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  • m w.

    Visiting from out of town (LA) and had dinner at Ahi. It was VERY GOOD!!!! The quality was better than what would be high grade in LA. The service was okay and the quality was great. Support this eatery because it would be a shame if you don't.

  • Carol M.

    Perfect...total ambience. Friendliness abounds with sushi chef, other customers, and wait staff. This is the best sushi in the Boise area. If you have had sushi in other areas of the country,... Chicago, SF, LA... you realize that this is a find in the Boise area. I will share this restaurant with all of my out of town guests!

  • Dejan N.

    Our favorite place. My daughter fell in love with their Nigiri when she was 6 and this is her top choice for eating out.

  • Jessica F.

    Great atmosphere and service! We were seated immediately and since the place was so well staffed we had our drinks almost immediately. There was a great local wine selection and a wide variety of sushi options. Plus, our food was amazing! It was fast, fresh, and very delicious. This is a place we will definitely go to again.

  • Andrew F.

    Service was phenomenal, very quick and there was plenty of seating available. Restaurant was a bit hidden but Google maps will direct you it. The sushi I ordered was very delicious and quite satisfying. Great place to go on a nice date.

  • Christopher S.

    Gave Ahi a try on New Years Eve 2014 instead of doing the same ole New Years Eve celebration. The place is kind of hidden off the main road and if you're not looking for it you drive right by, as I have many-a time. Huge mistake on my part. When we arrived it was fairly busy with the staff hustling and bustling. They were in the process of filling some catering orders as well. It took a few minutes to get service but we understood due to the rush. When we we got service it was great! They were personable and we struck up conversation with almost every employee. Now to the sushi! It was great! Freshest sushi I've had in the Boise/Treasure Valley area. We had the Poke Martini to start. Others were rainbow, spicy tuna, winding creek, and the spider roll. All of which were great! Thanks for the great food and experience!

  • Nick C.

    Worst service we have EVER had! Restaurant was only half full and it took her 15 minutes to get our waters. When we said we were ready to order after waiting 20 minutes, our waitress abruptly said "give me a few minutes". At that point we got up and left.

  • Danny A.

    Thursday all you can eat and drink?.. Yes please, this place is worth a shot.

  • Ralph W.

    Fresh and decent variety. Great for Idaho. Will go back for more.

  • Samantha M.

    Service was fast, we were seated right away. Waitress was attentive and got us started on an appetizer...the egg rolls. They came out fast and hot. Delicious. We started with the crunchy roll. Very good. Then the rainbow roll..even better. We took our time and chatted with the sushi chef.. wish I had gotten his name. They were all a fun group. We finished with the Volcano...it was good but a bit mushy in texture. Warm too. Personally wasn't my favorite. Over all the Rainbow Roll was the best. Wish I could have tried more but we were stuffed. Next time. I took one star away because the ambiance could be warmer. The lights have a cold glow that is uncomfortable...dimmed and warm lights would be better. But otherwise it was a great place. We will be back.

  • Thea J.

    This cozy lil joint has amazing sushi every roll we had was to die for. The atmosphere could use a little more flair maybe music? Service was great but seriously best sushi I've ever eaten.

  • Emily A.

    Thanks to Randy being behind the bar my dad and I had a great meal! The restaurant is in a nice location,slightly off the beaten path in Eagle, exactly one mile from my house so we walked. I love the high ceilings and wall color. They get their fish and seafood from LA and a shipment or two from Hawaii every week. We went on a Tuesday and took advantage of their two-for-Tuesday deal. We got pork gyoza, the clementine roll without the cream cheese and add tempura bits and he got the firecracker. We left paying 30$ not including a (generous) tip. Nice conversation with the chef and servers, never had an empty glass. Chef checked on us after we were handed the sushi to make sure it was what we were looking for. YOU MUST ASK FOR THE BASIL HABENERO SAUCE even if it's just on the side. The flavor is amazing and yes, it's pretty spicy but if I can handle it- you can.

  • Brandon B.

    The poke was delicious. If you like *****HOT ask for the 911 sauce to dip your rolls in. The chefs were super cool and made the tastiest chefs choices ever. Cool vibe. Great service.

  • Lorene H.

    Just a wonderful place to eat. Full of deliciousness. We split edamame, stuffed mussels, and 2 different rolls. Everything was so fresh. Stuffed mussels were a new try for us and we both agreed that they are in the "must order" list from now on. We were seated promptly and the wait staff was pleasant. Took good care of us but it never felt like they were hovering. Ahi is a perfect choice for sushi lovers!

  • Lee L.

    Good, solid, yet forgettable sushi experience. We had a rainbow roll, a dragon roll, and a volcanoes roll. The rainbow was fine and forgettable, the dragon was good, and the volcano was a good idea that just didn't work. They sliced it too thin and it fell apart. Also, it didn't taste that good. However--good for Idaho, so the curve gives it a boost.

  • Kimbra H.

    Love, love, love this place! Best sushi joint in Eagle! Great staff. Love the clementine and crunchy roll.

  • Lino R.

    Added one additional star due to the freshness of their fish on the Rainbow Roll. I had been wanting to try this place for months since they only have AYCE on Saturdays it too me a while. I finally got a chance to go there and got there around 1pm. I had an appointment at 3:00pm. You would have thought 2 hours would have been enough time. There was one waitress and it was super slow. On my 2nd order, I got to order my one special roll and after waiting 45 minutes I had to cancel my order and leave. Disappointed in the service. I read many reviews previously that stated the same thing and now I don't see them on the reviews any longer. I'd love to try it again but for $30 for AYCE, I don't want to have the same experience. Bummer.

  • Lisa B.

    Had the BEST service tonight!! We eat here from time to time and usually sit at the bar because we know Daniel and Randy and enjoy catching up. It was the night after thanksgiving and we showed up during happy hour with the family and sat at a table. Our server...who's name I can't recall...was the blonde young woman who has a 15 month old baby!! She had a great sense of humor...helped us customize a roll for my shellfish sensitive daughter and even ran out to catch us before we left the parking lot because we forgot our box of left over sushi. I hope Randy knows what a gem she is!! Our food was great, as usual! Your excellent service was appreciated!

  • Vanessa B.

    Simply scrumptious sushi! I tried the Winding Creek roll and could definitely taste the smokiness of the salmon! Also tried the Crunchy roll- it was crunchy and delicious as well! Friends got various other rolls, as well as the Kahuna Combo. No one was disappointed and the proportions were so big we couldn't finish everything!

  • Emily S.

    Fresh, great service, priced well. Love it here. This is the only sushi place in the Treasure Valley that I keep going to.

  • R. S.

    Since moving to Idaho and having tried a few sushi bars, I had decided that sushi in the Treasure Valley is basically mid-grade fish smothered in mayo-sauce. Then I ate at Ahi! We ordered plain sushi, which is the best way to test the quality of the fish. The chef was knowledgeable about the fish and even suggested an Australian salmon. Ahi Sushi in Eagle gives the top LA sushi bars a run for the money!

  • David T.

    I'm a GEMTECH dealer in FLORIDA of all places and one of the sales reps says that this place is right around the corner from their office and awesome. Now, most of the people that work in my industry are large framed white people who know how to eat - and Joey and Kel are no exception to that. I wanted to treat a few of the guys for doing a great job and I called Ahi Sushi Bar to get a delicious treat in the works. MAJOR MAJOR UPS for the gal who answered the phone. I told her about who I was getting this set up for and she knew who I was talking about. She set-up a very nice selection after talking to the chef to see what those guys like to eat (!!!!!!!) and the chef made a few suggestions that went over very well. They do not deliver but since they were very close and had a few extra people that day they made it work for me and went the extra mile. Everyone loved the selection and it was a big hit. This place is awesome.

  • Kim R.

    After driving past Ahi at least 100 times, Dad and I finally set aside time to eat here. Our only regret is that we didn't try it long ago. We entered at about a quarter to twelve on a Saturday. We were the only customers there, and that worried us initially. Soon, a family came in followed by a foursome, and people kept on coming. We decided on the All You Can Eat, and it was truly great (even though it is priced significantly higher than lunchtime AYCE at YoiTomo, IOU and Sushi Ya). The very first thing that came out for us was the tempura shrimp. They are awesome! Perfect breading, nice sauce... yum! We told the server how much we loved them and had her bring 2 more orders. Then came the seafood salad. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it was awesome. Loads of fresh fish cuts with perfectly-seasoned seaweed salad. Menu price on that was ten-something, and it would have been worth every penny. The rainbow roll was spectacular. The best rainbow roll I've ever had. Seriously. Melt-in-your-mouth fish, perfect rice... I could eat that every day for the rest of my life. I was very glad they had the Hokkigai (surf clam) Nigiri, which is my favorite. It isn't always on the menu at Sushi places here in Idaho so I'm always tickled to see it. The other nigiri we tried was tasty, as were the baked mussels. Unfortunately, we ordered a Winding Creek roll just as we were getting full. That thing is huge and it's twelve pieces! Probably would have enjoyed it more if we were hungrier. We enjoyed very attentive service, even though only one gal was serving all the tables and the bar. She was great about keeping my soda glass full. Even though we were doing the AYCE, the chefs were great about our preferences (no cucumber & nothing spicy). Restrooms were clean & large. Can't wait to go back!

  • Don N Amber S.

    Sashimi and Nigiri are excellent. We had salmon and tuna. Coming from San Diego where great sushi places are everywhere, we were a little hesitant but this place was yummy. The service was just okay.

  • Samantha S.

    Very good, fresh, and priced right. My husband had the dinner bento box with salmon and they gave him a very nice size of salmon. I had the crunch roll and it was delicious! Definately go!!

  • Inconspicuous V.

    Good/decent sushi. (Compared to East Bay,CA sushi). The Taz Salmon and Sea Scallops are insanely good. The ambiance is like a library with music in the background. You can sit at the sushi bar for 45 minutes without a word being said from anyone other than asking if you want to refill once in a while on your green tea. The service is subpar and needs improvement. But a visit to Eagle Idaho and you're looking for sushi, this may be the place to go.

  • Karla N.

    yummy The A bomb spicy - the sauce was meh. Great service good food. I would go back.

  • Joy S.

    I am a tough reviewer so I don't give out many 5's. I do thoroughly enjoy Ahi as the quality is excellent. The food selection good and the creativeness in the rolls is definitely there. I highly recommend for lunch and dinner both.

  • N I.

    I can't believe I'm reading anything positive about this place. The best sushi in the area? I think not! Service was terrible. Waitress was completely clueless--came back 3 times to tell me they were out of the beers I was asking for. Our appetizer of beef skewers came well after our sushi rolls and only because I asked about them. She admitted to completely forgetting about them. She said the chef would remake them if they were cold. They were cold. We didn't feel like waiting any longer. The sushi rolls were among the saltiest I've ever had. Absolutely awful. The cream cheese mixture was oozing out of every roll and completely over powered them. Lastly, had a nightmare of a time with the Boise Biz coupon I purchsed--$25 for $50 worth of food. Again, clueless waitress. Long story short, I could only use 1 coupon and would have to come back again to get my 2nd $25 worth of food. Oh brother. At least it will be free then. You want great sushi? Shige in downtown Boise is the place.

  • Lisa M.

    Wow, what a treat to have sushi in Idaho! My family and I went here on the first day of our vacation, and it was nice to find this newer sushi bar in Eagle. The interior is zen Asian modern and very crisp & clean. The service is extremely friendly and helpful with the menu. We thoroughly enjoyed the tempura combo appetizer, which was crisp without being too "battery". I had the poke martini, and it totally reminded me of the yummy poke I had in Hawaii!!! It was absolutely fabulous. We also enjoyed the fried green tea ice cream - you have to check out the picture I posted :) It's like a tempura fried roll of green tea ice cream, topped with whipped cream & chocolate. Yummay!!! All in all this was a total delight of a sushi bar experience! There are cool fishing pictures posted on one of the walls, and there is a wide range of seating choices - at the sushi bar, a table for 2, up to tables for groups. If I lived up here, I'd be back in a heartbeat!!!

  • Bill A.

    Excellent crew and food

  • Michael J.

    Finally got to try Ahi, and must say, good service, good food, reasonable prices. Definitely will be back. Went in at Noon on a Tuesday, place was empty. We must have been the first customers of the day. That part seemed odd, but the service was attentive. We had a couple of "off the menu" rolls S.O.B an another one I can't remember. Both were spicy, one had jalapeño and cilantro (hardly traditional Japanese). We also started with their Miso soup (quite good, I learned to love Miso soup when I used to travel to Japan, so it is always a must have for me.) We also had a tempura appetizer that was also pretty good, though I think Fujiyama has much better tempura. I will definitely be back if in need of Sushi in the Eagle area.

  • Kayla S.

    I wanted to like Ahi Sushi Bar, I really did! A friend of mine is a server here and always boasts about how great it is. I was excited but skeptical at the idea of sushi in Idaho so I told her I'd give it a try the next time I am in town. I went in today for lunch. We were the only ones there at first and then the stampede showed up! The one waitress working had to juggle ten tables by the time we were finished with our meal. We had edamame for a starter. It was very good but had a lot of salt on it. Not a good choice for those watching their salt intake. I ordered a California roll fried and my co-diner had a Winding Creek Roll. I was a little bummed that mine didn't have any sauce on it and I kept using the sauce off the Winding Creek roll. The food was alright overall, but not the best I've had. The reason I'm giving this such a low rating is because I got food poisoning. About 20 minutes after eating there, I started getting symptoms of food poisoning. Fortunately the illness only lasted about 5 hours, but let me just say that the Cali roll didn't taste that great the second time around. I didn't even have sashimi, so I'm not sure what caused this.

  • Ashley C.

    My husband loves the Crunchy Roll (especially) and the Dragon Roll here. I'm not a sushi eater, so the first time I got a bento box with teriyaki chicken and veggie tempura. The selection of veggie tempura wasn't my favorite, they used onion as one of the veggies, which was fine for me, but others might not like onion. The bad thing was that the teriyaki chicken had a rubbery texture and was fatty. I won't ever get it again. It was also nice sitting outside on the patio during the summertime. My husband have since ordered to-go from here and I just got an order of veggie tempura which was good. But the gyoza was not enjoyable to me.

  • A L.

    Before ever coming to Idaho, I was repeatedly told that there's two great places for lunch within walking distance of the Eagle office. One of these two is the ahi sushi bar. I must admit, I was rather skeptical about the idea of sushi in Idaho. I had really not seen much of the US outside of San Francisco, New York and portions of LA. I love sushi and when sushi is bad, it's....quite bad. Incidentally some of the worst sushi I've had was actually around LA. Ahi was such a great discovery.

  • Amity H.

    We go here every two weeks. My husband and son always get the Philly and Crunchy Rolls. I vary from time to time depending on my willingness to try something new. We always have the edamame. Tonight I had the Volcano and Salmon Rolls. Loved the Salmon Roll. I wasn't expecting the Volcano Roll to be warm so that threw me off. I'll stick with hand rolls or the sashimi.

  • Kent G.

    Fish definitely not fresh. This one fact ruined an important business lunch. Should have known better with only 3 other patrons. Since many reviews are old I can only assume that something radically different has occured like a change of management. Sorry this could not have been a better review. The only redeeming factor was that my employer paid the tab.

  • DeAnn S.

    I really think Ahi has gone downhill. Service is usually mediocre to poor and the quality of the fish seems less. Now trying to find my new favorite sushi place.

  • Nichole G.

    A treasure of a find, absolutely amazing food. So many choices and all are so fresh. I never liked the texture of raw fish until eating here, I found real quality in everything I have tried. The chefs are a delight to talk too, not only are they knowledgeable but will keep you smiling. A quiet place for two but also very kid friendly. I can't imagine eating sushi any where else now.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:30 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Classy
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Ahi Sushi Bar

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