • Brittany L.

    We've eaten here three times, and I feel I can give this locally owned restaurant a solid 4 stars. Not sure that anything will blow you out of the water, but they have a great selection of local craft beers, the hostesses and servers have always been friendly, and we've never had to wait long for food or refills. This past time we went, I ordered off the discounted dinner menu, and had a nice piece of baked fish with slivered almond breading. It was actually a human portion, not a hog trough portion. After eating most of my sides (garlic potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts & tomatoes, applesauce), the fish, and a couple slices of tasty brown bread I left feeling full but not sick. Great deal for under $10. My partner had the prime rib...this is where we tend to end up when he wants prime rib...and was once again very pleased. I don't think it's THE best prime rib you'll ever have, but it certainly is at that price. I've tried a bite or 2 each time. If you're someone who is frightened of the thought of eating at a restaurant that you've not seen advertised on TV, take comfort in knowing that the interior and menu are somewhat along the lines of Ruby Tuesday, Cheddar's, O'Charley's, Bennigan's, etc. but better. Not overly theme-y, not trying too hard. Large flat screens around the bar area. There are good-sized booths as well as tables. Oh! They have dog nights in the summer where dogs are specially invited to come with their owners to the patio. I like that, even though our spastic dog can't partake. I like the 3/50 blurb in their menu. I think a lot of people...actually, I personally KNOW a lot of people who, sadly, just don't think about where they're spending their money. I try to buy made in the USA and go local whenever I can. I appreciate the restaurant making an effort to educate people. Making a conscious effort to patronize locally-owned businesses is definitely worthwhile for the community.

  • Anita G.

    If it wasn't for the very poor service, I would give this place 4 or 5 stars, just because it is not a chain. But the service lacks so much professionalism, I want to cry. Being a server isn't really brain surgery, so why is it sooo difficult for some (most) people to apply the simple rules of serving food? I don't get it and it frustrates me every time I have one of those experiences. We have ordered an appetizer and soup, while we were still eating, our server brings the main course, just puts the plates down and leaves. I want hot food, not warm food. So by the time I get to my main course, it isn't hot, it's warm. She comes back out to check on us, refills? Yes please. She forgot and didn't bother taking the empty dishes inside, which I put on an empty table, because on our table wasn't enough room. One thing a server should always do: never go back empty handed. I don't know how many times she walked by those empty dishes. It takes very little effort to train people and the owner should invest some time in proper training, because this experience was pretty poor.

  • Ivan R.

    Five-Star, Five-Star, Five-Star!! REALLY?? Let me begin by stating that I am from out of town...I checked into a nearby hotel and asked for a dinner suggestion for a great dinner. I specifically told the guy, I'm NOT looking for some dump like Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel. Where does he send me? Castleton Grill... Although I can't speak about how kid friendly the place is, I can tell you this is not the 5-star experience that so many call it. Driving up, I thought maybe my eyes had been blinded by the frozen rain, but I really was going to a restaurant in a mall parking lot, nestled between a Longhorn Steakhouse and a Long John Silvers lies Castleton Grill. Willing to overlook the obvious, I was going to give it a shot. I walk in and WOW, Dan Hall's Castleton Grill is nothing like what I had asked for. In fact, all I could think is that Dan Hall must have traveled across America and taken everything he loved about different chain restaurants like Chilis, Fridays and more, and made it his own. I was still willing go give it a shot. I look at the menu and think the Half-Rotisserie Chicken looked pretty safe and order it. The waited sighs, tells me they sold out two hours earlier and offered me the Herb Chicken with Asparagus. When it got to my table, it was a skillet of chicken breast covered with oily asparagus (I didn't know asparagus could be so impure) with mushrooms and then smothered with greasy cheese. The oils were already rising up, separating from my "great dinner". I wanted to blot my lips after every bite. It's bar/drunk food at best...want a great dinner, go to the nearby Harry and Izzy's. You get what you pay for. ________________________ Notes: * Plenty of local beers

  • Margaret V.

    I eat here every time I come to Indy. I think they have a menu that meets everyones needs. Everyone from vegetarians to die hard "meat and potatoes" eaters can find something to enjoy. The food is reasonably priced and the service has always been very good. The restaurant is located near Castleton Mall and parking is ample.

  • Richard H.

    This business' parent company stresses eating locally, which is certainly admirable until you realize that they sure don't do any local sourcing, save the trendy use of some Smoking Goose meats. It's pretty much the same Sysco or similar product delivered to other restaurants of this type with no thought to seasonal offerings -- the sides remain the same year round. That being said, if you want to dine on this type of food (a glance at the menu on-line will tell you exactly the kind of food you'll be getting), you could certainly do worse. The salads are fresh and crisp, the bread warm and yummy. And what really does push it over its national competition is the impeccable and friendly service -- really, really top-notch. If you happen to be shopping at the Castleton Mall and don't feel like Kabob Korner or Thai Taste (although why, I am not sure), definitely pass Applebee's and Longhorn and Olive Garden and Buca di Beppo and head to the Castleton Grill.

  • Cris A.

    I love this place! The staff was great, and the food was better. I could smell steak grilling from the parking lot, and once inside, they did not disappoint. If you're looking for an upscale place for fancy dining, keep driving. If you want excellent execution of of American cuisine in a casual setting, then this is your spot. This was our first visit and we agree that it was a great experience. Disclaimer: We went on Sunday midday, with kids and had steak. I can't speak to other times and menu items... yet.

  • Jan B.

    Dinner last night was less than memorable. I love cheese but the crab stuffed mushrooms were so drowned with flavorless cheese they were unrecognizable. Had a Cobb salad that was pretty good.

  • Jennifer M.

    Average restaurant, average food, crappy service. Waited over 10 minutes for someone to even come to our table and say hi, then she didn't even introduce herself just asked what we wanted. Asked for a burger and steak cooked medium and both were over cooked. Not somewhere I would recommend to come.

  • E C.

    Wonderful service, great food, loved the children's dessert! What a surprise as we found this is yelp while have a girls weekend with the little girls too. The food and service was wonderful, food and selection great. Wil be going back again.

  • Nikki K.

    My husband and I have now visited the Castleton Grill three or four times and we have to say, it is worth the drive from our home in Anderson. First off, we love that it is a locally owned business and NOT another chain! As everyone else has said, the look isn't something so unique, it looks like any other neighborhood joint would. Which is fine by us because, we don't go to a restaurant for it's looks, but rather the food and service. Both of which are rockin' and deserve two big thumbs up! Let me talk about the service. Our waiter, Jay, was absolutely fantastic! He must have been born to be in the service industry because he did an absolutely spectacular job, enough so that we will ask for him at each return visit. He went above and beyond to make us feel special, even though they were super busy and had a group of over 50 people right by us. Our drinks were always full and he even upsold us on the 1/2 price bottle of wine (we almost never get upsold, we usually know exactly what we are willing to spend when going out), which was a great deal and a fun addition to our meal. The hostess was lovely as well and several staff members who didn't even wait on us said goodbye as we were leaving after our meal. Ok, let's talk about the good stuff now. The food. I'm not sure I can say anything better than, it was delicious! Everything was exactly how we wanted it, and more. My husband got the Ribeye steak black & bleu. He ordered it medium and it was perfectly cooked. For his side he got the orchard fries, and they must put something addictive in them because even though that type of side isn't usually my "thing" I couldn't help snagging a few (or more) of his! I ordered the Herb Roasted Chicken, oh my goodness. First of all, it's a HUGE portion and I had more than enough to eat and take home a full meal of leftovers. It has mushrooms, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, cheese, asparagus and herbs with chicken and it is simply one of the best meals I have ever ordered in a restaurant. Our waiter brought us samples of the soups and, while we hardly ever think to order soup in a restaurant, I know next time I'll be enjoying a cup of the black bean. It was fantastic, and like nothing I've ever had before. Overall, our experience was exceptional, and rest assured we will be back shortly, and often. I highly recommend eating here, as you'll be sure to enjoy.

  • Yang N.

    This place kind of reminds me of Applebee or any of those generic chain restaurant. Nothing really special. Very heavy on the sodium usage and generous portion. Taste is only okay...

  • Eva L.

    Uninspired, overcooked, soggy fare. Acceptable to senior citizens and toddlers. Service friendly, but slow and rushed. The credit card reader was not working the night we were there. No bargain on the meals either.

  • Shir W.

    the menu doesn't have much option, the waiter wasn't so nice, the food was so-so, but their dinner bread was VERY good! that's all i have to say about this place.

  • Chris C.

    Proudly staking their claim as one of the few non-chain restaurants in the Castleton area, the Castleton Grill serves up good food with generous portions. The menus is standard American fare. I had the Beef Manhattan (billed as shaved Prime Rib) that was tasty albeit possibly overdrenched in gravy. Service was friendly and atmosphere was not much different than you'd find in a similarly billed chain restaurant.

  • Kyle B.

    Castleton Grill is a place that fails to find a niche. The outside looks like a Chili's while inside looks like a mix between Chili's and Cracker Barrel. The cool hanging lamps and stone fire place are offset by hanging TVs and random stain glass. The food was decent, but a bit overpriced. Our server was terrible. When we finally got our drinks he asked if we wanted some bread while we wait for our never came. I had to ask for the bread, which ended up coming after our food. At this point our server disappeared until it was time for the check, at which time he became very friendly. When I did ask for a refill he made it very clear that he was overwhelmed with a facial expression. Did I mention that the restaurant was not at all busy? Once we paid, the server came back to the table and shook our hands....which I thought was strange. I probably won't be going back to the Castleton Grill until they make their prices a bit more competitive.

  • Joel S.

    Killer wine selection but the prime rib was mediocre. Great vegetarian selections and they have good stuff for kids especially the rice Krispy butterfly decorating treat

  • Dawn T.

    Be forewarned, my review may be a bit biased since Hall's is a bit romanticized in my mind. After all, my Mom and Dad met at the Hall's Drive-in in Ft. Wayne, IN. Without Hall's, I may not be here. I am probably somewhere between a 3 and 4 for this particular Hall's restaurant. However, since I am a huge fan of Hall's overall I'll go with the higher score. Hall's overall deserves 4-5 stars for what it is, which is really good Midwestern food. If you want good typical Indiana food then Hall's is your place. Growing up with a family from Ft. Wayne you cannot grow up a fan of Hall's. Hall's has very reasonably priced steaks, burgers, pork tenderloins and the like. They have a$9.95 prime rib sandwich every day. I also noticed that they are now serving locally made craft beer. The service is friendly and the food is comfortable. Don't expect to be wowed by something new and unusual. However, do expect to be pleased with a great serving of what you probably grew up with if you are a Hoosier.

  • Toby J.

    Castle ton grill is a great local place to eat with friendly staff and outstanding food. I eat here every time I'm in town.

  • Keith W.

    I work across the street from Castleton Mall and I have been meaning to try this place for several months. It looks a bit older, and definitely not part of the hyper-commercial blitzkrieg of merchandising that radiates from the surrounding chain restaurants and general "mall-ness" of the area. It looked a bit worn or weathered, but I decided it was more stately, than neglected. I went in for lunch on a Thursday. I was immediately pleased to find it is locally owned and not a chain (which I suspected, but nice to have it confirmed). It has been established for over 10 years and the family that owns it has multiple restaurants, but they are all different (i.e. not a chain of the same name). I was greeted quickly and politely. I opted to sit at the bar, and I was escorted to a captain's chair bar seat. Awesome. The menu was impressive, and the prime rib seems to be their "signature" dish. The menu was extensive, and included a nice sidebar about spending money at locally owned business and how much money makes it back into the community relative to national chains. As I said, I like to support local places, so that sat well with me. Others, admittedly, might find it preachy. I opted for the Thursday lunch special ($6.95) - a BBQ Beef Brisket burger with potato pancake. The brisket was very, very tender and excellent, although it did not have as strong of a BBQ flavor as I was expecting. Not bad, but if you expect anything labeled "BBQ" to be glistening in sauce, this is not for you. The fried potato pancake was awesome, especially because of the hot mustard (or horseradish?) drizzle on it; I also had a cup of baked potato soup as an appetizer and it was delicious. It was real potato soup, not this glop of nacho cheese looking stuff with a few sprigs of shaved potato trapped in its congealed depths (hi, O'Charley's!) - no, this was the real deal; a cream-based potato soup with chunks of potato and piled high with bacon bits, scallions and shredded cheese. The portions were generous and I left a chunk of my burger and potato cake on the plate - I simply couldn't eat it all. I'll know better next time. They also serve local beers on draft, and the overall ambiance and decor seem dignified and stately. There is a definite hint of age about the place, and I cannot imagine there would ever be a wild and crazy scene, but I can see it being an excellent place to eat a meal with friends and family. The place is affordable, but some of the dinner entrees, like Prime Rib, can run close to $20.00. However, there are plenty of other affordable options. And as I mentioned, $6.95 for a lunch special is not a bad deal at all. Overall, I enjoyed Castleton Grill and I would definitely go back again, and recommend it to friends. I dinged it one star for its general age and sense of being trapped in "the way things always are" -- if you are into hip, trendy, new, bling-tastic eateries that feature words like "fusion" on their menu, this is not your place, but you could bring your mother and grandmother here for Mother's Day...

  • Catherine L.

    This place is so amazing!! The service is outstanding. Tim is always our server and does a great job. We go every year for Christmas eve dinner. I have been going here for almost 20 years now. I have never had bad service. It is the most amazing food ever. Their steaks are so moist and delicious!!

  • Mike T.

    Best service I have ever had!!!! And some of the best food to there prim rib is very good the cheese fries are awesome the waitress was one of a kind Ali was by far the best I ever I have had

  • Lauren T.

    We often order delivery (via Order-In) and have been very pleased with the results. My husband has a wheat allergy and we never have any issues there (HUGE SUCCESS, as those of you with food allergies will understand) and the options are extensive for him, compared to most restaurants. We love the "hand-helds" thats Castleton Grill-speak for tacos. They come in corn tortillas with creative toppings and are delicious. I've tried the chicken and black bean and the cubano pork, both very good, with a side of the black bean tortilla soup (don't be surprised, this is very much a good black bean soup with tortilla strips on top, not a broth based soup with beans in it as the description might suggest). My husband usually gets fish and the mahi mahi is a fave of his. We both LOVE the Bud's brussels sprouts side, it has cherry tomatoes and a great sauce- probably not as healthy as you might think, but certainly tasty. Big Marks Pit Beans go great with the ribs, which are also delish... they are nice and sweet and they use a wide variety of beans. I also like the buffalo chicken egg rolls for an app. They aren't too spicy. If you are looking for mid-priced american fare, this place is a winner. It's local, the food is fresh and we've not been disappointed. I'd give them five stars, but i've only ordered delivery so I cannot comment on the in-house dining.

  • Nichole H.

    The food at Castleton Grill is a solid 4. I enjoyed what I ordered, although my husband wasn't terribly impressed with his prime rib. I started off with the Fresco Salad, and ordered the Hickory Chicken Herb. It was delicious. The bread they served on the side was also very tasty. However, the service was absolutely miserable. We sat at our table for about 10 minutes before the HOSTESS came over and took our drink orders. It was probably another 15 minutes before we saw the waiter, and he made some pathetic excuse about why he was so slow. He forgot my appetizer. Then I had to ask him for an iced tea refill. Two of the other people at my table also needed an iced tea refill but he didn't offer or bring them one when he brought mine. My friend had to remind him that he needed silverware. Dinner for 4 took almost 2 hours because the service was so unbelievably slow. Would have been understandable - but we were THE ONLY ONES SITTING IN THE ROOM. I forgive a lot when it comes to service, but this was just unacceptable.

  • Lecia L.

    We've been coming here for about 10 years. The food is great and priced accordingly. The service we receive here has always been good....ask for Tim, he's the best! Their potato soup is awesome & you have to try their Western Ribeye (Midwestern, if you want to go lighter on the spices)! It's a locally owned establishment so you're helping out your own. If you haven't been there yet, you should check it out!!!

  • Eric F.

    Our favorite place for dinner in the Castleton area. Good quality food and great service.

  • Kevin C.

    Everyone was excited about this place because it's locally owned. Sure, it's great that a local business is doing so well in the competitive market of casual dining. But, local doesn't necessarily mean good, and, unfortunately, I wasn't particularly blown away by Castleton Grill. The restaurant itself looks like a slightly nicer knock-off of Applebee's - sadly not much local flavor here. You really couldn't tell whether you were in a unique eating establishment as it seemed reminiscent of every other sit-down family grill out there. But, looks aren't everything, so I was hoping the food would draw me in. In this area, I wasn't very impressed either. The pulled pork sandwich I had was flavorless and mooshy. The restaurant is known for its prime rib open faced sandwich, which my friend had and said was very good. Unfortunately, it didn't seem that their other offerings really measured up. The one bright spot was the Three Floyds on tap, which made my evening. Otherwise this was a very average and forgettable dining experience.

  • Robert L.

    Locally owned restaurant with variety of home style meals. They also have a separate gluten free and under 500 calorie menu which I ordered from. My herb chicken was surprisingly juicy and delicious.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm
  • Mon : 11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Tue, Thu
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Castleton Grill

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