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  • justin s.

    yes the atmosphere is not your typical sushi joint, in my opinion thats a good thing, i get tired of the touristy type settings, when i go eat a steak i do not want the waitress saying howdy or spitting in a spittoon. was the sushi good? for the price it was top notch. it was not has good has i have had, but it was also cheap in comparison to other places. i give the sushi 3 stars and the price 4 stars. all of the staff were friendly and authentic. No latin americans making this stuff, asian all the way. they were maybe too attentive to my needs, if there is such a thing. the food was served promptly by the chef who was very friendly also. i will be going back. its a great lunch or cheap sushi dinner place, but not a date place.

  • Kris K.

    delicious! huge menu, cool feel, nice staff, quick service & good prices.

  • Valerie M.

    This is a good sushi bar conveniently located in a strip mall just off of C-470 on Bowels. The decor inside is nothing to rave about, but the sushi and the service are good.

  • Mrs J.

    REALLY good sushi! Big rolls. Good prices. Try the scallop roll. Yum! Thanks! Highly recommended!

  • Patrick S.

    This is my sushi place! We have eaten there many times and ordered out just as many and we have always enjoyed the food. I cannot vouch for the Chinese as I have always gotten sushi. The rolls are excellent, particularly the crunchy roll and I have always found the sushi to be fresh. The service is good and the they always seem happy to see a return customer. The prices for good for sushi, never cheap but reasonable and they are our go to place. Give it a try!

  • Michele R.

    I've had Sushi King a few times and I really do enjoy it. I've eaten in once, had delivery once, and had take-out once. As far as dining in, the place is kind of plain and quiet, but it is great for conversation and a relaxing dining experience. The service is good--nothing amazing--but quick and pleasant. Take-out and delivery are both swift and easy. Sometimes I've called and been told that the delivery guy isn't in (I think there's only one) and that can be a let down, but its only about a mile from me, so I can always pick-up. The sushi is consistently good! They have a long, extensive sushi menu as well as other delicious dishes that non-Sushi fans will adore.

  • Ellen K.

    The sushi was not fresh. Granted it was Sunday, but three hours later, I still have a bit of a stomach ache. I won't go back, no matter what day of the week it is.

  • Robert F.

    Great Sushi, Poor Service, Poor Ambience My rating is for the Sushi only Sushi King has great sushi! And their prices are back in the $3.75 range of years ago. So a good value also. They are located near the Foothills, where they are competing with several other Sushi restaurants in the area. They actually serve Red Snapper and Halibut sushi, not just put it on the menu like most sushi places. Halibut sushi is nearly impossible to actually get in Colorado. Once you have had Halibut sushi, you can't go back. Their Halibut sushi was fabulous!! The rest of their sushi was great also. Nice fish and good sized portions. Spider Roll was great with a nice sized crab. I did not try any of their other rolls. They also have Chinese food. I was excited because I love all Asian food, and could satisfy two cravings at once. I tested their Chinese food with Kung Pao Chicken, my benchmark dish for Chinese restaurants. It was OK; I have had much better. And it had way too much Green Pepper. What is it with Colorado Chinese restaurants that they put way too much Green Pepper in everything!! Service was Poor. They had only 5 tables busy with 2 servers, so far from slammed. I had to flag them down to get things, they forgot orders, and while I had requested they bring the Chinese food after we had finished the sushi, they brought it a couple minutes after the sushi. Sheesh. The ambience is Poor. What they have done is very nice, but needs more work to move it up from franchise fast food feel. Decorate it a bit to warm it up, put some screens in front of the windows so you don't feel you are dining in a strip mall with gawkers checking you out (which you are). So go there for the Great Sushi at a Good Value, manage the servers yourself, and just tolerate the environment. My rating is for the sushi only. (( * Avoid ** Better available *** Good if in area **** Great! ***** Life Experience - Seek it out!! ))

  • Mo C.

    Have I finally found a decent sushi place in CO? Yes, I have! The decor is very Winchel's Donuts-like, there are no pretty japanese fountains or pretentious art work. What there is is fantastic sushi! There is a great variety on their menu. The fish is fresh, the sauces are nice and spicy and they have a cooler full of a decent number of japanese beers. My particular favorite rolls: The Union, B52 & The Moonraker Headed in for dinner after work with a small group from . Our little group of 7 commanded the largest table in the establishment (yes, it's that small). I would never have know this little strip mall existed. You can't see it from the freeway, nor can you see it from the Tipsy's Liquor World complex. But, it's definitely worth finding! The sushi is awesome. Atmosphere, not so much, but since they are right on my way home, I will definitely be a regular take-out customer!

  • Elle M.

    "We went for lunch and it was pretty empty. Our server seemed grumpy, but did her job none the less. I would have preferred a smile once and a while. Food was good. Portion sizes were decent."

  • Zack L.

    Love this place order from them at least once a week great food delivery or dine in and the owner is awesome.

  • Samantha E.

    So many of us like to think we're sushi snobs (and sometimes this includes me). Coastal city residents say they'd never eat sushi inland, Denver residents are skeptical of suburban sushi, and suburbanites are skeptical of small-town sushi. Desperation from moving to small-town western Pennsylvania has largely cured me of this phenomenon, but I digress. Snobs would unite in their distaste for Sushi King, but my husband and I tried it the other night while we were in the neighborhood, and were very pleasantly surprised! It's nothing fancy to look at, but it's clean and devoid of any fishy smell, and all of the owners and servers are Japanese themselves (always a good sign) and very pleasant. We tried spicy edamame as an appetizer-- it was probably some of the best edamame I've had! We also tried a few rolls and some nigiri. I forgot the names of the rolls, but one was a California roll topped with shrimp, avocado and spicy mayo and the other was a California roll topped with tuna and a spicy ponzu sauce. Both were great. My salmon and snapper sushi were quite good, and my husband liked his salmon roe and eel nigiri too. As a bonus, it's very reasonably priced. They also offer takeout and delivery. There's fancier sushi to be had, of course, but Sushi King was delicious, and if you find yourself in the southwest suburbs I definitely recommend it! I'll probably be back.

  • K N.

    An ok Chinese/Japanese restaurant. I had the bento box and crab wontons, the Japanese food was quite mediocre and the crab wonton was pretty good. If you are familiar with Japanese food, you can definitely tell these people are not Japanese and most likely Chinese. The price is really decent though. If you're on a budget and don't mind mediocre food, this is the place. The service was good and I was tended to very well.

  • Jeff O.

    If there was a zero star, I would rate it zero stars. Not impressed. This place is the McDonald's of the sushi world. Service was slow. Wouldn't recommend.

  • Wesley B.

    My wife and I love Sushi King for delivery. We order from Sushi King (Ridge Sushi) on a fairly regular basis, and have been customers for a couple years given the fact that they are the only restaurant that delivers sushi in our area. We have tried a little of everything from their menu (sushi, tempura, teriyaki, katsu, udon, chinese, etc.) and we've never been disappointed. The dynamite roll, godzilla roll, and moonraker roll are all excellent, and we've always been pleased with any other roll or nigiri we've tried. They deliver fast (usually say 45-60 minutes and get here in 30), and they will store your address with your phone number so after your first order the process goes much faster over the phone. I just wish they would finally get their online ordering up and running! That is my only gripe.

  • Alex S.

    Standard run of the mill Chinese restaurant. Sushi roll was small and dry. Seaweed salad was okay. But the bed of lettuce underneath was unnecessary.

  • Monica L.

    Emily M. is right! I live within walking distance of Sushi King and get Chinese take-out from there A LOT. Everything is excellent. I got sushi for a friend who really knows his sushi, and he thought it was excellent. I recently tried a much-hyped Chinese restaurant, and Sushi King is better!

  • Bob S.

    Almost. Sushi King is almost a five-star Asian restaurant. Almost. I've been in a number of times at lunch, ordering off the lunch menu. It's a nice way to sample a restaurant's cuisine without paying the dinner prices. At Sushi King, though, prices for lunch, dinner, and sushi are more than reasonable, which is not something you can say about their "Hawaiian" sushi competitor on Simms, between Bowles and Belleview. My first time in, I had the General Chicken lunch. This comes with soup (I had hot and sour), a cheese wonton, and fried rice. The soup may be the best of its kind I've ever had. The wonton was delicious and not the usual fried dough with a clot of cream cheese in the middle. This wonton was light and crisp, with as light a cheese mixture inside. The General Chicken, however, had real problems. The chicken was batter fried to the point that it was beyond crunchy. I could almost not bite through the tough coating. The sauce, which tasted like Hawaiian Punch, was thick and sticky enough to use as a substitute for wood glue. That said, the spicing of the chicken, when eaten without the sauce, was exactly right. The next few times there, I had the two-item Bento. It is served on a tray resembling those we used back in grade school. The Bento includes soup (I tried the egg drop this time, which again may be the best of its kind I've ever had, including San Francisco), a small green salad (ranch dressing), and steamed rice. You get a choice of two entrees. In my times there, I've had the Ton-katsu (breaded pork loin), California Roll (six pieces of crab-meat-and-avocado heaven), and Tempura (battered prawn and veggies). Check the menu for other possibilities (and, they also have a two-item Bento for $3 more; that includes the Tempura as a side dish with the soup, salad, and rice; leaving you free to choose two other entrees). The portions for the Bento are a bit skimpy compared to the full-on lunch entrees (Japanese or Chinese). The Ton-Katsu cutlet was thin, which made it very easy to fry. It was elegantly seasoned, and served with the customary thickened Worcestershire-like sauce. The Tempura was fried in a thick, but not Long John's-style thick, batter. The prawn and veggies were fresh and crunchy. And the California roll was, as I said, heaven between rice. I'm not a sushi person, but looking at their menu, I think SK and I can find all sorts of areas of agreement. The most expensive sushi is the Sushi King Roll for $12.95. It includes deep-friend soft shell crab, avocado, and is topped with assorted fish. They also have daily sushi specials, ranging in price from $9.95 to $48.50 (a ton of food). Today, they have a Mango roll for $8.95. I may pop over and try it. As far as recommendations go, I would ask the chefs to watch the amount of time they fry the battered chicken (about 2 minutes less would have been perfect for the General Chicken), and use about half the thickener for the sweet General's sauce. Also, try to make it not as sweet. I mean, it's beyond candy sweet. That way, it will be more saucy and less like epoxy, while being gentler on the palate. Also, they might want to open at 11 am on Saturday and Sunday (they open at noon according to the takeout menu). So, do I recommend Sushi King? You bet! They almost have it right on most things. For the price (though I marked with 2 $ signs, most offerings are under $10, and that includes for dinners), I'm not sure you can do better. Oh, and be sure to visit their Web site for coupons ( ). The coupons are listed under "Bulletin.

  • Graham S.

    Great, friendly Littleton sushi restaurant serving the Chatfield area as its out at Bowles/C470. Nice sleek modern interior and very reasonable prices. I would definitely suggest you check it out for dinner or lunch.

  • Caroline C.

    I'm definitely no sushi connoisseur but I absolutely LOVED the stuff at Sushi King! I thought the decor and ambience was quite nice actually. Sure, there's none of your obligatory water fountains, aquariums, and vases of lucky bamboo, but I thought it had a pleasant contemporary, youthful feel. We started with their gyoza appetizer. At $4.50 for 6 potstickers, they were an absolute bargain - thin chewy skins stuffed with savory ground pork and veggies, served piping hot and perfectly pan-fried. Amazing! Next came the sushi. We chose a Spicy Tuna Roll ($4.50), a Shrimp Tempura Roll ($6.50) and a Crunchy Roll ($7.50). In the past, I've paid twice the price+ for sushi that wasn't nearly as tasty nor nicely presented. Everything was super fresh and totally delicious (the Shrimp Tempura Roll was my fave. I can't describe how good it was!). Next we both had a Nabe Udon (chicken, veggies, egg with udon noodles in broth with a shrimp tempura; $7.95. It was supposed to also have a fish cake but neither pot came with one one). Meh, it wasn't that great tbh. The broth was really bland, there were a few nasties in the chicken, and where the eff was the fish cake?? Oh well. Next time, I'll pass. We finished the feast by splitting a strawberry mochi ($3.25). It was sooo good - soft and chewy on the outside, creamy smooth ice cream on the inside. It couldn't have been more perfect. All of that for a little over $50 (inc tip and tax)?? It really doesn't get any better. I can't wait to go back :)

  • Emily M.

    I love Sushi King! What's great about this Sushi restaurant is that the food is always consistently good. My favorite is their salmon sushi - the quality is excellent and the fish is fresh. It's like butta! (Coffee Talk With Linda Richman, anyone?) If sushi isn't your thing, they do also serve a limited menu of Chinese dishes. Whether I am eating in or getting take-out, the service is always good. Go get yourself some Sushi King!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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Sushi King

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